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  • Hash - can we have some of your snow please?  The kids are gutted that everyone else seems to have some and we've just got heavy frosts and the odd sad flake.

    Are you massively excited about starting the 'real' training in jan?  It feels slightly surreal that its a whole year since I was in your shoes, especially seing as I'm not running at all at the moment image

    Congratulations on your HM result.  Its my goal for this year.  Was hoping to crack sub-2 at Stafford, but I suspect its not quite enough time to fully get my knee all better.  You should do brilliantly with your sub 4:30 effort, with a sub 2 HM already behind you!  Fab stuff.

    Hope you have a very relaxed Christmas and some lovely winter running and grab the new year with both hands & guns blazing! 

    Oh, and I still haven't got all the way through my lucozade stash....

  • Evening

    Sorry for radio silence all day.  Ironically, after all my mimbling about running in the snow, my OH Big Blouse fell over on the ice on the pavement whilst doing his job (he's a building surveyor) got taken away in an ambulance, and I've spent the day running between work and A&E.  The hospital was a complete hell hole - at one point the duty nurse stood up and shouted that because of the number of injured people arriving there were ten patients to every doctor on duty, there would be at least a three hour wait and would anyone who did not need emergency treatment please leave.   Suffice to say that none of the perfectly healthy looking people with faces that looked like they were sucking a lemon moved a muscle.....Anyway, home safe now.  He's on rhino-stopping painkillers, his ankle's three times normal size and rapidly turning purple, but at least it's only a very bad sprain rather than a break.

    Fab to see you in here Wotsit, and hope you have a lovely Christmas too.  I missed it, sorry to hear you're not running at the moment and what happened to your knee?

    I'm somewhere between excited and apprehensive.  Excited because in ten years of running I've never had any form of coaching and suddenly - THIS!!!  Apprehensive because I'm conscious of the 2394 people who didn't get this chance, so I really want to make the target.  Some of the comments last year on here that were directed towards people who'd given it everything they'd got but didn't make it through sheer rotten luck were really unfair, and I'm not sure my skin is thick enough to deal with that.

  • Yes it is Hash.

    I don't think anyone could criticise anyone for not giving their all. And if they do - well, they're idiots and everybody would see them for exactly that. Jealousy is an ugly thing. image I was waiting for a bit of a backlash - how could someone like me get a valuable place on the Super Six? But there's a couple of bits to my story left out (my choosing) which explains quite a lot about my running and me but I will not justify it - why should I?*shrug*

    You can handle it.

  • Cheers Spinkletoes.  I think we all have to leave bits of our story out, although no doubt I'll end up spilling my all between now and April.   I did it in the interview in December, but thankfully Catherine was nice enough to not include it after I'd asked her not to when occurred to me that my ex might read what I'd just blurted out through nervousness!

    I think this year is different in a lot of ways, not least because the six of us really feel like a team and are supporting each other from the word go.

    Here's to the six musketeersimage

  •  Absolutely!!

  • Hashette wrote (see)

    I think this year is different in a lot of ways, not least because the six of us really feel like a team and are supporting each other from the word go.

    Here's to the six musketeersimage

    One in, all in
  • No plastering over Christmas then Hash?
  • oooh hows the hubby hash??? thats not good news at all...its been really bad in winchester today.

    one in all in as MM says- we all have set ourselves high challenges, like everyone attempting to do a marathon in whatever time.

  • Thanks guys image

    No plastering Bridget, although quite possibly getting plastered.

    The poor sod is frustrated as hell and in a lot of pain - everything's just so dififcult.  We've got a downstairs loo, so the middle-of-the-night wee was entertaining - slideing downstairs on his bum, much clanking with cruches at the bottom of the stairs, thud, fumble, click, thud.  Flush.  Then reverse.  Clank, clank, thud, clatter (dropped a crutch), effing, clank, flump, flump (crawling back upstairs on all fours).  Suffice to say after that we were both wide awake!

    Pix you're not travelling today are you?  I'm just watching the pictures on the news, the whole place looks closed

  • Sounds thoroughly miserable Vicky.

