Coasting Round Britain Northern Ireland

Well - as most have got there threads out and are filling up, I have chose to introduce this thread myselfimage

In The Great Britain Coastal Relay we want Barry The Baton to do the NI coast .  We already ghave somebody to bring him over and place him in your capable custody.

If you have no idea what I am on about here is the main thread for the event.

good luck




  • The baton will get into Belfast or Larne and will need to be transported to either Muff (Don't Laugh) near Derry/Londonderry (or Rio de Janeiro as Mr Izzard renamed it) or to Warrenpoint near Newry.

    That's if you want to do just the Coast (probably about 250miles) - the other option is to do a lap of Northern Ireland in which case Belfast or Larne would be the start and finish point - totalling about 450miles.

  • Just read the main thread - is the plan just to run Belfast to L/Derry?
  • Hi mark

    best get from Belfast to L/derry(the whole NI coast I think)  rather than a strenuous 450. 250 divided by 20 is not so bad. Please tell other NI runners. I really want Barry to go round the coast there. I spent 3 years studying in Coleraine and loved itimage

  • two names from original list


    Jim More

    Mark Duffyimage

  • Very tempted - I'll be running a couple of marathons and a few half marathons next year - as long as it doesn't clash too badly with those.

    I do like the thought of running up the coast road from Larne to.......???

  • doubt if it will Mark. It can be done when there is space for people. When you get others on bboard and discuss, you will find it is doable I reckonimage

    why not from Larne. I think baton will have to go to Belfast first and work up and across. Not sure where NI coast starts exactly-that is why it has got to be sorted out locally and not here in England.

  • I'm in:


    Jim More

    Mark Duffy


  • Might as well have a crack at it.

    The border starts at Newry, so it should be from Newry to Derry (hey!).


  • Count me in, live in whitehead not far from larne and love running the coast road



  • great stuffimage 

    I guess you guys will get more help and sift and sort routes etc out.

    good luck

  • please NI folks use this thread. I know there is some interest over there. The rest of us would like to see how you guys are getting onimage
  • bit bare this thread in spite of initial  interest shown-confused

  • Hoosie, maybe we mainlanders should invade NI and do their running for themimage
  • may have to unfortunately. Made other hol plans or I certainly would go back to NI again. It is where I did my degree. Love the place.

  • So far we have.... (would be great if you could indicate your preferred mileage here too...image)


    Jim More

    Mark Duffy




    As I'm not familiar with NI coasts (or anywhere in NIimage) can someone draft a plan of route and mileage so we floaters can have an idea of what might be in store if required, although I expect Rusky would be able to do what's leftimage

  • Well - now we are well underway and very successful I am boinging this up to give our NI brothers and sisters a chance to do it for Barry and join the coastersgb.

    Come on folks -I love NI and want you doing a coasters stint. We could accomodate you via Holyhead or Liverpool ferry.image Could even post Barry.

    please look at our website and see what fun we are having now. We can easily set up a N.Ireland section on our site if interest is shown

  • you have an advantage because we could post Barry to you at a suitable juncture. We must have interest in the next 4 weeks though. Such a great coast up there and it needs to be shown off a bit.image
  • Hope we can do this but we'll need a co-ordinator pretty quick, someone from NI preferably. None of the people who have expressed interest on this thread have pms turned on.

    What races are there in NI, have to post on a few of their threads to get the ball rolling.

  • there is an NI thread Mike . Posted on it yonks ago but no interest at the time. Maybe now we are off and successful the NI guys and gals will join us. Some great runners thereimage

    Will need a co-ord in the next 2 or 3 weeks if they are to get onboard.

  • This is the original list, and I've bold up WR as he's still interested - just need to know when, where and how long.image

    What about you, MD??

    Runnaholic wrote (see)

    So far we have.... (would be great if you could indicate your preferred mileage here too...image)

    HMMJim MoreMark DuffyBob TerryWRAs I'm not familiar with NI coasts (or anywhere in NIimage) can someone draft a plan of route and mileage so we floaters can have an idea of what might be in store if required, although I expect Rusky would be able to do what's leftimage
  • This is a great opportunity and one which I hope comes off.  I will be very happy to shake a leg and do 12 - 25 or so miles to fill in if it helps get the show on the road and make it a success.  Let's hope we see some local runners joining in the adventure and making the commitment.
  • Reckon there's only gonna be Barry that's done more Coasting miles than you Offord image
  • OK chaps, a very quick foray into MapMyRun and and to run the border and coastline of Northern Ireland comes in at around 380 miles.

    Therefore following the one week per stretch per approx. 200 miles, looks like we may need to go for two NI stretches and do it in 2 weeks.

    If we do split to two stretches it could be split by coastline and borderline as coastline is around the 190 miles leaving just over 200 odd for the border run. (distances subject to change when someone who actually knows what they're doing looks at them!) Also falls quite handily to start at Newry (or thereabouts) do the border first then round coast bit before finishing in Newry for short trip back to Dublin(?)

    Next bit is where is the jumping off point ? Logic dictates either Holyhead or Liverpool (although we'll need someone to go to Dublin to pick Barry up), either that or he goes back up to Stranraer. Think for the whole concept of Coasters to remain intact he will have to go via person rather than mail, so my preference would be Holyhead - Dublin (also gives us a break in the middle of my stretch too image )

  • Bruce . Liverpool would be the best point of departure. Like I say we could always post Barry to either Belfast or L/Derry if we get local runner's address, so ferry not necessary.Posting Barry gives more flexibility (would be special delivery though)

     Early days though. We need to get locals onboardimage

  • Looks like there is a Liverpool - Belfast ferry, I reckon Holyhead would be better though, Liverpool is a bit too close to the finish.

    Course there'd be flights to Belfast from most UK airports as well...

    But if no local runners express an interest soon this will all be academic.

    Could try a running club or two if nobody shows interest on the NI thread - they all seem to be talking track at the moment.

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