Body Fat

I was talking to someone at the gym a few months ago, who told me that runners need to be more interested in their Body Fat Percentage rather than their weight.

Be the trusting sort, I took this on board.

The problem I have is that mine doesnt seem to want to shift.
So how do you go about reducing your body fat, without your body deciding to start chomping away on your muscle.

And does it matter anyway.

My Body Fat isnt that bad (16% approx)but I would love to reduce it a bit. What do people think?


  • Light weights, plenty of reps.

    Sit ups.

    Lots of running.

    Although I have read that each excess pound of weight costs 2 secs per mile in a race.
  • tibby how old are you?

    if my age 16% would be good (and a dream)
  • Thanks Guys

    My age. Well I turned the big 40 this year.

  • I've just turned 40, and had my body fat measured on one of those flash scales at the gym last week.
    I was surprised to find that mine is 10.4%
    Must be all of the training!(followed by chocolate & beer)

  • 10.4% very low

    My target is 18%
    Currently 20%
    Used to be about 40%
  • how exactly can you measure your own body fat percentage? assuming you can...
  • Larger branches of Boots & most sports equipment suppliers sell scales that will also measure your body fat for around £50. Tanita is a good make.

    You key in some personal details & stand barefoot on two metal foot-shaped pads, a small undetectable current passes through your body and the machine comes up with a reading!

    Many gyms use the same machines for health checks and fitness profiling of members.
  • the fat caliper test. most gyms can do them, but don't like to.
  • In that case I must be very fit, body fat is about 22%, makes me a 'normal' woman.
  • I thought I would havea go at bringing my body fat down a bit, so I talked to the trainer at my local gym.

    He devised a plan for me and put me through it.

    OH MY GOD*****

    I have nevr hurt so much after a work-out in all my life. I actually started to feel sick.

    I want to bring my body fat down from 16% to 10%, but after yesterday I have suddenly become very attached to it. Is this worth it, I ask myself.
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