Tuesday 15th December

I'm having fun don't put me down.

This is what I will be if I get my training right image

Surprised there's no thread yet?

I'm not too bothered by the 4s actually Moraghan as I expect to go much quicker in the future image Cheers for the link. I'll have a glance later, but I think I've come across it before - some very good stuff as I remember.

Mike/generally - surely you'd get some thickening of the (achilles) tendon as it gets stronger, no? I find the soleus stretch excellent for remedying/keeping any complaints at bay.

What: 4m rec jog d&d / 30mins gentle turbo d&d (-reverse brick?) / 6m easy with 3-4 x 100m strides pm / core pm.
Why: Easy day.
Last hard: yesterday.
Last rest: Sunday.

Pleasingly I managed ~3.5 hours of training yesterday (2.5 aerobic), which is a good start for where I hope to get to on Mondays (with Thursday will be my biggest day by training time).

Have a great day all!


  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    me too tipp topp, I was just about to post I believe I can fly lyrics for a very good mate who lost her son this day 8 years ago.  I took so long cos I had to keep checking there wasn't a post already!!

    Anyway last night I managed 10 miles, I did it slow as I just wanted to get 10 miles under my belt.  I did and I have to say it was easy!  Really pleased, I expected to blow up last couple of miles but no.  I think its because any longish runs lately have been in the forest and very hilly and muddy, only 6 miles but even so.  It just felt so easy!

    what: club baton relay race later

    why: for fun

    last hard: 1st 5 miles last nigfht shoes too tight, I know I know...

    last easy: 2nd 5 when shoes were loose

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning

    A much more pleasant 26C today, just a few clouds in the sky, DD weather.

    What: 7.7 miles in 63 mins d & d
    Why: Aerobic mileage
    Last Hard: Last night
    Last Rest: Thursday

    Two working days until I stop until new year... yahoo. A chance to sleep and train properly!

  • morning all,

    quiet on here today! 

    Wabo, my heart goes out to your friend. I'm not sure it's possible to ever come to terms with the loss of your child.

    Hilly - excellent running for you.  No wonder your legs are shot.

    I'm still off work.  Bad night, waking up every 30mins either shivering or completely soaked.  Yuk.  Am feeling better today though, as if I've sweated it out of my system.

    Today would have been so perfect for a long run - a light frost, no wind, blue skies ... sigh.  Just hope the fever is gone for good so I can resume some sort of training on Thursday.  Will deffo still rest  tomorrow.  I am listening to my body, tough as it may seem.

    Lyrics: yes!  And I also knew yesterday's of course.  Sharkie would have been disappointed if I hadn't.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Lyric - easy - I think I started a thread recently with these exact words...
    not been around since the back end of last week, up at Center Parcs (Elveden) for the weekend. Managed to pick up a few bumps and bruises from the slides and rapids, but thats about normal...kids loved it, first year that my youngest (8) has been allowed to do all the water slides - she was in her element, loves the water. I does bug me on how these things are age/height discriminatory rather than ability, but I guess they have to have some rules. After all I'm a non swimmer and they let me down the slides....Also slipped in a bit of archery, badminton and snooker too, but we won't mention the roller skating... Didn't run at all, so 4 days 'rest' , but managed a slow 5 miles last night, ahead of the club night tonight (pyramids on grass)

    Had a brief read back, looks like good racing from RFJ, NZC, TT and D Dave ! Well done, and apologies if I've missed anyone.
    Paddy - good news re the job. Yeah, try to run 3 lunchtimes a week. It helps that my gym is next door to the office!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    12 miles comfortably this morning. Well the pace was comfortable, but I was a bit worried as to how the fubar bits would stand up to the mileage. Hip flexors got very tight so stopped and stretched them out - surprisingly it worked.

    Gradually creeping up to target mileage (50-55pw) and should be running this off a six day week by early January.

    Have a good day y'all.
  • Afternoon folks.

    And there was me about to say "Dustin posted these lyrics recently" and along he came to say the same thing! And yes, I know them.

    Arclight - sounds like you're continuing to progress nicely...life in the old runner yet!

    Shortened my planned hill session last night. It was supposed to be 4 laps of a hilly 1.35 mile loop at a consistent pace , but I pushed a wee bit hard on the first couple of laps so started to struggle through the third one. Decided in my current state of comeback fitness that it was better to hold what I had rather than to push beyond what I'm ready for, so stopped after the 3 laps. Still pleased with the times in comparison to what I usually run, so another positive session. Leg still improving day by day.

    It'll just be an easy 7 miles or so this evening to keep the legs turning over.

