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  • JBFAR - That's still a very good time. We have just arrived at Poole to visit my parents. Sat in a coffee shop typing this. You might still be able to get a place at stubby, I know Winchester normally have club places and I could ask about if there are any spare places going at my club, let me know.

    Have a nice recovery jog today. I have still to run today, will do my miles reps later along the old railway line in blandford.
  • Well done FBFAR.  A better time than I ran today.  So in answer to your question yes I did.  Not sure it was the right thing to do, but we had a team in the Northern championships and even with running poor I was able to help them secure a bronze medal.

    Sue C - I really didn't want to do London again after last year's scrum on the championship start.  Before they changed it to be with the men it was really good, but since moving it, it now has no 'special' feel to it.  I don't really like mass races and find around the 3 hour mark in London it's a very busy bargy place to be.  I'm doing both BM and SL.  Hope to be well and in better shape by BM and even better shape by SL.

  • Hi Christina,

    Hope you had a good christmas, and how did the race go on Boxing day ?

    Paul E

  • With attention to detail like that you're on a winner jbfar!
  • Sorry Christina

    That is what you get when you do not read previous postings ,sub 40min, that's a good time !

    We have 16 x weeks to get you in sub 3hr shape, this is a good bench mark, take the next couple of day easy running before you go on you holiday, then come back rested and raring to go! 

     Enjoy your holsimage

  • Nice effort Christina.

    Yes I did the Ribble Valley 10k in 34:24 - not particularly great but it's a marker, like your 39:59.  Lots of work to do to get down to 2:40 shape.

    Paul - what are the main factors needed to get JBFAR into sub-3 shape in the next 16 weeks?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Christina - nice one on the sub40. It shows that you have some leg speed, most folks say that you need to be able to do 38 mins - ish for a sub3, but I'm not sure cos I dont do 10ks.

    No bad thing missing out on stubbington, You'll be better off putting in a long run than racing a 10k. In your shoes i'd be working on increasing my running endurance.

    did Deano do the 10k too ?

  • Good work on the Round the Lakes JBFAR. You are within seconds of my most recent 10k time, & with the same ultimate goal at VLM I'd be interested to know what your trainign schedule is like? Are you using an off the shelf programme or customised to suit? Maybe Paul can give us an insight?


  • Just looked at your home page, & I see you're using the Garmin sub3 schedule. Any tweaks or are you following it to the letter?
  • JBFAR - nice 10k there. that's a good starting point I think. It would be pretty dull if you were already knocking out sub 38 10ks.

    My programme is quite simple. 3 key sessions + 2 easy/steady runs of 5-6m around them. The key sessions are:

    1. LSR (17-24m but usually 20). Last 7m run faster - speeding up to marathon effort for last few.
    2. 10m at marathon effort (measured with an eye to HR). Currently coming out at just over 7m/m.
    3. Either at tempo intervals session (6x 1k with 200m jog recoveries) or a straight tempo run at 6:40ish pace (5m or so)

    Works out at 40 - 45mpw depending on whether I do 1 or 2 easy runs. This got me 3:09 at FLM in April 09 (15min PB) . Not sure it is enough for sub 3 though. We'll have to see.
  • Gawping in admiration at your Boxing Day result.   I mean - Boxing Day!!!!   Very, very well done
  • Paul: Happy Christmas to you! Hope you had a good one. Yes a sub 40 just but not sub 3 shape yet! As BR asks what are the main factors needed to get me in that shape?
    I forgot to mention- I had a right bruise on my right calf after the 10k, I only realised after and then on yesterdays run I noticed it because it was hurting. I have a tendency to bash my calf with my left heel- so I concentrated on tonight's run to not do this as it must be not very efficient. Can you recommend any drills or anything to get my technique better?

    Hilly/BR: Well done on both your 10k results, that's quite a marathon time you are aiming for BR! Hilly; hope you are feeling better now?

    TR: No D didn't do the 10k he was walking round the lakes with Ringo the dog, and shouting SPRINT when I went passed, which was very helpful of course! You are right about Stubbington- i will need to get miles in in Jan I think.

    Scruffmeister: I am using the RW sub 3 schedule- Paul hasn't sent me a reworked schedule. I have told him the races I am doing so maybe he will tweak it then- We spoke about me doing 2 runs a day I think he will be looking at introducing this late January? He highlighted the key sessions to me which is really what Golden-Eagle has said earlier, the LSR, a tempo session and a faster longish run.

    Hash: Thanks! Ill have a nose on your thread in a sec

    I am going away for a week tomorrow so am planning to tick over but it will be a lighter week than usual.
  • She's hard as nails, isn't she?

    Go Christina!!

