Talkback: How To Look After Your Bike

I've found that just pumping up the tyres now and again and never taking my bike out of the garage has kept it in tip top condition.  no wear and tear at all, barely a need to lube the chain, no mud to clean off.


  • I have one downstairs that is in pristine condition
  • LOL @ JD.

    I'm loving the white jeans for bike maintenance in the pic - would always be my 1st choiceimage

  • and from the article.... some sound advice....

     "The pedals and chain are attached to crank arms. You have two, a left and right one"

    Ah..... two pedals....... that'll explain why I only ever seen to be able to ride in clockwise circles...... however, I can't find my left chain.... does it look like the right one?

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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