    Have a great day.
  • Afternoon all,

    May be worth a watch tonite

    • What: 6m
    • Why:  Running 101
    • Last Hard: Carboniferous
    • Last Rest:  26/11

    Have a good one!

  • Welcome welsh poppy

    went on this morning to post, bit there was no thread and didn't have enough time to make one!

    Get well soon chickadee, it's always so much better when you're ill and outside looks very uninviting!

    Doesn't sound like you're too fubar arclight!

    What: going to try another 9 miles
    why: target mileage but mild niggle in hip abductor
    last hard: Saturday
    last rest: Thursday
    lyrics: nearly

    have fun folks!
  • Wabo - I love that song - "I believe I can fly" - sorry about your friend's son.

    Chickadee - get well soon.

    Dustin - sounds like you and your family had fun!

    Arclight - well done on the 12 miler - looking good.

    Scobos - sounds like a good decision to shorten the session.

    AF - I'd like to hear that - but guess not possible.

    What: O'Hagan's 5k - better than last week - 22.38.

    Good running everyone.

  • What:  a.m. 2.5m easy; p.m. 11.37m inc. drills, strides and 7 * 800m @ 8k - 5k pace w / 400 recovery; eve. indoor row / core

    Why:  Starting the VO2 max work, shorter reps with faster recovery.

    Last hard:  Last friday

    Last Rest:  Last thursday

    I actually felt like a long distance runner today.  Lungs were fine but my legs couldn't keep up (it's usually the other way round).  Had absolutely no speed but felt as though I could have gone on forever.  Not sure if it's a good sign or not.

    TT - Like the attitude!

    Arclight - solid progress.

    Scobos - discretion is the better part of valour!

    NZC - good time there.

  • hello.

    No thread before I left home today and I've been oot and aboot today. 

    What: 5 miles easy peasy
    Why: because
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: 13 Nov

    Sad about your friend Wabo. 


  • What: 70 mins on the bike, cold but manageable d&d
    3 mile easy run d&d
    Why: moving gym so no facilities
    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: Monday 23rd November
    Lyrics: indeed.

    Busy day at work but all is looking better
  • evening

    lyrics not today

    TT - thickening would more likely indicate inflammation. Yep I do soleus stretches post run as well - one of my 6 sets, others being gastroc, quads, hams, psoas & hips .

    Keep building Arclight

    Moraghan - that "no speed but can carry on ad infinitum" feeling is one I've got to know as well. Hopefully the sign of that some aerobic development has started.

    what: 8.9 miles in 70:52
    why: see yesterday

    conditions almost identical to yesterday as well - it rained, it was cold, it was dark. Consoled myself with the realisation that the first turning point of the winter has been reached - we've passed the day of the earliest sunset.

  • Hi all,

    Hard day at work, didn't get back till nearly 8 pm so was pretty tired and missed the club session so went out for a brisk run on my own

    What: 5  miles reasonably brisk 7:20 m/m

    Why: needed to get out to blow the cobwebs away from work

    Last hard: That was harder than i thought it would be.  I blame the cold!

    Last Rest: Weekend

    Great running going on here, I hope to be upping my speed sessions soon as well.

    Get well soon Chickadee!

  • Evening!

    Very quiet today. Had internet problems this morning otherwise there would have been lyrics that I'd have know!

    What: 10 mins on grass
    Why: had intended to do more, but was running in the dark, on uneven grass and my head torch was not up to it...discretion is indeed the better part of valour.

    Last hard: last weekend
    Last rest: yesterday.

    Moraghan: "felt like a long distance runner"...when is the 5000 at the Masters?!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Mike S - let's hope it's that rather than losing our speed.

    alehouse - if I had my way track races would be limited to 3000m!

  • Quiet indeed today!

    That's got to be hard for your friend Wabo. I hope the relay went well.

    Sounding very positive Arclight.

    Likewise Scobos.

    Very nice improvement on the 5k from last week NZC.

    Moraghan/Mike - could keep going, but not faster.... yep, get used to it. That's what you want to be feeling now imo. More speed will come later as you work through the phases and sharpen, but because you start to recover quicker as you get aerobically fitter you will find that feeling will hang around at all speeds to an extent.

    Mike - I would have just thought that as a tendon gets stressed and adapts it should get stronger, and therefore a little thicker to absorb the forces going through it as with muscles. I know major thickening indicates inflammation though.

    Top speeds on the strides today confirmed that my pace at all levels seems to be down by ~30s per mile. At least I'm consistent image

    Lyrics, as recognised by most (never clicked that Dustin used them recently) were Bulletproof by La Roux.

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