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  • Evening

    Sorry for the lack of sparkle, I'm off to bed, chesty bug 1, Hash 0

    Ron, I loved Oakley last year, if you have to run 20 miles then that's definitely the way to do it, and the top we got as a momento was so nice I actually wear it to the pub.  This year the race clashes with the Dorney Lake pacing event or I'd definitely be doing it.

    'Night all, send the bugblatter beast of traal over to Hash Hall to squash the germs for me x

  • Chesty bug - go away - hashette has training to do!

    Just popped in to say good luck for the schedule, hope you wake up feeling good and raring to go. image

    The countdown begins!

  • night Hashette tomorrow it starts in earnest image
  • Hi Hash - just swerving in to wish you all the best at the start of the fun.

    Try inhaling tea tree oil over hot water (it stinks). Inhale in as far as you can for a few seconds and then try and breathe even more in. It'll get to all the bits of lungs.

    If it's anything like me and Pix, it'll be hanging around for a bit so take it steady, try to get some decent sleep.

  • Good to see everyone getting excited about starting the schedules and well done on your running Seren.

    I did 24 miles on my turbo on Friday and then 6 off road on Saturday.  I was spectacularly slow - but mainly because I took the "off road" thing quite literally at one stage and was off road, path, track, rabbit trail and everything up to my knees in brambles and bracken.  Poor Benji was bounding from one spot to the next trying to see and not get caught up in stuff which was way over his head!!!!  Still it was very funny and I really enjoyed myself.  Probably the equivalent of doing 9 or so on the road!

    A gentle 3.5 for me tonight and a short turbo session afterwards

    Hash do be careful with that chesty bug!!! They can be nasty things if you try to do too much before it says it is ok! image

  • hi Trio....... what is your Turbo?
  • I have the I-magic Mark.  It was a Christmas pressie image
  • Morning all and thanks for the good wishes - they worked and the chesty bug has its suitcase packed, even if it hasn't yet left Hash Hall.

    I honestly think that half my problem has been not being able to get out there and run properly to get some air in my lungs, and that 's probably why bits of me have ceased up as well.  Let's face it, I've run at least 20 miles a week every week since 2004, so to suddenly go cold turkey (sorry.......) and stop is bound to have  some odd side- effects.  Still, hopefully that will be resolved this week. Thank gawd I've got this week booked off work as well.

    Ironically day 1 starts with a rest day according to the plan, so I've phoned the osteo and got him to move my appointment forward to this afternoon so he can hopefully crack this knee back on track before I do the first official training run tomorrow.  I know it's only runner's knee, but since the super six thing started I've been completely paranoid about something major going wrong.  Living in this body is like trying to sleep in a haunted house - every little twinge and I'm doing the equivalent of sitting bolt upright in bed yelling what was that????image

  • Glad your feeling better Hash and that nasty bugs gone!

    Wishing you lots of luck for the plan- I can't wait to start but also feeling a bit nervous!!!

  • morning Hashette glad you're feeling better, being paranoid is all part of an injury though not much fun,i've had a long standing knee problem which is now hopefully sorted ,when it was bad every lttle twinge I panicked about! still my first run is tomorrows RW say 6 miles easy, I'm at the club night which is an 8 mile circuit but I will see how I feel can always shorten it I guess.

    Good luc with the osteo, I am Rod not Ron btw image  (Roderick to be exact!)

  • Sorry Rod, I know a Ron Goodwin so I may slip up more than once. Glad you're all fixed - do you take glucosamine?  There's a bit of a debate going on about it on another thread, but I've been taking it for years and swear by it.  Well, I did up until a week ago! 

    Guess we're all a bit nervous Vik - we're all in it together though, and all rooting for each other.  Let's just keep that finish line in our sights and imagine it at the end of every training run.  Along with a nice cold beer or several in Chandos.

    On on!

  • Hash I think I can't take glucosamine as I am type 2 diabetic! Actually that was the reason I took up running after a long break as part of that "healthy lifestyle " thing . I only ever intended to do the Great North Run 2008, during training I toug best do another hm just to make sure I could do it, then I was hooked. Has made loads of diffence to Blood pressure etc and helps with the blood sugar levels.

    I'm not exactly nervous about the VLM  just the fact that over 20miles is unknown to me hence me being cautious about my time I don't want to fail hence me being sensible on timings, a friend at the club told me"if the first 10 miles feel too slow you are probably running at about the right pace" image

  • Rod that last bit is very good advice.  I am more nervous about doing races leading up to VLM - the fear of finding I am not fast enough which I would rather not know until the day.  I really want to do sub 4:30 this year but it is 25 minutes to take off my pb

  • Monday 4th....... Start of my Marathon traning .....

    Jumped on the scales and my pre Marathon Training weight is ..... 17st image (I run the FLM in 2006 @16st 8 & @ 5hrs29 so want to fly past that time)

    just done my first run ..... Mon   2M (miles) (approx 23 mins) slow ..... I just run it in 21:17 and feel great image

    I now need to increase the miles and decrease the fat (weight) image I want to get back to around 14st

  • morning all.........

