Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Vicky (sub-4:30)



  • *shields up*

    I see Liz has visited your thread. Scary to know they're keeping tabs, eh?

    Paul's been on Christina's but I seem to have ducked under the radar atm image. Mind you -  I'm not going to brag about that on my thread in case it brings it on.

    Glad it's warming up at your gaff.

  • Awww.....  thanks LBimage

    God this is fab, I still can't belive it's happening.

  • Waddles on late as ususal - Good luck Hashette - we'll have to have a special soshul to celebrate some time

    on on

  • Hi Lucy.   Hmm... 'tis a bit, although I'm more worried about one of the sports nutritionists commenting on my diet!

    Paul's probably just waiting until you're back on form again, especially as this the second time the bugs have had a go at you in the past few weeks.   Just wrap up warm and get yourself better - not that there's much option at the moment!

    Can't wait to clean the chickens out in this temperature.  Minus 4 here at the moment - so far they're refusing to put a beak out of the door, and I can't say I blame them

    On on BBHimage

  • To be fair the main roads around here are pretty much clear (as the council gritting team have been out in force), but the paths are treacherous.  I guess if you could find somewhere with a cycle lane alongside the road it might be ok to run on.

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on, but after my first marathon disaster I'm not envious image

  • I'm not putting MY beak out of the door either......image
  • Hello-So glad you have you lecky back! what a nightmare..brrrrrr!  i hate being cold

    Snow on the ground here too but going to do an off road run to try to avoid the major slips- can you go off road too?  Welldone on you half maraton too Hash- very good.

    I seemed to have jinxed my thread already and its broken!  oh well start as i mean to go image

  • Our chickens have started their own ski slope in their run! Still,  if the poos frozen it makes them easier to clean out. Gonna boil up some pasta in a while for them to have warm for breakfast.

    I know, I spoil them....

    Mmm, 'getting better' does sound good...

    Have a good one.

  • Well done on the sub-2 hours Hash you're gonna storm a sub-4.30image

    I don't like all this cold and ice so no running outside for me today (or much this week!) and I don't even like driving in it so don't want to go to the gym either! Maybe I'll venture out to the gym later - really must put in at least some miles, espeicially with all this extra eating I'm doingimage

  • I tried a little run this morning but just couldn't get motivated so gave it up as a bad lotCwas a bit tight in the cold and my legs just didn't want to work.  Think I will have to get the old ventolin pump out again and see how I go.  I am trying not to feel too down about my running this week, looking at it as a bit of a break before the hard work sets in.

    Liz how do you stay motivated when you really don't want to get your a**e out of the door?

  • Liz said on Richard's thread that a bit of a break before the marathon build up is a good idea, so maybe we ought to just go with this for a few days.  Mind you the roads are looking much more passable, even if it is still minus something ludicrous out there  I'm really hoping a little trot tomorrow might be on the cards after all, it looks gorgeous out there - sunny and crisp and incredibly pretty.

    Less goregous, however, is standing in the car port freezing my bits off making up buckets of plaster and washing out the empties.  It's everywhere - all over the car port, the back door, the sink, there's even dollops of it in my hair.  As for last year's FLM reject fleece...... goodbye!

  • Rio - I remember all the runs I miss through illness/work/kids/life that I DIDN'T want to miss and if I then miss training because I can't be bothered to go then that's doubly wammy and I won't meet my goals.

    I tell myself to get my sorry ass out the door, it will be a lardy ass if I don't get out the door etc etc.

    I tell myself just to go out and jog for 10 minutes and then see how I feel etc etc.

    And...if all else fails then I remember a very dear (sporty) friend who was taken from us only two months ago and I KNOW that he would love to be still here biking and running and that motivates me.

    BUT.... if I really really don't want to run then that is usually a sign I need to rest and there's usually a good reason for that. Are you ok?

  • Off road running is an option for ice and snowy days, I am going off road for my long run on Sunday. Just forget time/pace, it's a good all round workout in these conditions.
  • The ventolin reference just clicked - are you asthmatic Rio? 
  • Nice advice re getting motivated Sue.  Sorry to hear about your friend.

    There's nothing like telling me I can't run to make me want to, and on a weekend when I can get out in the morning, it's not too bad.  The biggest hurdle for me is the evening runs though.  It's dark, cold, I'm tired, and the charms of the industrial estate by night aren't immediately obvious. 

    I like the "just go out for 10 minutes" idea.  Get me over that first mile and I'll be trotting along quite happily.

  • It does work.

    I often tell myself - 'well, I'll get to the corner at the end of the village and stop and come back if I want to'

    That has only ever happened once. Sometimes you just got to persuade yourself that you are in charge, not the schedule!!

  • Yes hash it is my first marathon! Had a bit of a wobble for the last two weeks and running took a bit of a back seat but managed to get out yesterday to do a 6miler and was rewarded with brilliant sunshine over the Thames with its banks covered in snow- beautiful! But have a busy week at work so not sure how much i'll be able to get out so the whole idea of a break before the training starts in earnest does sound like a plan!
  • RIO,

    You could have tagged along we me and my my son didn't want to do the park run today as he was tired............we headed up the back mountain........our hour run turned into nearly 3:15 was lovely up there but a bit hard underfoot............the view from the 3 trig points we visited were lovely...........we only managed 13.3 miles in that time but really enjoyed it.......image

  • Oooh both of your runs sound gorgeous.

    I'm going to HAVE to get out there today, I haven't run since Tuesday and I need, need NEED to! It really is addictive isn't it? Peering out into the dark it looks like we've had more snow, but fingers crossed the roads might be runnable if they've gritted.

    My running mate's ringing at 8 and we said we'd make a decision then.
  • We're onimageimageimage
  • OK, finally got you bookmarked so I can keep tabs on you.

    Have a lovely run today.  It is gorgeous here and I'd just love to head out to Stowe Gardens but am going to be sensible and nurse myself instead.

    Pix - would that mean minus 2 instead of minus 4 then?

  • Morning Pix, have a good one. Or probably more like hope you had a good one by the time you read this.

    Bridget fab to see youimage  Hope you're feeling better and good on you being sensible, get the bugs squashed in time for Christmas.

    That was fantastic!!!!  What on earth was a being such a wuss about, it was gorgeous out there, and crunching through the snow in the warm (!) winter sunshine was just lovely.  Everything's so quiet and peaceful, hardly any cars about, and looking at the fields covered with snow was like running around a giant Christmas card.

    Okay when I say "running" it wasn't really, more like speed-mincing as we needed to be a bit careful on some of the icy stretches, but it was lovely to have no pressure and just trundle along chatting and being glad to be out there.

  • Well done for getting out there, speed-mincing or not image

    Our vans got stuck in the snow last night, so there was no hope of me running this morning.  Still, it looks like the white stuff is clearing now - though I'm on my hols tomorrow and it'll be much warmer for running image

    Will try and check in on your progress next week if I can find a net café in Malta image

  • cheers for the watford suggestion Hash. sounds like a good event but just abit to far away for me. Cheers anyway
  • No worries Andy

    Vicki hope you didn't have too much of a mission retrieving the vans.  We saw a few abandoned cars on our run, one in a ditch and facing the wrong wayimage

    Have a fab time in Malta - now that sounds like a way to spend Christmas!

  • We managed to get the vans out eventually image

    I'm planning on doing some running & swimming when I'm over there, I still haven't mastered the art of cycling yet so I doubt I'll get out on a bike - will maybe look at the exercise bikes in the gym though.

  • Vicki - our hotel in Malta had coin operated internet access in the foyer
  • It's a balmy 1.5 here image
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