Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Vicky (sub-4:30)



  • Gawd I hope so Pix
  • The Gods of Running will be merciful upon us, of that I am positive.image

    I know what you mean about putting stuff out publicly, Hash.

    Ooooh, just seen advert for Galaxy chocolate probiotic drink (64 cals) - surely this can be used in conjunction with lucozade products? pleeeeeease?

  • Absolutely, especailly after I've got it on the physio's advice that a bottle of red wine is what's needed to sort my knee out.

    And lift, and hold and quaff and lower and rest and lift....

    I'm sure that's what he saidimage

    Pix, altogether now

  • So you've both been told to rest. Who's going to break first?
  • Lol LN. 

    Sadly "rest" in my case doesn't preclude sitting at a desk getting grief for 8 hours, so I suspect Blouse might be favourite in the climbing the walls stakes.

    I'll advertise for bored scrabble players to keep him busy.   Metal heads especially welcome Sprinks, as he's one tooimage

  • Well, I cannot confess to being a metal head - I was more of a goth/indie 'back in the day' but I just like any sort of music these days. Mr Spinkle just likes to poke fun at me,  because before he met me he didn't really bother with music but now he's forced to. However, I find his leanings towards Chris de Bleurgh and Phil Collins highly alarmingimage

    My 5 year old, on the other hand, is highly discerning. Prefers Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian and Franz Ferdinand to kiddie music. He's always been most definite in his tastes *shrugs*

    I'm rubbish at scrabble, I'd be useless. I can only do the numbers stuff on Countdown.

  • A yucky day here too.  Still snow on the big hill but was safe to go over in the car this morning. (Had to take the long road home yesterday as it was very slippy with slush).

    No running yesterday but going to do an easy couple tonight.  Will remember the pump and see how it goes.  Though it is my group session tonight and some of them still need walk breaks so may do a bit on my own before/after if I need/want to image

  • <<slipping in late for the party>>

    Wanted to offer a belated congratulations Hashette.  I'm hoping to follow your progress on here, and pick up on the excellent coaching advice on offer.  Last year I followed Wotsit, and managed to take almost half hour off my time, finishing in 4:39 image  I'm not quite as fast as you, but as I got my first sub-2 half this autumn, I'm hopeful of around 4:30, with help from you and Rio!

     happy running

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    How's the wine I mean how is the niggle Hash??

    The niggle on the phone is currently moaning in my left ear via headset about why we can't get anyone to deal with her non-issue until the New Yearimage  As you can tell, I'm really interested, and the conversation with her is taking up all of 10% of my brain.  "Hmmmm.   Hmmm.  Oh dear.  Yes I am sorry......."

    My nose appears to be getting longer by the minute.

    The fizz session and the wine bottle exercise worked a treat, it feels fine today thanks.  Apparently I need to strengthen the little muscles by the side of the kneecap to stop it being pulled out of line, so the wine bottle goes under my knee, then I have to straighten it for 7 seconds, rest for 7 seconds, and repeat for about 20 minutes.  Still, it made Day of the Triffids a bit more interesting last night.

    Have a good one tonight Rio and be careful if the slushy stuff re-freezes.   Just don't end up on the injury bench with the rest of us before we've even started!

    Thanks HT and good to have you along.   Congrats on shaving half an hour off your time last year, that's fantastic!  How did you find the schedule?  It's much heavier than what I did last year - for a start I only knew I'd managed to blag a last minute charity place half way through February, so I pretty much did my own thing in the week, but did the LSRs on the weekends.  It got me to 4.40, so fingers crossed that both of us can shift that extra 10 minutes this year.

  • Hi Hash, I hope your knee and Blouse's ankle heal quickly. I am struggling to get out , not because of work or other commitments, but because of cba'ness and wet weather! I think I may go to the treadie instead of braving the wet and wind today... What does your schedule look like? Is there alot of speed work? Although I know I need to do lots of ploddy miles and lsrs I am interested to see what faster sessions you are given and hope to keep you company on themimage
  • Hope everyone is off the bench ready for Monday. Cool and damp but not freezing down here in Hampshire, so hopefully will go out with the club tonight.
  • I hate being on the bench.  Normally I have another traditional run home, on New Year's Eve if they let us go early enough to get home by dark.  This year I'm going to be good - from now on I'm doing what I'm told whether it's by the physios, osteos or Liz, although I may struggle a little to be good when it comes to nutrition!

    The official schedule is here B, but  Liz is adapting and customising it for me.  I've been told to follow each training day with a rest  or an easy day, so she's picking out the most important sessions and adapting accordingly.  I'll post up the plan when I get it and it's lovely to think that a whole bunch of us will be virtually running together.

  • AndyV wrote (see)
    Hashette wrote (see)

    Press the quote button at the bottom right hand bar underneath their message, then press the speech marks on the top right hand side of the top bar in the message you're typing in.

    Glad the cold's better Andy - that's four out of six of us, what's going on???

    Woo hay. Cheers Hash, you certainly know your way around a forum. Ta.
    Now I'm just showing off Hash! Have a great new year and best of british for VLM (and life generally-deep) in 2010.
  • Hi Vicky!