    Hope the pain has died down a bit today - I'm paranoid about anything ankle-y - I've gone over on mine in the past so often and it's a sickening feeling. Now I have no arches (at all) and therefore it doesn't happen anymore.

    Have you finished work for now?

  • Gosh miss a day because of a works party and there is so much to catch up on!!!

    Hash I was told last year when I started training for IM following a funny experience on the bike that I have exercise induced asthma but I am not sure it is as such.  My peak flow is a lot lower than it should be apparently and the ventolin does help a lot.

    I am going to go for a little icy, snowy run tonight when I get home from work - poor Benji is desperate to go out so will get my sorry behind moving!! image

  • Hash - take a bucket upstairs tonight for him image
  • spinkletoes wrote (see)
    Have you finished work for now?

    I wish.   Work  Christmas party from 12 to 2pm on Christmas Eve.  My Christmas Eve tradition is running the 9ish miles home - literally running away from it all.  Usually we get out at 1pm, so this year it's going to be a bit of a squeeze fitting in the run and then being non-sweaty and vaguely presentable by 4.15 for the carol service.

    I'm trying to work out whether turning up to the Christmas party in running gear is a goer or not, but have a feeling it might make it look as if I'd rather be somewhere else.  The very idea....image

    Yours It beats PS's suggestion of a bell, Bridget

    Rio is it worth getting it tested again to see if it was a one off?

    I wish I could go for a run tonight, but there's no chance you count being run off my feet or running around Morrisons!

  • Hash I have a peak flow meter at home so I might do a few days of trials again and see how it is.  I don't really like using the pump (though it can be a bit of a comfort blanket).  And I am not very good at taking medicines of any description as I forget.

    Hope Si is up on his feet soon Hash

  • Thanks Rio.  From the sound of the lunchtime phone call he's up on one of them.    Grrrr........ I'll chain him to the sofa tomorrow!

  • Leaving an empty bottle within reach I hope image
  • Hi Hashette and everyone

    I'm also aiming for 4:29:59 at London (PB 4:52 Oct 09 with only 6 runs of 10 miles or more in the previous 4 months), so I'll be watching this thread with interest.

    I see from RW's sub 4:30 schedule and the training paces alongside (CW's link at the top of this thread) that although the text says that for 4:30 you should eventually be able to run sub 2:00 HM and 53 10k, the training pace guide says your target HM pace is 9:54 which gives nearly 2:10 for a HM, 10k pace as 9:29 which is 58:53. Hashette's impressive sub-2:00 means that's she's running a HM at the 5k pace!

    Looking forward to seeing Liz Y's schedule in the new year. 

  • Hi Vicky, hi all, I just wanted to drop in on your thread before Christmas and make sure you don't have any festive nutritional challenges that need solving?!Your motivation to squeeze in runs between all your commitments is great, especially given the conditions!I also notice that you had a good result at the Bedford half, you must be pleased!  I’d be interested to hear about your nutritional strategy for this one, did you do anything different?  Did you try any recovery product?In the meantime have a lovely Christmas and enjoy a well earned breakEmma
  • Hi and welcome Eva, glad to have your company on all those virtual training slogs through the snow and slush!

    Hi Emma, good to see you.  Oh gawd my 'nutritional strategy'. image Erm, well I'm not quite sure that's what you'd call it but here goes.

    I eat a healthy diet, but that's only because I happen to be really partial to fruit and veg, which is lucky for me.  Actually it tends to be a bit of a problem - on workdays I don't have a proper breakfast or lunch, just graze all day on apples with the odd pear, cold cooked veg from the night before (much to my colleagues' disgust) usually a packet of crisps and bar of chocolate.  Right now I'm hugely bloated.  It sometimes has, er, unfortunate effects when running too! 

    I have a good, balanced meal every evening.

    In black and white that looks shameful, but no point lying about it or I'd be waisting your time and valuable advice.

