GNR pacing groups

Hi all!

Just wondered if anyone out there is joining the pacing group for 1h45 or thereabouts at the GNR?


  • Assuming I get manage the Bristol half with out too many problems I hope to.
  • Yeh

    I was thinking of giving it a go if I manage to run under 1:20 at this weeks 10

  • I'm caught between two groups, I'm hoping for a 1:38. I think that if I start with the 1:45 group, I won't make the time up later on; and if I go with the 1:30 group, I will end up paying for it later in the run. guess I'll just have to pace myself, not that you're ever alone when there are 33k+ other runners. I have already run this a few times so at least I know the course.
    Newcomers watch out for the long drag from about 10.5 to just under 12 miles, it's a bit of a killer if you've gone a bit fast early on.
  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about it, it would be pushing it for me but it is my goal for this autumn. The thing that puts me off is that I believe the pacers run an even pace and I always start easy and speed up, not sure I've got the guts to change my usual race strategy.
    Good luck with yours anyway.
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