Coasting Round Britain: Aberystwyth to Fflint


thought it would be useful for the GB Coastal Relay if I set this thread up now. Old Hoose wants somebody to bring the baton to him at Fflint.

we have 3 so far listed for this

mitiog ,Camlo,FFM

good luck



  • mitiog



    Walk Eryri

    here we have another member image

  • Found the corect thread now!

    I nearly forgot where i was and posted on the Flint - Blackpool one... Flu fuddled mind!

    What kind of distances would people expect in a day as i'd be interested in doing a longish section over multiple days (porthmadog - Llandudno appeals!), but theres no way i'd be able to run ultra distances yet. Though i imagine the idea is to get around and run the whole day - but not necessariy without stopping and taking short breaks?  I'd imagine that section's a good 150km or so.

    More than willing to do short sections, and i can have a word with someone at work who's job is promoting health and fitness in Gwynedd who might be able to generate some publicity?

  • Hi WE

    distance will depend on who does it here and what each wants to do. You wont have to run ultra distances-dont worry. Short sections will be fine. We also have foaters who will fill in.

    it will be funimage

    good luck -i am sure you will get the others on thread soon and new ones. Early day

  • Hi, new to this forum, but put me down for a mile or 2. From Wrexham so can cover any bits across N.Wales. (are we going round Anglesey too? )
  • Hi Bruce-no not doing Anglesey  as we could end up people wanting to do all little islands. Maybe the last bit to Fflint and give Barry the Baton to meimage (i start the leg after)
  • Sounds like a plan ... will keep an eye on here now.
  • Evening All,

    Nice to see we're getting a few more victims vounuteers on this section image

    Bruce, I was hoping to do Rhyl to Fflint but happy to shuffle further west ..... about how many miles are you looking to do ?

     Hi WE nice to meet you image

     I suppose that seeing Hoose has started the thread we'd better use it .... so mitiog ,Camlo and WE whereabouts on the leg are you looking to slot in ?

    I'm not trying to take control just thought we might as well start the ball rolling image 

  • we have got a couple or months to fill up and we willimage
  • so what is the general idea, do we split it into manageble chunks to be done over a number of days ? ie 3 x 10 milers etc. or is it just one go ... in which case my number of miles may be reduced a bit image

  • Would be nice if you could split it into manageable chunks and / or preferred place (from - to) to run, also the order that they come in. Oh - and the running bit is up to you, you can run 3X10 or 1X30 whatever you can manage. Some people have separated their chunks so they are not running consecutive days.

  • voting for startdate ends 9pm tonight

    defo manageble chunks Bruceimage
  • I would like to help out if I can, would like to do anything from Abergele to Flint as live in North Shropshire so will have to travel. Can just about run up to 7 miles at the moment in one go.

    At a stretch would travel further towards Llandudno.

  • welcome Fcstoke image We will e able to slot you into a place you want once we gathered a few more recruits. Just keep popping in




    Walk Eryri

    Bruce Clapton


  • Ok as a rough first stab having looked at the map put me down for the nice half from Prestatyn Golf Club down to Flint for the handover, and can also take another 10 miler or so at the beginning of the leg if needed.
  • Evening All,

    How does this sound then for the bits we can fill in upto now

    Camlo                           Aberystwyth - Borth

    WE                                 ?????? - Llandudno

    Myself and FFM jnr      Llandudno - Kinmel Bay

    Fcstoke                          Kinmel Bay - Prestatyn

    Bruce                              Prestatyn - Fflint

    Sorry mitiog, missed where you wanted to run image

    This is just an idea and I guess as the thread fills up we can either run shorter sections or have multiple runners on each section ..... it's early days yet

    Edited - Inability to see typo before I hit post image

  • That looks good to me, there are railway stations nearby so I may travel up by train.
  • Hi FC,

    Will probably be using FFM jnr as a support driver for our part of the route just in case, so if you need picking up at a station just let us know ..... don't want you wasting energy getting to the start image

  • Thanks, that's really kind.

    I think it will depend on exactly when the baton gets round our way, as to how I will travel and if any of my folks will want to drive up.

  • Would like to do Tywyn to Harlech (or to wherever 10 miles ends) but could do any 10 mile strech between Tywyn and Colwyn Bay or 10 mile each day depending on how long it takes to get through this area.

    Do you really want to do all this and miss Anglesey??????????

  • Oops lost my map again but am happy to do Aber to past Borth (Ynyslas??)  which means we could throw the baton over the estuary to Towyn otherwise we'll have to add a fair bit to get around by road.

    Should be able to manage a good few miles as will be in peak condition after VLM!! 

  • Evening all,

    Camlo - I see what you're saying about the estuary ...... I don't know the area but looking at the map is the first point we could cross at Machynlleth ? I would have fancied doing a 10 miles stretch around that area but Ynyslas - Tywyn just looks tooooo far for me image I'm sure as we get more peeps filling up the thread we can cover the extra image. Of coarse, if I'm rabbiting a load of rubbish and you know of a crossing then things may be different image I see there is a railway crossing but I don't fancy running along the railway even though I chugg image

    Waylander - My personal thoughts are I think we should run Anglesey, especially if somebody want to volunteer for it. The extra time it would take doesn't seems relatively small compared to the rest of the run. Maybe a vote when we've got a few more people invoved and a willing victim err volunteer.

    Hoose - What do you think about Anglesey ?

    Anyway, enough of my gabblings

  • Hi FFM - Love anglesey as I do , I feel that adding it would just make things harder. Also, there will possibly be requests re other small islands.
  • Heyyy, I'm in Birmingham but often visit grandparents who live near Rhyl so I'd probably be able to do some in the Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Rhyl sort of area. I most likely be able to do it depending on whenever it's organized for.

    Is there an age barrier on this thing by the way? I'm 16.
  • Hi AK and welcome ......

    I don't see 16 being a problem but it would probably be better if you doubled up with somebody on the section you decided to do. How many miles would you like to do and what are your start and end points ?

  • So do you think we can throw the baton across the estuary or is that not allowed?????? Take it by boat??
  • lol take it by  boat or paddleimage up to you lotimage
  • Just seen this - brilliant idea and I'd love to be a part of it - have put myself forward as a floater, but on a more local level, I live near Mold though would be happy to run any legimage.
  • Guys, I see the Hoose is asking for local co-ordinators. Anyone interested ?

    I'll put my name forward for organising our section unless anyone else wants the 'pleasure' !


  • Good good image
    and I don't know, maybe 3-5 miles?
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