    I always stuff loads of carbs the night before a race, usually rice, potatoes or pasta with whatever I'm having for the main meal.  I'd like to say that I abstain from beer and wine, but that would be a total fib, although I don't go over the top.  On the morning of a race I drink about four mugs of tea early, so that I'm properly hydrated on the start line.  Breakfast will consist of a slice of white bread and jam for a 10k or a 10 miler, two slices for a half.

    I'm so tempted not to hit the send button and admit to any of that!

  • Hey Hash and Rio and all!

    All the very best of luck for your training from 4th Jan ... and have the best Christmas in between!

    This thread appearing is just another step towards it all becoming real! Mad news about your OH, Hash ... hope he has a speedy recovery ...

    I've been out of running and the forums pretty much since club on Thursday night ... decided to try out one of the post run bars from those nice Lucozade people and by 10pm I was throwing up and on the toilet every hour or two for the next day!!! Probably not linked, but the idea of eating anything with a strong strawberry flavour still isn't the best!! How you getting on with yours?!

    So hopefully when the big freeze ends (4 inches of snow and icy pavements up here at the mo) can get back out there and a running again!

  • *scampers in*

    Hi Hash.image

    Hi BB - nice to see you - mmm, you're not selling the recovery bars to meimage. I've got a couple but haven't been tempted yet. The hydroactive drink is OK though. What's the next race then?

  • Hey Lucy, scampering sounds like an improvement!  Haven't read back on your thread yet but hope you're feeling better.   It was so much easier when we just had the one thread and didn't have to spread a conversation over six different pages!

    BBimage  Lovely to see you and sorry to hear you've been Hughie Green.  I suspect it's much like the Harry Potter jellybeans, avoid the earwax flavour.

    The big freeze is driving me mad - I can't run in the evenings, it would be town only and that would be suicidal on the ice-packed pavements.   I've actually explained to the boss that I will be at the party on Christmas Eve in my running gear, and then hoofing off on the dot of 2pm to guarantee getting home before dark.  She was fine with it, thankfully, so my fix is only two days away

    *gnaws the bars of the cage*

    Putting this in context, it's all the OH can do to hobble in pain between the living room and the kitchen, so I should be grateful.   He was in A&E with someone with the same injury who was desperate to get back to work as he wouldn't get paid unless he was there, and was planning on working Christmas Day because he had no money,

  • Hobbling Hash? I thought he had crutches?

  • He has Cookie, I meant hobbling around on them.
  • BB be careful when you try Lucozade next.  You wont be the first person that has happened to!  I find it quite difficult to digest too sometimes (though not always)

    Good idea explaining to the boss Hash.  They are generally understanding and as they are used to seeing you in running kit it isn't such a shock!  lol

    I hope the other guy is covered by insurance Hash becuase his boss shouldn't be allowing him to work even if he doesn't get paid becuase if he hurt himself still further there could be hell to pay!  Unless he is self employed of course, then that is up to him

    Off to do the last bits of Christmas food shopping now.  I may be some time!!!

  • Hashette wrote (see)

    Some of the comments last year on here that were directed towards people who'd given it everything they'd got but didn't make it through sheer rotten luck were really unfair, and I'm not sure my skin is thick enough to deal with that.

    I like to think that anybody who makes the effort to follow you guys through your challenge wouldn't do that. Those who DARE to criticise people who have put ALL the effort in to achieve their goal only to fall at the last fence are clearly idiots who have no idea how awful it is to DNS when you have worked so damned hard for something.

    I'm not a blubber normally, but I failed to start GNR and my first marathon last year and I was in bits for weeks. Its hard but its a fact of running that sometimes things don't work out. Last time disaster struck for three super sixers, but that is no reflection on their efforts. Sh*t happens.

    You can't go into these things thinking about failure and injury. We're only here for the ride to cheer you on and encourage you so that you believe in yourself. RW clearly believe that you are well capable of a sub 4.30 or they would never have shortlisted you and we as forumites chose YOU to do this so hold your head up high, smile and know that we're all behind you.

    Now eat your turkey and have a glass too much of bubbly in the next couple of days because you have a job on! image

    *here endeth the lecture on self doubt about thickness of skin*image

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