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  • Cheers PP

    That's the thing with trying to fit it all in, isn't it?  It's not lack of commitment, it's too many commitments!

  • Hairy Thistle wrote (see)
    Oh Rod you've made me smile, I've never had a problem going ultra slow!

    well I'm glad about that Hairy Thistle I have to try and  take my own advice tomorrow night image

    Hashette regarding your distances all I can say is Liz will know better than us mere mortals, so you're doing completly the right thing sticking to the schedule

  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the delay, I have been poorly with Gastric flu. Yuk. Just what you need on new years eve. Just about back to my old self.

    Goodness, so while I have been sweating it out in my sick bed, your wrapping yourself up and sweating it on a run?? No NO NO, this will not raise your temp and get rid of your illness, it will weaken your immunity and make your cold last longer. If you have a mild cold, above the throat, then a low intensity run of less than 30 mins is ok, but if you have a temp or a sore throat rest up! If you don't feel like running or if you are in doubt then rest.

    LostKat- Fuel belts are great for carrying your drinks, Nathan speed II is great, google it and have a look.

    Vicky; I hope you and your knee are feeling ok and that your run tomorrow goes well. I will have had a chance to amend the plan for you tomorrow, so in the mean time take care.

  • Liz Yelling wrote (see)
      your wrapping yourself up and sweating it on a run?? No NO NO, this will not raise your temp and get rid of your illness, it will weaken your immunity and make your cold last longer. If you have a mild cold, above the throat, then a low intensity run of less than 30 mins is ok, but if you have a temp or a sore throat rest up! If you don't feel like running or if you are in doubt then rest.

    Feck. That's my favourite pet theory dispelled at a stroke.  Next you'll be telling me that "high doses of vitamin C" doesn't mean several triangles of a 400g bar of toblerone.image

    Glad you're feeling better, Liz, what a rotten start to the new year for you.

    Me and all my various moany bits are now raring to go!   BTW if you are tweaking my plan, please could you weave in the Fred Huges 10 on 24th January and the Watford half on 7th February? 

  • Morning everyone.  Not going to say "told you so" Hash but.......  image

    Another good run last night.  Short but sweet.  Average 10:30 pace which I was able to chat comfortably at (thanks to HT image)  Feeling quite positive at the moment.

  • Morning

    Is it still snowy up your way Rio?  The weather woman on the beeb is grinning her head off and doing a pretty convincing impression of Fraser from Dad's Army whilst forcasting buckets and buckets of it down here.

    Today's bit of inspiration from the fab Facebook thing:

    Believe you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself. - John Bingham

    Happy first official day of training, everyoneimage

  • No snow at the moment Hash but very cold, not that icy though even on the pavements which is good.  Though I expect we will have more soon on the hill between me and work! (With me on the wrong side of it as usual!)

    Got to go to put some rugs on my horses tonight they have just about had enough of the cold and are losing lots of weight.  So I will be ready for my hard turbo session tonight - it will be a good way of warming up again image

    That is a great quote Hash.  So much of what we achieve or can achieve is tied up in our self belief

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Snow pending, I will try to run tonight.  What does the schedule say today's run should be - I can't log on from work to see the schedule?

  • Just 2 miles slow tonight Sezz
  • morning everyone, well cold or not I will be at the clubnight later for 8 slow miles hopefully it won't be icy !

    Time to get on with it nowimage

  • Nice easy run today and be careful if you get ice and snow. May well be worth getting the run done before the weather turns.

    If you have really bad weather and can run in the light, then get off road, but if you don't have this option, cross training or the treadmill may have to be the next best thing. Better than slipping, falling etc. Be sensible all! It is a long journey and your fitness will not be hindered by XT in the short term, but a fall or injury could! Take care.

  • Hope you are feeling better today Liz image
  • Yep hope your bugs are being blatted Liz.

    Okay, so my theory of how to thwock a cold is in tatters, but notice she didn't dispel my theory about vitamin C in chocolate Rioimage

    Sezz it's just two miles today, so a little walk first to warm up, then a gentle run, then a warm down.  This is a whole new vocabulary for me!

