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  • Or if that doesn't work, then this
  • MM I think I've now fixed it so that anyone can read it with or without a google account, there was a file sharing option I hadn't seen.  Please could you have another go?
  • Hash, it works. No google account for me but plan is definitely out there. 

    Will it be 3 days per week for the whole 16wk programme, or are you going to ramp it up later?

  • Resultimage

    Not sure Windy, it depends what Liz comes up with, I'll just do as I'm told.  I'm chuffed to bits with the first few weeks though, it fits my rather full life so much better to do fewer, longer runs than a higher number of short runs.  

    Hopefully when hubby's off the injured bench and can actually get about on his own then life will become a little easier, but in the meantime this suits me down to the ground.

  • Tell Blouse to stop moaning and get out 6/7x a week image 

    Work internet tells me that your plan is not a business related site .... (like this one is :-0 )

  • Hi Hashette, and other 4:30 ers,

    Been lurking on this thread for a couple of days and think it's a really good way to share our thoughts, problems, and hopefully successes on this plan.

    I didn't get a place in the VLM ballot, but am doing the Stratford marathon on the same day.  This will be my first marathon, so pretty excited about it, although at 46 my family think I'm mad!

    The RW sub 4:30 schedule looks to fit in really well with how I fit my runs round the rest of life.  So I'm going to follow the plan to the letter for the weekday sessions.  The only changes I'm going to make are to start the LSRs at 10 miles as I've been doing 10 miles every Sunday for months now and don't see the benefit in dropping back, I may be wrong though!

    My plan was also to start today on Week 2 as Week 1 looked so easy and thought it would be beneficial to give myself a week spare in case of illness, injury or just downright knackeredness!

    That said it was snowing with determination here in Lancashire and I've alredy missed my 1st session, not a good start.  Hopefully can get off road tomorrow, or it's the dreaded treadmill.

    Just one question is anyone else running the schedule to heart rate rather than pace?  I've become a big fan of HR training recently, and it's helpful to me as everywhere I run is so chuffing hilly!

    Good luck everyone.  I'm looking forward to the journey, as well as the race.

    Cheers, Mark

  • well just got back from te clubnight didn't run a metre way too icy, at the end of the day as said by Liz it's pointless slipping and getting an injury that could have been avoided.Soo its just a case of waiting till it gets better, if it goes on for  a while I may see if I can use a local gym in the short term if I can find one,

    However I am a positive soul and reckon I'll soon be out there again image

  • Treadmill for me tonight - not my favourite option but better than nothing.  Lots of snow and ice here.  Please go away snow!
  • Hash your plan looks prety similar the I cobbled togther myself so that's good to know!

    So what other races are people doing before London?  I'm doing Sussex Breacon Half, Reading Half and the Kingston Breakfast Run (16m)

    Snow everywhere here gettting home from work was fun so don't  think I'll venture out tomorrow but if its not too bad when I wake up I might head to the park to do some off road.......

    Although my money's on me staying in bed.....

  • Hi Vik, I'm planning on doing Reading Half but not your other two.

    Can't sleep.  Gah.  I think it's the 6 year old in me, excited about the snow.  On which subject, it looks highly unlikely to be good outdoor running weather the next few days.  Which leaves me sat thinking about the treadmill (I usually force myself to last 15 mins on them!).

    So, Great Mathematicians, if my schedule says 3mi at 8:47 min/miles, what pace do I set the treddie at (km/hr) .. how do you do that calculation then?  Miracle website or extra complicated workings on excel spreadsheet?

  • HT, 10.9 k on the treadmill is 8min 48 sec, while 11k is 8min 43.  I user (60/kpm)*1.6 to give mph.  created a spreadsheet with the different treadmill speeds, with corresponding mph.

    Hash, the link works, thanks for posting your plan.

     Still lots of snow and ice here today, well at least I've got a rest day.  I expect I'll have to run on treadmill again tomorrow.

