French property law

Has anyone any experience of selling a French property, taxation, fees etc.........

I think I am being led up the garden path here,,,,,



  • A really good place to post this sort of query is the British Expats forum.  Always very helpful replies, well, whenever I've posted.
  • Thanks ...... will go for a nose around
  • Sorry, was going to post a link but wasn't sure it was ok....then got distracted looking at the site, it's pretty high when searched for.

    I was thinking of emigrating so hung out there for years and it was nice to "catch up" with longtime posters.

    I can't help with French law but I'm a property expert on this side of the water so if you just want a sounding board, IM me.

  • plum,   my inlaws sold a house over there a few years back,  PM me with any specific questions you've got and i'll see what they know.

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