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  • Barnsley, I think Liz Y may give advice by text also. MM has said he will rest for 10 days and I believe Sue C was told complete rest for 7 days prior to her marathon specific training last year. Obviously Liz Y knows a hell of alot more than me about marathon training and I dont believe there is only one right approach just interesting to note.

  • FaIr enough - I was only going on what was on the public thread.  I would think that if the point is that we can follow all training advice given to the six then all such advice not involving personal health / family matters would be on these threads, as that is the point of them.
  • Good luck with the training JBFAR - look forward to following you on this thread...

  • Yes that would be nice but I get the impression we only get a glimpse. I suppose it depends on the mentor and their willingness to expose themselves to public scrutiny and too many back seat drivers! But I'm sure JBFRA & MM will spread the word anyway.

  • so just back from club (well have eaten) and it was proper parky out!  may have frost bite on my nose-Hills were called off so 6 x 800m on grass instead- so all in all 7 miles with some tempo stuff.  As im not used to tempo stuff it really hurt and am wondering how the boxing day 10k will feel!

    Regarding the mentors- we met them at the meet and greet but only spent a little while with them, but apart from that i believe Paul will be coming on here and giving advice publicly so all can see and I will be asking questions on the thread...

  • BR/Shadow Face - Yes I had to take a full weeks rest before marathon training last year. It is very hard to do when you are used to running a lot. I was extremely motivated to start the schedule I remember. I have no idea whether it did me any harm or benefit to be absolutely honest with you. I was in a different position to MM though, who has trained for two marathons this year and I suspect will definately benefit from a 'down' week if only from a mental point of view.

    This year I have been running pretty consistent 45-50 mile weeks for a while now (bar a couple of lighter weeks due to two illnesses) Simmering I guess you could call it before a 12 week schedule for Blackpool and an increase in volume and marathon specific training.

    Certainly is 'proper parky' Christina!

  • BR - I'm only on 29-31 mpw for the past two weeks so on the (public) advice from Liz I am cutting down my training a lot. Being someone who uses running to commute to work 4 days per week (min 2.5 miles each way) then being off for 2 weeks over the festive period means that this won't be hard to achieve.
    Personally i've found that training for London the past two years means that I have a down time of 2 weeks complete rest before coming into some great form. Witness this year when I did 3h19m (PB) then had 2 weeks rest before doing a local HM and going sub 90 for the first time. Last year I had 2 weeks rest then blasted a 5 mile event, a 5 k and a 10k in the subsequent 3 weeks.
    I doubt I'll suffer from de-training - bear in mind I've been a cyclist from 1992-2005 and a cyclist/runner since then so am plenty well endurance trained but as Sue C points out, the mental break will do me good. If I had been left alone with no input from liz I would have banged out a couple of 40 mile weeks before starting the marathon campaign - perhaps not the best way to start?
  • JBFAR - It has been a bit icey round here (Poole) , I slid off my postie bike this morning!

    ...........should be warming up a bit towards the end of the week though so hopefully it will all of gone by Saturday.

    (By the way, you might be slightly disappointed if you are looking for a 7ft giant, TR exaggerates a bit image )
  • JBFAR: another RW 'sub-3-er' popping in to wish you all the best for the campaign.

    Not sure I'll be able to offer much advice that won't be given more lucidly from more talented, experienced or perceptive folk than myself, but I'll be following the adventure. It's going to be a lot of fun.

    Sue C: simmering nicely!

  • Morning

    Just having a lurk about the rest/non rest debate.  I think it depends on the intensity of your running and the target.   I'm at the ploddy end of the spectrum and haven't been told to rest, which is just as well as it's a case of fighting to get out there when we can in this weather.

    SF all the advice is public, but we do have our coaches' e-mail addresses and mobile numbers in case we want to ask them anything off the forum.

  • Morning all.

