Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Richard (sub-3:15)

Introducing the second member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six 2010 … Richard (aka Matchstick Man).

Richard took up running shortly after the birth of his first daughter as a means of keeping fit and has set his sights firmly on achieving a sub-3:15 marathon time.

Richard will be using our sub-3:15 Garmin-ready schedule (devised by former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton) as a basis for his training and will be mentored by Liz Yelling directly on this thread (starting January 4).

He’ll be posting his training progress and be receiving fuel and hydration advice directly from the Lucozade Sport sports scientists live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how he gets on.

You can read more about Richard's running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Richard!



  • Ha - there you are!!!

    Good luck Matchstick Man. You will have a FANTASTIC time.

    What are you doing regarding training before the schedules kick off? Have you been given any advice?

    Looking forward to seeing you smash 3.15image 

  • Woo Hoo! A thread all about me me me

    marvellous scenes image

    Now then, house rules:
    1. No lurking
    2. See rule 1.

    Join in the fun boys and girls, we're heading to April 25th 2010 at a rate of knots and before you know it, it will be a Sunday In April and we'll be out for a run in That London with a few other like minded souls


  • Sue C wrote (see)

    What are you doing regarding training before the schedules kick off? Have you been given any advice?

    Looking forward to seeing you smash 3.15image 

    No advice as yet - still waiting on the masterplan from Liz but am doing the odd XC race for the club:

    and running in and out of work most days. I've got a 5 mile race planned for 3rd January so I know where I'll be at form wise as we start the kick-off on the 4th. *squeals*
  • Good luck, MM. I think you're on course to smash 3:15.

     Looking forward to all those top tips, too.

  • Wotcha speedyimage
  • Best of luck MM. 

    I'd better add yet another bookmark then.....

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Just watched the meet and greet video - it all looks fantastic!! (Sob....image!)

    I'll be following the sub-3.30 schedule but latching onto your thread. I haven't run since a 10k at the weekend but now your thread's going, that should give me the prod I need. Perhaps start with an easy 4 today as it's v cold and icy...

    The Best of Luck - I hope you have a great journey.

  • Right - page 1 of my thread so let's have some proper background to me rather than the piecemeal stuff that I've fed to RW.

    I'm 36, married to (very) understanding wife and have two children: daughter who is 4 and a half and son who is currently 14 weeks old. I live in Coventry and run for Northbrook AC and work in the city centre. Currently my wife is on maternity leave which means I have the freedom (till she goes back to work in April) of running to and from work most days. It's 2.5 miles shortest direction and I can add on any number of miles on the loop home, the most being 13.1 back in the summer.
    I have been a cyclist since 1992 and am a member of the Coventry Road Club where I am the General Secretary. I have PB's of 22m42s for 10 miles and 59m36s for a '25' and have done most stuff - road racing, cyclo-cross, MTB and the odd Majorca training camp. The most recent thing I did was a 160mile sportif - Tour of Flanders back in 2007 which took me 10hrs exactly. Great fun

  • My running history:
    2005 - daughter born in May. Started running as well as cycling and found it difficult to break 7 min miling for a 5 mile race
    2006 - Managed a 1h46 HM (Godiva HM) and started entertaining thoughts of a marathon. Entered London but rejected in the ballot
    2007 - Undertook a 10 week training plan with an online coach who I used for the 10 week prep for Flanders that spring and managed a 90min time at Godiva HM, although I faded in the last 3 miles after being on for sub 90mins.
    2008 - Got notice with 13 weeks to go that I had a place in FLM 08 running for the local MS Therapy Centre (my wife has relapsing/remitting MS) and managed 3h30min for my first marathon. Really thought that with a 90min time I could go sub 3h15 but the reality kicked in at about half-way.
    Ran Nottingham in the summer - 3h25m. Looking back at that year I did NO 20 mile runs in prep for London and only did 1 x 20 miles for Nottingham. It was a real slap in the chops and a wake up call that you have to respect the distance
    2009 - Got into FLM in the ballot. Did 16 week plan and got my 5 x 20milers in, a sub 40min 10K, a 15 mile race, raced the Midland and National relays in April and had a target time of 3h09min. The heat on the day soon put paid to that and I went through halfway in 1h37min and faded over the second half to 3h19min. 2 weeks later I ran my first sub 90 HM time at Hinckley HM with 87mins - how annoying!
    The wife said I should put in for Abingdon so 18 week plan was drawn up and I followed it perfectly. Got 5 LSR = 100 miles (18, 20, 20, 20, 22), a sustained period where my mpw = just over 50 and I was FLYING. I cruised the Kenilworth HM 2 weeks prior to Abo in 92mins as a marathon paced training run and crossed the line walking with my mouth closed:

    Unfortunately, 1 week later I picked up a virus image so my Abo dreams were gone. The fact it was a perfect day at Abo did nothing to placate me.
  • So now we're at a point where I'm ready to gear up for a spring marathon campaign and FINALLY get the monkey off my back about going sub 3h15. My PB's from this year:
    5k - 18m38s
    5 mile - 31m20s
    10k - 39m31s
    Half Marathon - 87m21s
    15 mile - 1h45m44s
    20 mile - 2h21m53s
    Marathon - 3h19m14s

    are great apart from the last one. I've said all along that a fit guy in his mid 30's should be able to go sub 3h15 with a family/job/etc. All I want to do is break the barrier then I can retire from marathon running and go back to just doing local races that fit in with my family commitments. I've done enough travelling with my cycling so don't like that aspect of racing and try to limit myself to a 15mile radius as it fits in with family better. I don't race that much but it's a conscious decision on my part.

    Any questions feel free to ask but I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the sub 3h15 thread where I've been for the past 12 months. They've put up with me and supported me and let me drivel on with very little restraint so thanks guy and "Glamazons". I can't name them all (we'll be here all day) but I've met some of them in FLM 09 and without them I wouldn't be here now so a BIG thanks publicly for your votes and support

  • Good luck MM have a great time and enjoy the experience -image
  • I suspect this thread is going to be a very good one, nice history MM. I am all excited, 'tis bringing back memories.image

    Slipped and slid round a 9 mile route today. Was supposed to do hill reps but nothing suitable in the conditions but did manage a short 2 mile MP effort instead before a bloke in a BMW stopped and asked for directions, despite there being a lady walking her dog not 100m away!

    I am also supposed to be WFH today but have completely lost the plot and deeply deeply CNBA

  • Sue C - glad it's bringing back memories and not inducing flashbacks!
    For those who don't know Sue C, she's a Super Sixer from FLM 09 and was coached by Liz Yelling just as I am. She's also one of the original HOT sub 3h15 Glamazons image
  • aha - forgot to say. I have to run or cycle into work every day as the wife and I only have the one car so I chose to commute by my own steam so the wife has the car. This allows me to potentially do 10 sessions Mon-Fri so the generic plan is being revised by Liz as we speak to incorporate this. If I need an easy day I ride to and from work as being an ex-cyclist 2.5 miles each way is basically a nice leg massage and offers no stress.
    I find running slowly hard work so that will be a challenge for Liz to reign me in.
  • MM - I am sure that you will hit your 3.15 target though, unlike me! Anyway - this time the thread is all about YOU YOU YOU - and so it should beimage

    ps - why are you running slowly? (or struggling to run slowly should I say?)

  • Sue C wrote (see)

    ps - why are you running slowly? (or struggling to run slowly should I say?)

    I note that the plan has various paces, quite a few say "slow" and my default setting seems to be 7m10-7m30 pace so unless I run with the club on a Sunday for the LSR, I'd be running too quickly. 2 weeks ago I was hurtling into work at sub 7 min pace!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Good luck MM - although I'm sure luck won't be needed - your other times show it's there waiting for you to grasp. 
  • Hi MM - looking forward to reading about your escapades.  I'm considering an April marathon (Bungay on 18th April) and would love sub 3.30.  I also have a young family (daughter aged 17m) and work part time so know all about juggling!  Plus my husband is a keen climber and cyclist so he needs time for his fix of both as well.

    Training starts on 28th Dec, so I'm planning on starting and seeing what happens.  Unlike VLM it is not oversubscribed and I can ever enter on the day, so I don't actually have to make up my mind yet.