    Thankfully I'm off work this week, taking the time off I couldn't get over Christmas.  I'm going to take a very slow meander down to the next village to shove a cheque through the door of the newspaper bloke, followed by an even slower meander back, hopefully pausing to take a few pictures.  It hasn't snowed yet, but the frost is so hard that everything's picked out in white, it's incredibly pretty.

    Rod, are you following a training schedule?  8 miles is waaaaay longer than we're supposed to be doing.  I suppose it would be really bad if I were to do what the schedule says and then switch the Garmin tachometer off and go for a decent little poddle before the snow comes down......image

  • Hi Hashette,

    yes I am following a schedule done for me by RW smart coach, based on a recent 1.52.30 HM and me doing 21 -25 miles per week. Actually today I should do 6 miles easy but the club circuit is 8 and it is te first one back after xmas. However I do have a little more sense / experience these days s0o I will porobably keep to 6. Thursday is a 1 mile warm up 3 miles tempo and 1 mile cool down with a 10 mile LSR Sunday.

    I may need to tweak this as I have found those short 2 to 4 milers  done say on a Friday really help.

    When I started 2 and a bit years ago I ran and trained totally on my own, the RW schedules helped me loads and got me to a fair level of fitness. Joining a club as helped as it is a social thing too but I think I need tobe a little stricter with tempo and speedwork sessions even if that means running on my own again, I have a few people I can do the Long Sunday ones with whch helped last year.

    I guess I need to see how I go image

  • Morning all

    Glad everyone is managing to fght off all the bugs and yucky stuff!

    I mean't to be doing intervals today but looking at the ice and my poorly leg I think I'll rest up and cross fingers the weather doesnt get worse for tomorrow or just head to the park for them!!

    I'm following a mix and match plan I put togethre myself as I work shifts I have to plan around them!

    Hapy running all- stay safe in the snow!

  • Looks like I'm going to be spending more time running at the gym.

    The snow's back, and I've got electrical problems in the garage, so I can't even use my treadmill.  Off to the gym in half an hour for the 2 miler today.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Just back from a runimage  Well, she's a little quicker than me, but the principle's roughly the same.

    Okay, rule number 1, read the blooming schedule before heading out of the door.  Thankfully I've actually pinned it to the board by the kitchen door, so saw that Liz's tweaked schedule was 3 miles not 2.  Done and dusted, complete with a mile of walk/run warm-up beforehand.  Had a lovely gentle three mile poddle, paid my debt to the paper man and caught up on The Archers as far as last Wednesday.   That b*stard Leon did get his come uppance I'm happy to report.

    Splits 9.11, 9.30 and 9.41, quicker than the schedule said, but I had everything switched off the viewer except distance, so I just did a speed that felt gentle.

    Followed by 10 minutes of stretching, a bit of pilates, and I'm now sitting here still in running kit looking like an advert for Birds Eye.  The peas, by the way are a much more effective training aid than the fish fingers, but needs must as we''ve only got a little freezer.

    Vik what's up with your leg?  I knew you'd been struck down with the lurgy like the rest of us, but must have missed the bit about you being injured, sorry.   What happened and what did you do?

    Rod I've just had a go at that smart coach thing and the difference between what it came up with for my schedule and what the official schedule says is huge.  I put in a 2 hour half marathon and it came up with 6 for today, 5 Thursday and 10 Sunday.  Looks like I could have been a bit more image after all!

  • PP that's rotten.  Hang in there, it will soon be spring.  Won't it?   Please??????

  • Hashette I'm glad your run went well it's started snowing here now so it may stop me getting out but time will tell. The RW schedules have been good for me as has going how I feel, you could maybe have changed today but remember..........Liz will be watching image
  • Not to mention ths spy in the cab Garmin that is not good at keeping secrets!
  • I went for a 10miler along the river on saturday and obviously pushed a bit too much- even though I was really enhoing it!  Me thinks I pushed a little too hard trying to make up for the lost two weeks (I was initially going to follow an 18 week plan) and came away with a tight calf and sore feet image

    But good news is that it seemed ok yesterday when I went out with running buddy and is not a tight so thought I'd rest it today and see how it is tomorrow!