    I'm no expert at the resting/running debate but Paul hasn't told me to do anything different so I'll keep going!  I am going away for a week just after christmas so I will naturally do less miles that week so I think this will be the best of both worlds.

    Off to get some compeed in a bit- have a nasty blister and dont want to get injured by running awkward before i start!...don't think its the new addidas shoes we have been given i think its my others- I have found a model of saucony shoe that I have stuck to for a very long time but the model is about 3 years out of date now so the running shop convinced me to get the latest model...hmmmm, I should have known better!! Ouch.  Yes Im prone to blisters image

    Marigold- do they give you danger money in these conditions?  Are you getting lots of tips at this time of year?

    Njord- welcome! yes hopefully alot of fun inbetween the hard work!

  • posted that twice..

  • "Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up"

    A quote from the VLM newsletter that I liked...

  • Hi Cristina,

    I hope you are well. Great to see the races you are doing next year. I'll try and attend them as well so we can catch face to face rather than over the phone. Did you get a chance to try any more of the products? I'm new to blogging on a regular basis but will try and keep up to date with what your up to over X-mas.

  • Njord - I might be simmering but you are COOKING ON GAS!!! I lurk enough on the sub3 to know that much, top banana - cool!
  • Best of luck JBFAR- look forward to following your progress. FWIW I'd imagine that with your previous times you have a great chance of absolutely breezing through sub 3. What has your average training week leading up to this over the past year or so looked like out of interest?

    Paul- given your own origins, coming into the sport relatively late and I think Bicourt telling you that to "catch up" you had to run essentially three times a day (and then following this the eventual breakthrough in the Tour of Britain?) wouldn't you think at this stages that two runs a day is pretty much the absolute minimum that needs to be done for high level performance? Think you're running a flying coach day for us early in January so look forward to catching up then! 

    Will post some questions up on here if you don't mind regarding your own schedules you handed out after the Lee Valley day from before some of your best races!

  • Hi Christina

    Good luck with the blisters!

    Productive day for me Christmas wise although no run today  - did manage to get out for a casual 7 miler yesterday however. Glad to see you've got some good runs in despite the weather. Good luck with the 10k - let me know how you get on and should I not log on over the next couple of days, have a great christmas.


  • Ooh, Christine, nip that in the bud before the fun officially starts!

    I hear sprouts are an excellent cure for blisters image 

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Best of luck JBFAR, hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.  You seem to have the opposite problem to me - I underperform at the shorter races and get better as the distance increases! (2008.. 10k 39:10, mara 3:03).

    Hope that blister heals damn quick for you.

  • just back from a run wrote (see)

    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up"

    A quote from the VLM newsletter that I liked...

    Love that.

  • JBFAR, just picked up on this thread. Good luck with your goal. I will be following them with great interest as my background/marathon PB is very similar to yours, & my goal is sub3 (2.59.59 will be sufficient!).

    Hope you enjoy the Round the Lake, it's organised by my club (Poole AC), although unfortunately due to family Christmas commitments I can neither run nor help out. It's sold out though for the first time so there'll be a good crowd there. As Marigold said it's 'warming' up here so hopefully it'll be ice free. Nice flat course too so good for a PB.

    Just going out for a 9miler. Have a good Christmas everybody.

  • Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

    Hi Scrufmeister- Thanks- I used to go to Poole AC..wonder if i know you!  it's great that it's sold out- there's usually entries on the day isn't there?  glad its warming up down there

    Thanks Wardi- am sure i'll enjoy the journey along with the pain!

    Gareth: Haven’t experimented yet with the products but will do and let you know- think ill be starting with the gels and water and see how i go

  • JBFAR - Good luck today with your Round the Lakes 10k. Work hard on the slight incline out of the park and be prepared to lap people on your 2 - 3rd lap. Its a great race I wish I was there....I'm off for a 10 miler with 5 miles at tempo.