  • carovet - I've found that picking a race and entering it well in advance is a surefire way to focus the mind on what you have to do. It's a great motivational tool for getting out there in the winter months, knowing you have paid your money for the place. So I can only suggest you book it in and then work out with your fella the times when you can get out and train.
    I followed a 3 run a week programme for FLM 09 and got a lot of success out of it (weather on the day notiwthstanding) - 1hr MP, 1 x club night, 1 x LSR with the odd race chucked in for good measure so it is possible to do well off a few runs a week. Obv, the more miles you can get in the better but wishing you every success for Bungay
  • <blunders in, even though at 3:15 I will just be going over Tower Bridge I reckon>

    I'd say go for Bungay Marathon!! The Black Dogs put on a great event  - it will be worth your effort!

  • Thanks MM - I did FLM in '07 in 3.58 so I know what you mean about motivation.  I said never again, and one of the reasons I said never again is because I had loads of injury probs (ITB and hip) and spent a fortune on physio just to get to the start.  I decided my body wasn't made for marathon running so decided I was going to stick with 1/2s or less.  However 2 1/2 yrs later I am much fitter, much faster (recently did a 10k in 42.25 and a 10 miler in 71.11) so want to give it another bash.  So the only reason I don't want to enter just yet is because I am worried that I'll get an injury after a month of training!  I've already sort of written a schedule and have 3 races lined up (10k, 20k and 1/2) as part of the training.

    So the mind is willing, it's just whether the body is able! 

  • carovet - those 10k and 10 mile times are great and point to a solid marathon time to be proud of should you toe the line next spring. Just make sure your training is "consistently consistent" (TR phrase alert!)
  • Well hello there!

    Richard, I have been having a think about your training, and still amending the plan to fit with your races and life..the last time you had a rest was after London 2009, how long was you really should take an easy week pre marathon focus, this means reducing volume and intensity for 1 week - 10 days, just to refresh the mind and body pre London. You are a well trained individual, and if you train all year round having a break now, will help you to peak on 25th April.

    What do you think?

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Good luck MM - you should have a great time.

    On the training - what are your thoughts on the RW 3:15 training schedule vs what you would have planned to do?

  • rest post London was 2 weeks then blasted the Hinckley HM, had a couple easy weeks then went straight into 18 week Abo schedule. Even though I was ill (virus) I was still riding into work every day and then stupidly ran the Coventry HM 2 weeks after contracting the virus. Guess what? I cr4pped out and suffered like a dog before giving up and walked the last 100m and rolled in with a 91min time. Still kept at it and have kept up a reasonable level of fitness at club nights and XC racing and commuting etc.

    If you want me to rest up then fine by me - I now have 2 weeks off work so *was* going to log a couple of 40mile weeks in prep for the start of the schedule and then do a 5 mile race on Jan 3rd. What do you suggest I do in terms of weekly training until Jan 4th? Can I do the 5 mile race or not? It would be nice to see where I am in terms of fitness
  • Hello MM.

    Interesting this rest up first business. The schedule looks light enough for the first month for someone who has trained year round for London and Abingdon? I would just tick over before the new year, treating yourself to some rest days but do the race still nice and fresh and enter London training with confidence that your fitness is still there. Especially if they make you run slow in training! Did they retest your freakish heart rate? 

  • Actually don't do the race. Liz will see you are far too quick for 'just' 3.15!
  • SBD and SF - Interesting points you've both highlighted and we're only on page 2. Cool.
    SBD - the perceived wisdom from my time on the sub 3h15 thread is that a sustained period of 10 weeks of 40mpw prior to the taper with 5 x 20mile LSR will see you go under the barrier so that's what I've tried to incorporate into my training. Basically self coaching has resulted in me stacking up the miles and getting the results that way. Whilst it's a route well trod by many an amateur, obviously Liz and the RW schedule would rather see me rested first before building up slowly but surely.
    My approach, had I been doing it on my own, would have been to make use of the 2 week break over the Christmas period to stack in extra miles during daylight hours before then starting the marathon programme.
    I guess that Liz's advice could apply to most of the guys and gals on the sub 3h15 thread as we're all the same - we basically want to keep fit first and then do races second. Periodisation and rest periods don't tend to figure too highly unless they're forced on us through work/holiday/illness.
    SF - shush on the freakish heart rate! We don't want to scare people because I have the heart of a church mouse (and lungs the size of sweetcorn)
  • Hi MM,

    That's reassuring to know. I was planning to cut back roughly from 5 to 3 runs a week for the next fortnight and hopefully be raring to go with my new schedule in January (hopefully it will arrive in time!)

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