     Although  have learnt my lesson that once a run has gone its gone there's no point trying to 'make up for it'

    Well done on your run- we have no snow here but I can  only imaginge the chaos that will be terminal 5 when I arrive at work as snow seems to be everywhere else.....

  • I know, but you never think like that at the time do you?   Looking back over how I messed myself up a couple of weeks ago, I can just imagine how scathing the comments would have been - including mine - if I'd read something like this on the forum:

    Dear RW, I haven't been able to run for nearly a week thanks to the snow.  On Christmas Eve, they let us go early, so I ran the 9 miles home.  My husband had buggered his ankle in the snow, so on Boxing Day I ran back into work to pick his car up.  I had a few twinges after that, but decided to just swallow a load of neurofen and ignore them.  Is it a good idea to top this off with a 10 mile race in the snow on Bank Holiday Monday?   

    Oh well, a large wad to a fizz and another to the osteo and the obvious has now dawned on meimage

    Hope Terminal 5 isn't too hellish.  Actually, terminal 5 will probably be fine, it's just the passengers....

  • snow has returned here as can't see my running club running tonight as they are further north than meimage
  • Raining here at the moment....................

    As I had got up to 8 - 10 miles at the week-end, I'm sticking at that sort of level until the schedule catches up. I have a 10k this coming Sunday though, so it will be a step back on distance if not on effort.

  • Afternoon!

    How is the knee feeling now a few hours post run?  It sounds like you're being a model student on the ice front so keep that up!

    From a nutritional perspective there are certain foods shown to  have an anti-inflammatroy effect, and therefore potentially help recovery from injury.  These include foods high in essential fatty acids e.g fish, nuts and seeds, and olive oil.

    Additionally we must remember the key role of protien in repair and regeneration of tissues so plenty of lean poultry, legumes, nuts and fish in our meals will ensure a good supply!

    Conversely foods which have shown to aggravate inflammation include highly refined meats, some red meats high in saturated fat, butter and cheese. 

    So if we want to do absolutely everything we can to get rid of these nasty niggles - perhaps something to bear in mind!

  • image Just while the scientists are about can I ask a silly question? Can I put down building snowmen as cross training please? OH and *waves* Hashette keep going girl. image
  • Cheers Cake and buiding snowmen definitely counts as cross training.

    Emma thanks that's really interesting.  I'm not much of a red meat fan anyway, apart from my spag bol but we eat tons of fish.  Tonight we're having home-made squash soup,  I've finally got around to roasting the really odd shaped green thing I grew last year.  It has sat on the doorstep since sometime in October prompting sporadic nagging from Blouse about putting it somewhere else, but you know what it's like when you keep meaning to do something.....  Anyway, the great thing about being a laydee of leisure this week is that I've finally got around to roasting it.  It's made enough soup to feed half the forum!

    The knee is doing good thanks, it's having another preventative icing to keep it that way.  After I'd had a shower I slapped a load of ibuprofen gel in it, which was a good idea until I put my jeans on and they welded themselves to itimage

    Not snowing in Hampshire Diana?  Blimey, good going, I thought your area was right up there with Snake Pass and the Cat & Fiddle road.  We had a few flurries here, just enough for me to decide that it was time to light the fire and curl up in front of it for the rest of the day.  

    Oooh oooh, e-mail from Liz, my training plan's arrived!   Off for a nose at it .  Apologies in advance for the effing when I try to post it up

  • Bounceimage  It's fab.  Squashes the training into three times a week,  gives me the longer runs I wanted, and incorporates the two races I've got planned.  Brilliant.

    Less brilliant is trying to paste it in.  So far I've had several bright ideas, one of which looked as if it might actually work.  Er, no.  Permission to make loud effing noises?

  • I've cracked itimage

    Training Plan

  • what if you don't have a Google account?
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