  • lots of snow here so will have to get the treadmill backimage
  • I am feeling very smug.  Just ran into work.  (Well the last 5 miles over the mountain bit anyway).  Toastie warm in my off road shoes and gaters and my lovely pirate jacket. image  The thought of running home is not particularly pleasant at the moment but it will have to be done so can't moan about it and that will be another 8 or so anyway.  A good total for the day image
  • well done Rio

    my OH left the car on the main road and managed to drive in early this morning............

    that is some impressive running..........I would run now but got all the kids homeimage

  • Well run is a bit of a misnoma really it was more of a waddle!  lol   took me just over the hour to do it

    Didn't turbo last night as had to sort the horses out with rugs and food and I was tired when I got home and G hogged the computer too

    Edited to add I was also running with my backpack containing work clothes and lunch so was weighed down a bit too

  • Will be lighter on the way home Rio after you've eaten the lunch!!!
  • Think I will be leaving the whole backpack behind tonight.  The way home I find much harder as the hill is longer coming from Cardiff.  From Caerphilly side it is steeper but shorter.  And I will have to run all the way home rather than from half way
  • Welcome along Scuba Runner.  46 is an excellent age for running a marathonimage  Never tried HR training but there's some interesting chat about heart rates generally on Marathon Man's thread a coupld of days back.

    HT I spend far too long in insomniac's corner.  I'm trying to be good and not switch the compter on  when I'm having a bad one as the light from it makes me more awake.  So far this year I've been good and stuck to it!  I think my races are a bit far north for you, but the Fred Huges 10 in St Albans on 24th Jan, and the Watford Half on 7th Feb which is one of the most gorgeously pretty courses I've ever run.  Fingers crossed without white stuff.

    Good on you Rio for getting into work (said from the vantage point of the bean bag in the living room!).  If we hadn't got this week booked off I'd have had to have a go, otherwise it's a day's holiday. Go safely on way home tonight.

    Just a dusting of snow here, but as it's a rest day on the plan, we're just going to pull up the drawbridge and have a snuggle in front of the fire day.  With rest breaks in between, obviously.  Don't want to overdo itimage

  • Forgot to and the Salisbury 10 on 7th March with the BB's Kitchen and People Underneath thread from Clubhouse.  All welcome if anyone fancies joining us, it involves an overnight stop in the Travelodge the night before, an probably much carbo-loadingimage
  • Oh I am doing the Grizzly that day.   Salisbury is lovely and there will be me running a long 20 mile off road monster race!!!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Salisbury 10 might be interesting - I'll have a look at diaries.

    I still haven't run.  Just as I feel better enough to go out for a little run (although am still a bit snotty), it flippin snows so the paths are a no go.   Fat Face now has swine flu too so he's deffo not running.

  • Glad the back's sounding a bit better Sezz, and hugs to FF for a speedy recovery from the pig flu.  It would be great if you two could make it.

    Rio that sounds horrrid, why not flog your entry to the Grizzly  and come and run with us instead? imageimage

    *edit* some of my typos worry me......image

  • I would Hash but it is quite a big pirate turn out (so loads of support) and we have already paid for the hotel.

    On a positive note though.  At least I will have one 20 miler out of the way - in company - and if I can do a hard off road one like that in about 5:30 I will be extremely pleased with myself image  And if I don't do the time I know I have a lot more work to do but time to do it in image

  • Just been told our office is now closing at 11!!!  So I ran in for 2 and half hours of nothing!  Still I am getting a lift to where I started from this morning so will be saving me a few miles and the big hill! image
  • Result Rioimage  All those brownie points for making it in, and half a day off
  • Salisbury sounds like a good one Hash, but will I ever run again the snow is worse here now and looks like it may continue. Much as I dislike gyms I may sign up at the local one for the shortest period they do so at least I can carry on with something .i'll take a look at the salisbury one I was thinking of the banbury 15 the week after and have my Ashby 20 place booed for the week after that, do you thin that is too many races? My thoughts were to take it steady on all of them especially Ashby but the trouble is with races is that it's sometimes hard to really hold back   ..image

  • I am feeling a little better today thanks...might try a little trot, as we have no snow in Dorset.

    Glad the plan suits you Hash, with running it is all about life balance and should you feel you have more time to give to the running in March then we could add one more run in per week, but lets see how it goes for now. We can keep reviewing things.

    If the snow is a big problem for anyone, swimming is a great cardio work out, and will help you to maintain fitness. Aqua jogging is also an option for the super keen. This does not require a gym membership either.

    Take care all,

  • so its down to Dorset for us all then..............image
  • Depends how close the pool is to you Liz image
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