    Let us all know how you get on....image

  • Hi TS17.  I think you've confused the Round the Lakes with the Poole 10k, which is the one with the incline isn't it?  I've done RTL a few times and it's just round and round and round the one lake and finishes by going round the outside of the cricket pitchimage  It's definitely one for a pb if the weather is kind and you're in shape for it, but if it's icy it can be a bit difficult under foot and if it's windy it's horrid.  Hope it's none of those today.

    Look forward to read how you get on JBFAR.

    I've had an awful sore throat that turned into an annoying cough over the last few days, so a bit under the weather.  I continued to train, but kept it all easy.  I was supposed to be racing a 10k myself tomorrow, but don't think I will due to the above and don't quite feel in shape to do so at the moment.

  • Hi Hilly - Sorry to hear about your sore throat and cough, I have just got over a few days of a tummy upset which stopped me training. Just back from a hilly 13 miler in just under 90 mins. Going to smash a some mile reps out tomorrow. Next goal is the Stubbington 10 k in a few weeks. I want to try and get a low 37 mins. Then into marathon training for London....

    Whats your next goal Hilly?

    I have never done the Poole 10 k but have done round the lakes a few times now. I am probably over estimating the incline, but I'm sure it is up hill.... The bit I'm talking about is - from the start on the main road through the park, opposite the cricket pavilion, you head as if you are leaving the park with the lake on your left. Then at the very top you come to a T junction and turn left (right takes you into the town centre). I am sure that bit of the loop is slightly up hill....


  • JBFAR - good luck with this. Very exciting opportunity  for you and from what I have picked up it should be an achieveable, if challenging,  target.  I am also targeting sub 3 at VLM if I can get into that kind of shape (3:09 last time) so will  be following with interest.  Hope you had a good run today.
  • TS17 - you could be right about it being a mild incline.  I guess living in West Yorkshire now the hills around here are like mini mountains and it's the only area where the 10ks are like doing on road fell races!

    My next target is Brass Monkey half at the end of Jan.  Not expecting much due to not training too good in the last few months.  Then I'm aiming for a flat 10 mile at the end of Feb, which is where I hope to run well, then I'm doing Llanelli marathon this year instead of London.

  • How did the 10k go yesterday Christina?

    Why Llanelli Hilly? Will BR do this one as well? Doing the BM myself but not expecting to be in pb shape either, feel very 'ploddy' at the minute - like I could run easy miles all day but I don't feel 'sharp' at all. Would the 10 miler be Snake Lane? The is a nice one at St Annes in March that I have opted for instead, simply because I have done SL 4 years on the trot now!

  • Happy Christmas and Boxing day everyone!  Hope you had a good one.

    The Boxing day 10k went OK considering.   I haven't seen any official times yet but my watch said 39.59!  so I got sub 40 which I wanted (by seconds).  From the outset my legs felt very tired and I just had no strength and speed in them, people who I would usually be in front of ,were in front of me.  I have figured that I can't be too dissapointed though as I have really just started my training again and not done any tempo work.

    They had changed the course this year as I don't think the organisers were allowed to use any roads so it was 4 times round the lake and the cricket pitch. This meant they didnt have that incline that you are talking about Tony.  It was a fast course but the second half was tricky as it was lapping lots of people.  it was quite a windie course and sometimes difficult to get a pace as had to slow down a bit at corners.  Conditions were great though.

    So all in all it was good to see where I am at now.  I hope if I do another 10k at the end of Jan I would have more strength and speed in my legs to get closer to my PB. 

    Hilly  Hope you get better soon- have you decided not to race today?  Is BR doing it?  Best of luck if you or BR are

     Tony I didnt get an entry into stubbington unfortunately- you have to be quick off the mark for that one huh!

     Golden Eagle  What program are you following to get sub 3 next year?

     Sue C  Its difficult if you are doing lots of miles to feel sharp isn,t  it?  Thats how I felt in the 10k- Im looking forward to doing more tempo stuff int he new year

     Am going to go for a run later- still down in Poole so an nice flat run around the seafront will be good.

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