After 6 days of doing nothing more strenuous than a spot of yoga on Sunday morning (to avoid a 13 mile run - good swop eh ?) this afternoon I went for a run.

It was only 4 miles.

My ankles felt like they would break for the first 500 yards. My legs felt like jelly. But I am putting that down to the fact that it was unseasonably hot (even Daisy was lagging behind). But I finished it. And my time was the same (34 mins)

I just have to do a 13 mile run on satuarday or Sunday and I'll be fine. I will run the Windsor half.

Oh dear.

Obsessed by the challenge ? Me ? And my dog ? What were they thinking of ?


  • Well done DD
    Take the rest of the day off.
  • Hello Barkles

    What are you doing up so late.

    I have enjoyed the rest of my day by taking my middle daughter to a swimming lesson, eating some roasted vegetables and then a VERY large packet of crisps (a dog cannot live on vegetables alone) and copious amounts of white wine. Just came in to the office to switch the computers off and couldn't resist the fora (I've been reading many threads you see).

    Amazing how many misprints one does after a bit of Semillon Chardonnay. Must go to bed - if only I could find the way...
  • Nite nite DD
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