Linebreak Velocity compression tights n tops!!

I've been looking at the Skins,2XU and Linebreak compression suits and quite a few people have reccommended the Linebreak so last night I did a little digging and may of found a top supplier!! The price is VERY good, less than half price!! I'm placing my order today and if all goes well i'll post up a link so more can take advantage.
Nowt dodgy and i'm not a seller. Just someone who likes a bargain and digs to find em!!
I'll let you know.


  • Ordered and on the way via tracked mail!! I'll keep anyone interested posted on arrival!!image
  • Spill !!
  • Not yet Meldy incase it does'nt go to plan!! But hopefully in about a week i'll have a pair of Linebreak Velocity bottoms with matching LS top for LESS than RRP of the top alone inc all postage to my door!!image

    Then i'll be posting a direct link and an e-mail address direct to the supplier!! image

    NOT ME I hasten to add again, just found a price thats too good to be true!! Hoping its not!!image

  • Well the parcel arrived today BUT nobody was in to accept delivery so i'll have to get it in the morning but thats the 1st part out the way!! It came from Germany (only posted on Tuesday) so hopefully i'll be able to have my 1st run in them tommorrow!! image

    I've got the Linebreak Velocity top (new model with better ventilation) and the matching full length bottoms delivered for 36 quid!! image

  • Gggrrrrrrrrr!!!
  • Nothing,  nothing at all image
  • GO ON.......


  • Why do you think that Muttley?? image

    I'm off to pick em up in a bit and once i've seen em i'll be posting up the link (if thats ok with admin?) and you can see for yourself!! Like i've said to Meldy (via PM) I did'nt want to post up details incase I got ripped off but worse case I paid through Paypal and so i'll be covered through them!! image

    Just trying to help other RW members save a few quid!! image

  • I'm literatlly stood in the posr office que which is out the door!!!!! grrrrrrrrr
  • It'll close just as you get to it Paul !!
  • its chistmas, share the wealth! Oh and beware about buying SKINS off ebay, found a guy selling them fairly cheap and they never came... had to get a refund through paypal!

    If this does work though, hello linebreakers! image

  • i'm still waitingimageimage
  • Right folks here we go, finally picked em up and they're GREAT!! The real deal and come bagged and tagged.image

    I'm proper chuffed!! image

    Click the above link and that'll take you to his selling page, his names Elke and all correspondents have been in perfect english!! Forget the postage costs as he does a 2-4-1 deal so just tell him  what your after and what the total will be and he'll sort you out, I had to buy each item and then he sent me an invoice with adjusted postage costs!!

    Like I say I now have the long sleeved Velocity top and matching bottoms for 36quid to my door and cant believe it!! I was dubious about buying from Germany but have done it before for car parts and thought well worse case i'm covered through Paypal.

    Trust me you wont be dissapointed!!image

    Happy bargain buying!! If anyone is local ( Warrington) and wants have a look to make doubly sure before buying your welcome, just message me!! image

  • Seren ... before you ask .. I dont know what size I am but I will have a look when I get home.  I have a feeling I may have got the S size
  • Go on another site, maybe Wiggle etc..... and find the sizing chart and go from there. Thats what I did anyway!! image 

    Or click here:- LOL

  • amazing price -

    I bought a pair of linebreak from wiggle which had to go back and I got a refund.  The problem was that the seam across the gusset wasn't stiched down/flat and the resulting rubbing was most unpleasant!!!

    I always run commando but have never experienced this before.  I am nervous of buying another pair incase the same thing happens.  Maybe it won't with another style.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • I run commando most times too (unless cold) and hav'nt had this problem. The ones I ordered were the new style Velocity ones in the pics with improved ventilation over the old style (apparently).

    Not sure if you had the same but maybe the new ones are different?? image

  • Hi Paul.

    If you don't mind me asking you -  how do you rate the tops.  I have the tights and really rate them have some Xmas money burning an hole in my pocketimage


  • Is compression clothing very useful then?

    I've always dismissed it as a bit too expensive for my level of runner (cos I'm really still quite new to running, although building up to first 26.2 in April) but at those prices it may be worth the investment.

    At the moment it's only my legs that get tired and calfs that get tight after my longer runs, so I'm guessing that the best option would be to go for tights rather than shorts?  Is there any advantage in going to any of the tops at all (other than as a base layer) because i'm not in any way 'toned' or into biking swimming etc. etc.

    Also I've seen different opinions about whether these are worn just after excercise or during aswell?  Any opinions?

  • Hi Darren, as i've already said i'm no expert or trader so I can only offer my personal thoughts and experiences on the compression and Linebreak are the only stuff i've owned of this type but like most I don't really have the spare cash for the Skins compression wear I originally wanted!! image

    The tops are really good and well made and obviously fit well, I would deffinately say check out the size chart before you order too. The 1st time I wore my kit the top did ride up a little but once pulled down properly stayed in place. I've since ran in just the suit and a vest in cold and even snow and was surprised how comfortable I was temp wise and did'nt even feel the cold till I stopped running but be warned, get wrapped up soon after as once I stopped the shivers set in quite quick!! image

    TNH, I originally wanted the compression wear because I suffered with achy calves after my longer runs and was quite dubious too about the claimed gains/benefits of compression wear but having worn it on a few 10mile+ runs I cant speak highly enough of the long tights!! My legs felt better than they ever have after and I could actually walk straight and proper the day after (I had walked like John Wayne previously image), I personally wear them to run in and then for say for an hour or 2 after and then just bath/shower as normal. The tops are less beneficial muscle wise I find but having said that I did do my longest run recently (12 1/2 miles) and did'nt struggle as much and kept up a decent pace, not sure if that was down to the top, me or my fitness level improving slightly!?! image

    All in all I took a punt for the price I found and thought at least i'd have some cool looking kit even if I did'nt benefit physically!! BUT I HAVE and cant speak highly enough of the Linebreak kit and will be ordering more come the spring when i'll need a shorts and vest set. image


  • Just had a pair of ladies tights delivered to my door for £16!

    Really pleased to have found this link.

    Thanks Paul.


  • No probs Slowerthan, i'm waiting on a delivery myself of more stuff i've ordered!! image
  • WOOHOO!! Mr.postman came calling today with my delivery!! image

    Got a pair of shorts, vest top and t-shirt all in the same Velocity style AND a top for the wife!! ALL in INC delivery 40 quid!!!!!!!!! image

  • cheers for the link paul, just ordered myself some compression shorts for less than 50% of the rrp !!!!
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Thanks for link Paul. Not sure about compression stuff, but for that price worth a punt. No mens tights listed, so I have emailed the guy to ask about stock. Thanks.
  • Well he used to do em mate, I got the full length velocity ones with the long sleeve top!! I've since got the shorts, t-shirt and vest top too!! ALL for less then £80!!
  • he had them in last week so he'll probably list them again. i got my shorts delivered in 3 days, thats better then most online shops !!
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Be careful Paul. With that much compression gear you might end up looking something like this:

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