  • Evil Pixie - why do you say that (about reading this thread and MM's)? I am curious!
  • Congrats on the run at Boxing day JBFAR- great way to start your training in sub 40 10k shape. Avoiding kicking one leg out from under the other definitely sounds like a good start - take care with that bruise!

  • Hi Christina

    Well done on your 10k at this stage in the game, to say the least is very incouraging

    Ok your right calf problem !

    As you are going  away on holiday, were you will not be running but cross training,this will give your bruised calf time to heal

    this calf problem! is it an ongoing problem, or is it something that has just flared up ?

  • Hi Paul- the calf is just bruised as my left heel has been bashing it a bit in the 10k- I think it's just my technique. I have had it before but maybe not as bad. Tonight on my run i focused on my technique and not bashing it-just wondered if I should be doing any drills to sort it out, but perhaps it's a case of just being aware of it.

    Thanks HH!
  • Hi JBFAR

    I can only dream of a 39.59 10k .... and on Boxday Day too! Much respect lady!

    Anyway great start on your thread. How many hits??????? You'll hit 3000 before you start at this rate.  

    1 week to Week 1 Bring it on!

  • errr I meant Boxing Day. I have no idea why I keep writing BOXDAY?
  • TR wrote (see)

    most folks say that you need to be able to do 38 mins - ish for a sub3, but I'm not sure cos I dont do 10ks.

    Looking at what folks on the sub-3 thread do, I'm not sure there's much of a correlation between 10k times and marathon times, certainly when trying to decide whether 37/38/39 is good for 3 hours.  With her ironman background JBFAR is clearly an endurance athlete, and I suspect she'll end up with a marathon result much better than her 10k times would predict.  It'll certainly be interesting following how things go.

    No, I don't do many 10ks either, but partly that's because I'm compartively rubbish at them.  Chicken/egg I suppose.

  • Oh, it'll be an excellent achievement Jokerman, and I agree that a half under 85 mins would be a good indicator.  I just don't think you can say you need a specific 10k time to be able to target 3 hours for a marathon.  There's too much variation between individuals in my view.

    Personally I wouldn't schedule any 10k races in a VLM plan, in fact I don't do any races as specific pre-London races any more.  I just stick to a few duathlons, for no better reason than I prefer them to racing 20 miles, and recovery is a lot shorter.

  • Yep it will defo be tough, don't think anyone doubts that looking at where I am now. I will be doing Wokingham half in feb so would hope to get close to 1 hour 23/24 with januarys training behind me.
    Just been looking at matchstick mans thread and there's a lot of discussion about heart rates. I don't use a heart rate monitor myself, never have , but wondering whether I should. I spoke to Paul at the meet and greet about it and he encouraged me to take my resting heart rate each morning but he didn't think it was necessary to use a hr monitor. Do the majority use hr monitors?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    They do - but I dont and neither did lots of World Record holders.

    Your main aim still has to be a LSR, a midweek 13 or 14, and as many other stocking filler runs (preferrably 60 mins minimum) as you can manage each week. Jokerman is right, you only have limited timeto get some running endurance and impact miles under your belt.

  • Jokerman / Dave - I agree with you both on different points. I personally ran my first marathon last year and managed a 2:58 off the RW sub 3 plan. 10 k time then was low 38, 1/2 was a low 1:23. I to believe there is some correlation between all race distances. i.e you need the speed from the shorter distances and the endurance from the longer.

    This year I managed a 2:54 off the same RW sub 3 plan (adjusted the pace) and have a 10 k of 37 dead and 1/2 low 1:21......

    JBFAR  - I only use my heart rate monitor for the LSR to stop me going to quick and it works a treat.. do you want to take me up on my earlier offer or will you be giving it a miss this year.

    Come on everyone else lets hear your marathon training experiences / plans for this year.... 

  • Great to know you did sub 3 following the same schedule I will. What was your previous marathon times? Did you follow it exactly or add anything in?
    Cheers for the offer of stubby but I'm wondering if I may be best working on endurance in jan. What date is it? Perhaps Paul could advise what he thinks?
  • JBFAR - It was my first marathon and i followed it more or less by the book. I had to swap a few of the LSR on Sundays to get the races in it suggested, but apart from that it was the same.

    The marathon was bloody hard work on the day and I struggled in the last 5 - 6 miles, but held on. On the other hand for this years marathon I used the same plan, adjusted the pace, and added a number of days with double sessions, without trying to compromise the important days. i.e LSR on Sun, speed / tempo sessions Tue / Thur and the Wed longer run. Its difficult to add quality mileage, I mainly doubled up on a Mon with the planned recovery run am then a shortish speed session pm. I would also run twice on a Fri and use Sat as a rest day. Some might say they were junk miles but i managed to knock 4 mins off last years time with a 2:54. I will be doing more or less the same this year and hoping to go faster at VLM. 

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