THIS should be the Xmas No.1

I know there is no real chance with the X-factor winner being a sure thing and i'm all for RATM beating them, but then i found this and it sort puts the whole thing in some from of perspective really.

Xmas No.1


  • "Amen". It's far too easy to become sucked into the hype of unimportant matters & then forget what is truly important ... life.
  • with you on that FF -
  • I would love to see that get the Christmas No.1,  something meaningful and something that would raise funds for a well deserving charity. 
  • But we all know it will be something spewingly sh*t that Simon dreams up with a big drum roll and unsurprising key change for the last chorus, where a choir suddenly appears and fireworks go off and we're all supposed to feel warm and fuzzy inside.image

    I thought that charity single for GOSH was utterly HORRENDOUS and a cynical ploy by Mr Cowell to appear benevolent. I've nothing against GOSH and I'm sure they do wonderful work, but "You are not alone" makes me want to hurl on a good day....image

  • I am horrified at how big this bollox-factor thing has become.  I think it shows how culturally bankrupt the general public have become.  I mean, the finalists aren't even particularly good!  They've got passably good voices for a karaoke night or a second division musical, but no more than that, and none of them have the emotional range to carry a decent song and sound like they mean it.  Throw in a bit of window dressing, though, and the sofa-seated classes are all ready to worship them.

    I'm not normally a fan of charity records - I think music should stand on its own feet and likewise good causes - but I hope somebody keeps the Cowell puppets off of the top spot.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind if someone with a grudge came along and stuck a knife between his ribs image

  • Apparently the bookies are not running a tote on who will be next years number 1 as it will always be the X-factor winner. Thank you Mr Cowell for destroying another something else.
  • More support for H4H and fair enough, they do a fantastic job promoting the causes of injured servicemen and raising money for them but, I don't know how to put this......There are many other service charities out there that have been around much longer yet have far less notoriety and support from the public. Groups like SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmens and Families Assoc), St Dunstans (Blindness), BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Mens Assoc) and Combat Stress (PTSD, psychological injury).  SSAFA has been around for 125 years and Combat Stress since WWI, yet I wonder how many have even heard of these groups? Since the begining of the Second World War, 1969 is the only year that a serving member of the British Military has not been killed on active service, that's 70 years. Why is it only now that the support is starting to become forthcoming?
  • Point is Gizz this isn't just for H4H, it's for the Army Benevolant fund and other charities as well, As an ex-soldier so yes i have heard about the other charities you listed. I know what your saying about the fact it's a lot more in the public eye, but take famine in Africa, that has been happening for hundreds of years but it was only when a BBC film crew and Bob Geldorf went over there that the world sat up and took notice, we live in world where what the media tells us we listen too and try to take some action.
  • I agree with the general sentiments but in point of fact shite Christmas no 1's were common before SC -

    • Mr Blobby
    • Bob the Builder
    • Spice girls (3 years in a row)
    • Westlife
    • Mistletoe and wine
    But XF is a juggernaut which no-one and nothing can derail at the moment - unless Abba get creamed in a train crash or summat.
  • Johnny Jingles wrote (see)
     unless Abba get creamed in a train crash or summat.
    I've just spat tea over the keyboard over that one JB
  • The sad thing is the 6 to 16 year old who will buy this years Xfactor single (A Hannah Montanna song) have no idea how much of a tradition the Christmas single is (Cowell does as he wouldn't end the porogramme in December)

    They are meant to be irrelevant piece of crap that makes people laugh/cry in equal measure. I would happily buy any single that stops the Xfactor song from being number 1 but going on previous years it would have to sell in excess of half a million.

    Well theres my Christmas wish  

  • To say that the finalists are no better than an average karaoke singer suggests that some people go to very posh pubs!  Although Stacey and Olly have their off moments, Joe has a fantastic voice!

    On the broader point, whatever we might think about Simon Cowell, he's clearly got the majority of Brits summed up! 

  • The majority of people singing at karaoke nights are toe-curlingly awful.  I said the XF finalists had "passably good voices".  But that's still a long way away from being the cream of the nation's talent, which is what they're being passed off as.

    Cowell plainly does have the majority of Brits summed up, and that's what I find particularly depressing image

  • Is this a good time to admit that I quite liked Mistletoe and Wine?image

    But I watched the video on VH1 classic yesterday and it really is sh*t.image

  • Hmm, if you dont like the way Cowell goes about his business, do what he did. Start from scratch, build up an almighty empire, and take him on..........
  • Somebody on FB yesterday said that Rage Against the Machine are signed to his label! There is some irony in trying to make that the Christmas number one if that's true, don't you think?image

  • Apparently they are signed to a division of the same label not quite his but it is still ironic!

    I agree with CM, i think people get carried away with it all and i really don't think they have very good voices - not this year anyway, I mean the winner sounds like he's singing through his nose.

    Leona is a talent and does have an amazing voice (i'm not a fan but she clearly does) and last years winner was ok but all in all they are not all that great.

    RATM FOR NUMBER ONE - or anything for that matter, looking on i tunes there are a few coming up the rear (Ooh err!)

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