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I'm doing my first marathon (VLM) in April and have eventually found an energy gel (High 5) that doesn't engage my "gag reflex". According to the High 5 literature, one sachet should be taken every 20 mins (for a 3.30 marathon schedule). I tried this yesterday on my half marathon route and felt awful ! I know everyone is different, but i don't want to run out of energy during the race. Any tips/advice?    


  • felt awful in what way?
  • Felt as sick as a dog and only just managed to stop myself from delivering a "pavement pizza". 

  • Jeez - that would give you 10 gels in the race ??

    Personally I use high 5 and i'll take them every 5 miles in a marathon. Its just an easier way to remember than every xx minutes. I'm about your pace as well.

    The gel at 25 miles - well theres not much point in taking that so late - so I'll either go without or have it a bit sooner.
  • Thanks for the advice... i suspected that they were just trying to flog a few more sachets!
  • I think they're all keen on over-prescribing how many to take.  Sure it's similar with SIS Go.  I'm with Cougie - one every 5 miles, and if you've done the right things by (a) training, (b) pre-race carb loading and (c) race pacing on the day, you will be fine. 

    Wall, schmall!

  • I have been recommended 4 gels in total, with one just before the start then one at 7,14 and 21 miles.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. One thing i forgot to mention... High 5 also recommend two gels 10 mins before you set off !!!!!!!!
  • I do the "every 20 mins" thing and it works for me, but tastes vary....
  • Urgh.

    I eat every hour, but make sure I'm well-fuelled with porridge and flapjack before I start.

  • I would be sick if I took more than two in a whole race! image
  • I find SIS are much better and you dont need to take with liquids

    Most people dont really need a gel for exercise upto 1.5 hours if you have had enought breakfast/food in the days leading upto event

    For marathons you are basically loading up early in the race when you dont need it to prevent issues later

    I would say have every 5miles ish, but it really is trial and error , they take about 15mins to work

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