Friendly running club in Leeds?

Hi Folks

I am the pet tortoise at my local running club - manage 10 min miles on a good day - but I'm being shipped down to Leeds for 6 months and wondered if anyone knew of a friendly local running club I could join. I'm thinking of somewhere nice and friendly where racing isn't a necessity. I'm recovering from injury so want to build back up slowly with a view to racing in the much longer term. I'll be based and living in the city centre.



  • We are a very friendly running club!  We meet not far from the city centre at the gym on the Vue cinema complex off Kirkstall Road.  We have people of all paces and not everyone is into racing.  You can just come and join us for as long as you want and you don't have to pay a penny.  Have a look at our website and email if you have any questions.

    Also, consider parkrun which is a 5k held on Woodhouse Moor by the University every Saturday morning.  Everyone is really friendly and supportive there too.


  • Thanks dippycat, that's really helpful. I may see you in the new year!
  • Another friendly club is The Abbey Runners: we are up in north Leeds just past Headingley. I started out in the slowmo group in April this year and was made very welcome.

     Dippycat: say hi to Harp for me the next time you see her will you. (we went to the same school).

  • I will Mr Darcy.  She's been out injured for a while, but next time I see her I will say hi for you.
  • Any running clubs in Morley/Gildersome?
  • Another vote for Abbey Runners.  Kirkstall Harriers cater for all abilities too.

     TurboElli - give Rothwell Harriers a try: lively club, wide range of running standard. image

  • I'd recommend  Kirkstall Harriers too (I'm a member). The slow group usually does a 10min/mile pace, but one of the lasses sticks to the back markers pace - nobody gets left behind or made to feel they are holding others back. More importantly there are always a few people go for a drink afterwards.
  • Sorry - should have said we run Monday and Wednesday evening. The website address is
  • I've no car so can't get anywhere far without running or cycling there. Would prefer a local one just for the convenience and time. image
  • TurboElli: linky to the Up and Running Leed Store website, there are a bunch of Local running clubs on here - it looks like most are north Leeds, but one or two might fit your bill:-

     Failing that here's a link to the England Athletic affiliated club search site:-

    it shows 22 clubs in Leeds. Hopefully you can find a convenient one to you. Good Luck!

  • Think the nearest one for me is Leeds City Athletic Club.
    Been wondering about it for few months. New Years resolution. I will make time.

    Thanks xx
  • Another vote for Virgin Active Road Runners.  I've joined in the last few months and been made to feel very welcome.  It's genuinely a mixed ability club and yo will find plenty of other runners to keep you company at a 10 min mile pace.
  • Picking up on an old thread... What happened to Virgin Active Road Runners? Dont seem to be able to find any info on the web anymore?
  • You may find that they have become 'Hyde Park Runners'.

    I think most of the original members were previously Virgin Active members and also Leeds parkrunners, which is run in Hyde Park hence the name! 

  • Apologies, it is actually Hyde Park Harriers:

  • A-haaaaaa thank you!!!!!!

  • Appreciate this is an old forum, but have there been any clubs set up in Gildersome, Farnley, Morley?
  • Hi Kevin I much doubt it I've been on the lookout around this area too but I think the closest ones for us will be Dewsbury, Pudsey, Hyde Park and even roberttown or spen.
    I haven't got a luxury of a car and a busy schedule and I can't make it to any. I've ran with Pudsey pacers a few times and would recommend them. If I could I'd join them
  • any running clubs in south leeds?

  • Hi Stephen... there's Leeds City AC that meet up in John Charles Centre for sport, in Beeston.

    Does anyone know what Dewsbury Road Runners is like? 

  • HI

    was wondering if any clubs run on friday night??


    If not does anyone know of a nice run round a lake near leeds?  wanna do a run whilst im  in area , thought a lake would be good so i dont get lost. wanna do a run of about 6 miles. im gonna be in headingley



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