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Hi All

Can someone give me the aogorithm to convert min/mile into min/km please??

At present I

1. Convert miles to Km

2. Convert my time to in minutes into

3. Divide seconds by distance in Km.

4. Divide this answer by 60 to get min/Km


6.2 miles = 10K in 43:17

43 X 60 = 2580 + 17 = 2597 seconds.
2597 / 10 = 259.7 seconds /Km

259 / 60 = 4:19 min/Km approx

Is this correct or is there an easier way.

Please forgive the basic maths question but my schooling was done in the time of imperial measurements :)




  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Don't you just need to know the ratio (1.6 or whatever it is) of miles: km? Mins & secs can easily be worked out as a percentage (or use the fraction button on the calculator) so I think only 2 sums need to be worked out.
  • minutes & seconds are a hassle on a calculator i agree.

    either convert your time to seconds
    i.e. 4:19 = (60*4) + 19 = 259secs/mile
    or convert it to metric style
    i.e. 4:19 = 4 + (19/60) = 4.317mins/mile

    divide by 1.6 (miles->km)
    161.9secs/km or 2.697 mins/km

    and work back into whole minutes & seconds..

    in a rush.. just realised i started with your example min/km time but the principle stands .. i think
  • or yeah.. just do it online
  • Micheal

    Easiest is on a spreadsheet. Problem is mixing decimal and hh:mm:ss units.

    Cannot suggest easier way with a calculator only a different one

    Convert seconds into decimal ie secs/60, 17/60 = 0.2833 and add minutes = 43.2833
    divide by the km ie 43.2833/10 = 4.3283min/km.
    Convert decimal back to secs by multiplying by 60 ie 0.3283 x 60 = 19.7
    Result 4:19.7 min/km
  • Hi Gavo

    Thanks, but could you add an example please ??

    ie. From above

    6.2 miles run in 43:17

    To convert miles into kilometers, divide by .6214

    6.2 / .6214 = 9.97747 = 10K

    43:17 - 6:59 min/miles

    How now to convert to min/Km ??
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    1 mile = 1.609 km
    times by miles divided by 1.609 = times by km
  • Cheers

    Thanks peeps.

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    so you've got the miles > km sorted by x .6214 all you need to do is convert 43:17 into a decimal which is 43.283333

    so if you're rounding up to 10k then your time per km is 4.3283 min which is approx 4:20 (4:19:something) which is what you got on message 1, give or take fractions of a second.

  • Hi All

    Thanks Gavo.

    Here is something I found while surfing for information on conversion algorithms. Some of you guys might find it useful.

    Rule of thumb: 1Km = 0.62miles. 1mile = 1.61Km.

    To convert kilometers into miles, multiply by .6214.
    To convert miles into kilometers, divide by .6214.

    In detail:
    1Km = 0.62miles
    2Km = 1.24miles
    3Km = 1.86miles
    4Km = 2.49miles
    5Km = 3.11miles
    6Km = 3.73miles
    7Km = 4.35miles
    8Km = 4.97miles
    9Km = 5.59miles
    10Km= 6.21miles

    1miles = 1.61Km
    2miles = 3.22Km
    3miles = 4.83Km
    4miles = 6.44Km
    5miles = 8.05Km
    6miles = 9.66Km
    7miles = 11.27Km
    8miles = 12.87Km
    9miles = 14.48Km
    10miles = 16.09Km

    5:00min/mile = 3:06min/Km
    5:30min/mile = 3:25min/Km
    6:00min/mile = 3:44min/Km
    6:30min/mile = 4:02min/Km
    7:00min/mile = 4:21min/Km
    7:30min/mile = 4:40min/Km
    8:00min/mile = 4:58min/Km
    8:30min/mile = 5:17min/Km
    9:00min/mile = 5:36min/Km
    9:30min/mile = 5:54min/Km
    10:00min/mile = 6:13min/Km
    10:30min/mile = 6:31min/Km
    11:00min/mile = 6:50min/Km
    12:00min/mile = 7:27min/Km

    3:00min/Km = 4:50min/mile
    4:00min/Km = 6:26min/mile
    4.30min/Km = 7:15min/mile
    5:00min/Km = 8:03min/mile
    5.30min/Km = 8:51min/mile
    6:00min/Km = 9:39min/mile
    6.30min/Km = 10:28min/mile
    7:00min/Km = 11:16min/mile
    7.30min/Km = 12:04min/mile
    8:00min/Km = 12:52min/mile

  • OK, now this one is what I do for a living!

    The postings above provide a full answer I think, but if you want to get seriously anorakky then download the little program from the website below:

    It is a seriously brilliant and simple piece of software (and its free!)

    It will convert just about any imperial unit to a metric unit, or the other way round.
  • wot about pacing (ie min/mile to min/km)?
  • does that too!
  • ooops! no it doesn't, apologies!

    Although you could set it up as a custom unit, or alternatively e-mail the author and he may incorporate it into the next release (which tends to be quite frequent)
  • good lord, the standard of mathematics teaching in this country is shocking!
  • MK - that conversion chart above is great. As a South African living here for 2 years now I'm still battling to think/run/drive etc in miles. That's a big help - I just need to memorise the whole thing :-)
  • SeelaSeela ✭✭✭
    Capricorn: Just visit Ireland. Distances between towns km. Speed limits in MPH.

    Easy rule of thumb
    miles *8 / 5 = km
    km * 5 /8 = miles

    The approximation is 0.625, but the actual is 0.623 so its only 0.3% out.

    If you want to take your mind off things when you are out running try to do it in your head!
  • And then go on a treadmill trying to work out what 8 minute miles is in mph or kph!!!

    BTW 8min/mile = 7.5mph or 12.1kph
  • I have never even considered 8 minute miles, let alone tried to convert it. To me, that is just pure fantasy!

    10 minute miles is real easy to work out - 6mph!

    There you go - one benefit of plodding is simpler maths.
  • yes, I've wiled away plenty of miles with mental arithmetic.

    and what about furlongs / fortnight .....
  • SeelaSeela ✭✭✭
    There is an old computing measurement called microfortnights. Its about 1.2 seconds long, so if you do 8 minute miles you will be doing about 0.02 furlong per microfortnight.
  • I think I'll just try and get used to miles :-)
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