    I hope you've had a lovely christmas week despite an annoying knee niggle? Frustrating things!

    Glad to hear it's clearing up, I'm sure you will be back to full fitness in no time.

    Are you looking forward to getting stuck into your training plan? I've taken a look through the sub 4:30 plan and I'm following a very similar one myself so will also be taking the 'journey' with you.

    Have a great new years eve and happy new year!

  • Hashette

    your going to do fine girly image

    you should my lovely pay full attention to all your told, get rid of any silly habits, get this discipline going daily

    you never see me slacking on it

    i'm at it 24 - 7 - 365  

    you have a super fantastic time ahh

  • Hashette, sounds like your schedule last year was very much like my first FLM in 2008 - I found out in mid Feb that I had a place, and it was training like mad mad mad.  Last year I cobbled my own I'm afraid - I've looked at the Garmin ready sub 4:30, and there's no blumin way I'd manage 5 runs a week.  Last year I built a schedule that had 3 runs/week - alternatve tempo/interval run, an easy run and a LSR each week. I figured that if I managed four runs a week that was a bonus, rather than feeling I was letting myself down if I didn't manage four.

    This year I've yet to give it a thought, image hence my coming on here for some ideas.  Must pick Rio's brains image

    I'm with you on the nutrition thingie Hashette.  That's my biggest downfall.  I have all these ideas and zilch willpower.  And have just come back to my mothers for the next four days.  Not good.  Within an hour of arriving she'd force fed me banoffi pie image 

  • Mick n Phil image    Lovely to see you both on Sunday.  I may need a few virtual kicks up the backside over the next few weeks, so please hang around and administer as necessary.

    Emma, yep, looking forward to it.  These few days are a bit like sitting in the exam hall waiting for the teacher to tell us to turn over our papers, it's better just to be getting on with it.

    HT that was exactly my thought process last year.  Let's face it, both of us only have 10 minutes to shave off the result it got us, so it must have had something going for it.  Any of that banoffi pie going?

  • Hiya Im going to follow this thread if you don't mind image

    I run the FLM 3yrs ago in 5:30 (I didnt train much at all) and havent run much since image

    I did a 10k at the weekend that went well 1:05..... and have been doing kickboxing for the past 6months twice a week...... still a christmas fatty tho image

     do you think I would be able to follow this program? my fastest ever 10k was 54:10 and I normally run @ 10min mile

     Thanks for all you help


  • Hi Mark

    Welcome and well done on your 10k time.  If you can already run a 10k at 10 minute/mile pace on no training, then I'm sure you can do sub 4.30 at the end of the 16 week training programme.  

    The 4.30 schedule equates to roughly the pace you're already running at so I'm sure you'll be fine.  It builds up slowly enough, so by the end of the training you should be used to keeping up that pace for a longer distance.  Good to have you along, and keep us posted on how your training goes.  

    Emma, what's your view on running with a cold?  I have a theory that if I put enough layers on, get out there and get on with it, then it ramps my body temperature up, burns off the bugs and speeds up recovery.  Any truth in that?

  • Hash I really wouldn't be ramping up your body temperature.  If you feel the need for a run then you are probably well enough but if you feel tired or not up to it then don't force it or you could make the cold linger for longer or turn it into something far worse.

    Another good run for me last night.  My ladies all cried off for one reason or another so I was able to get out and do my own thing.  Wasn't looking forward to it so decided to do my short route and took another 45 seconds off Mondays time imageimageimageimage

    My new turbo arrived yesterday so today will be an hour or so on the bike infront of the computer racing viftual cyclists round a course.  I did have a little go yesterday after G put it together for me and set it all up.  No wonder I am such a carp cyclist!!  It was really hard!  Still it will be a great cross training session and will get me ready for the tri season and I can do it even if the weather is really too bad for running too.

  • AndyV wrote (see)
    Hashette wrote (see)
    AndyV wrote (see)
    AndyV wrote (see)
    Hashette wrote (see)

    Press the quote button at the bottom right hand bar underneath their message, then press the speech marks on the top right hand side of the top bar in the message you're typing in.

    Glad the cold's better Andy - that's four out of six of us, what's going on???

    Woo hay. Cheers Hash, you certainly know your way around a forum. Ta.
    Now I'm just showing off Hash! Have a great new year and best of british for VLM (and life generally-deep) in 2010.

    Glad to be of serviceimage  Happy New Year to you too if I don't get on here tomorrow xx

    Right back at you Hash. Right I promise to now stop the "quoting"!!!!
    sorry couldn't resist one last time. Happy new year!
  • Afternoon all - it's nearly time for the bell.  Not the bells, the bell.  Office closes at 1pm, I'm out of here!imageimageimage

    Result re last night Rioimage.  Happy turboing

  • Lucky you Hash.  Have a lovely New Year with Blouse.  Don't know when we are going to be allowed to  leave
  • *passes Rio the shovel used by our escape committee*

  • Will start digging now and see how far I get before they notice I am gone!
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