    I always move my rest days around which probably isn't the best thing...........I like to run on a monday instead of a rest day as that means that I have a better chance of getting the 5 sessions in if life takes over later on in the week.........

    but my right calf is a little tight this morning so not sure what I'm going to do........will work some massage on it and then see........its the same leg that gave my achillies problem last year and I was laid out for 3/4 months.I think I'm getting paranoid like Hash.......

  • Ooh Seren.  Hope you stay sound this year!  Look after that achilles!!  Are you stressing it too much with the off road running?

    I also move things around because of my running groups and that Sunday is my real rest day when I do nothing and Saturday is my long run day

  • Seren & Im.Rio, I also move my training days around as my club train on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I like to go with them as they do a good combination of tempo, intervals, hills etc. Last time I trained for London (2008) I moved my long run to Saturday unless I was racing, so that I'd be recovered for club on Monday - seemed to work ok. Take care of the calf, Seren!

    Rod, I agree with your advice too - same goes for the long runs I think - they should almost feel too slow as you set out, then you can manage the longer distance. I couldn't really believe that running the LSRs so slowly, plus shorter speed work, would all come together last time, but it did.

    Glad you're feeling better Hash! image

  • My Runners World arrived this morning image

    You're famous you are!!!!

  • Im.Rio wrote (see)

    Rod that last bit is very good advice.  I am more nervous about doing races leading up to VLM - the fear of finding I am not fast enough which I would rather not know until the day.  I really want to do sub 4:30 this year but it is 25 minutes to take off my pb

    Well  I trained with some of the club VLM entrants last year up to the point of taper without actually doing a FM,to be honest I am taking as much advice as I can get on this but I do find it hard to go ultra slow, I am going tgo make a real effort as it does seem to conserve energy. Looks like we are all singing off the same  hymn sheet here image I reckon you will get that sub 4.30 IM

    I think this forum will help us all too!
  • Hi Vicky, Just checking in to say good luck on the start of your schedule – enjoy!  Glad to hear the knee and chest are both clearing up, so it’s all systems go…

    There’s been a lot of talk on cold prevention and vitamin and mineral supplements in the forums so I thought you all might find our fact sheet summarising the main functions of major vitamins and minerals helpful.  It might help you identify which if any your diet may lack and where you might benefit from making some modifications or using supplements.  This can be found at; 

    Take a look!
  • AndyV wrote (see)

    Hashette: I know what you mean re the slow pace of the initial runs... but "in the schedule we must trust" and all that. As a total newbie I've gotta have faith as I've got no personal experience to rely on.  

    Best of luck with your training by the way.

  • Oh Rod you've made me smile, I've never had a problem going ultra slow!
  • Ron Goodwin - is it not him that does the London Marathon theme tune?!

    Glad you are feeling better Hash.

  • decided to do thursday run today as it semed the 1m warm up 2 miles brisk and 1.25 miles cool down.........achillies and calf ok but pain in my right shin area........

    probably from the weekends off road run as it was icy and hard underfoot so probably just twanged something...will have a look at it later and might go for a sauna later on and give it a massage......its not an injury so I should be ok.image

  • Good luck Hash image.

  • Hash, can you send the cold muncher my way please? I'm still feeling absolutely rubbish today. Got barely any sleep because I couldn't breathe properly and am now sporting an extremely red nose having gone through an entire box of kleenex balsam image I'm not coughing too much today though thanks to some absolutely disgusting bronchial balsam (flavoured like aniseed... BLEUGH!!) which the other half thrusts at me everytime I so much as think about coughing. Trying not to worry too much though. Hopefully I'll be feeling better for running club tomorrow.

    Are you guys who are following the plan to the letter used to doing longer runs than this? I'm still not sure whether to just start on 10+ miles for my LSR's or to knock it right back and do exactly what the plan says. Don't want to injure myself, but I don't want to lose my fitness either.

    Thanks for the vitamins info Emma - will have a read of that. I was wondering whether I should be taking anything. 

  • I decided to add 2 or 3 miles onto what the plan said for my long runs for now as I have been doing longish runs already.image
  • Cheers Joe and Lou

    *sends echinacea and olbas oil to Lostkat*

    Emma, thanks for the offline advice, much appreciated.

    >>>>Bounce<<<< both osteo and Emma say Thunderbirds are Goimage  Okay, so the knee clicks and the kneecap is tracking out of line, but there are exercises and ice and stretches and if I do all those it should be fine.  If anyone has similar problems and wants the detail e-mailed, just shout. 

    For now I'm going to stick to the mileage on the plan for the weekday stuff at least, although it feels as if it's hardly worth washing my kit in between.  If my 46 year old body needs to perform later this year, then I'd better be good to it, although if you ask me it's still in shock at all the warm up/cool down/iciing/stretching treatment it's getting - it's never had this before!  If anyone saw Top Gear over Christmas, then this battered old Bolivian 4*4 is just as determined to make it over the finish line.

    Having said that, Seren I can't see me sticking to 6 for the LSR at the weekend.  If the various bits of me that were reporting in sick are still performing I can't do less than 10.  Apart from anything else I've already got 7 episodes of The Archers to catch up on, and that b*stard Leon must surely have had his come-uppance by now.

  • Glad to hear your feeling better, and you've got the OK to start, hope that everyone else feels better soon. 

    I'm going to stick to the plan distances this week, mainly because I've got to do all the runs by Friday morning as we've got a family weekend away.

    Good luck everyone.

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