Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Kim (sub-5:00)

Introducing the fifth member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six… Kim (aka The Evil Pixie).

Kim was only ever going to run 5K but with two London Marathons already under her belt, she’s now set her sights on running better and stronger than ever to achieve sub-5:00.

Kim will be using our sub-5:00 Garmin-ready schedule (devised by former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton) as a basis for her training and will be mentored by Steve Smythe directly on this thread (starting January 4).

She’ll be posting her training progress and be receiving fuel and hydration advice directly from the Lucozade Sport sports scientists live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how she gets on.

You can read more about Kim's running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Kim!



  • < gets all star-struck > image

  • Good luck EP image
  • *waves*

    *worries about getting fit enough to start on 4th Jan*

    *leaves autograph book* 


  • Hi honey, your own thread eh? there's posh image


  • Good luck EP. I'll be keeping an eye on you.
  • ****peers in from next door****

    Good luck Pix, see you on the start line - and more to the point at Chandos to celebrate afterwardsimage

  • Going too fast on 2 mile runs in December isn't going to do much damage - it's the too fast 22 mile ones in March that cause the problems!

    Hi everyone. Good luck in the coming months

  • Steve Marathon Coach wrote (see)

    Going too fast on 2 mile runs in December isn't going to do much damage


  • Hello.

    Just trying out your thread for size.

    Seems nice  - I'll be back!!

    That is all.

  • Wibble the Coach?
    It's a bit forward to give Steve a nickname this early on in your relationship, isn't it, Pixielittle?
  • Best of luck Pixie.  I followed the Mike Gratton schedule for Paris marathon this year.  Following it again for London.  Although it does me laugh when he says 2hrs steady run, 2hrs steady run for me isn't even half way! 
  • I'm not sure I like being a wibble  - is it a cross between a nibble and a wobble?

    Ok Hashette agreed running downhill on icy roads could potentially do damage whether its 400 metres, 2 miles or 22 miles.

  • Hi EP

    You blXXdy nutter. I may be a wuss (your words!) but you wouldn't catch me out in the snow and ice. Take it easy, I don't want you looking like Hash's picture now do we!

    Anyway that said, great to meet you the other day and best of british with this thang. Me, I'm going for a run tommy morning but given its going to be minus 3 tonight (at least) I can't see the ice thawing. Tedious treadmilling imagedown my local gym me thinks!. 



  • 6 inches of snow and frozen slush here.

    We're going nowhereimage. Still not 100% so it's just as well really.

    Have a lovely day X

  • Morning

    Tropical here.  The temperature's rocketed from -5 to -4image

  • Hiya Pix- its ice, ice baby where I am!!  Hopefully an off road run may be ok?!?  Ill let you know if I break anything on route (have already broken my thread so this could be a sign!)

    Have a fab day

  • Still broken?

    Oh well, you can stay on someone else's for a bit until it's sorted.

    Off roading today? Mmmm, that would be more dangerous than roads round here. Have a lovely one though but BE CAREFUL.

  • Happily Pix - I just have the one kid - which is more than enough for me, ta!.

    Still snotting, snivelling and glands up so not going out today at all. Ironically, my adidas supernova sequences turned up today!! (Thanks Sinead the Lucozade Lady) T'will be a while before they get tried out, I think.

    Waaaay to icy to contemplate running here in any case - and I'm not really wanting to off road (am a bit paranoid about turning on my ankles) because I can't see how deep it is, or whether there's squidgy mud underneath. Blah blah blah..

    Think I will watch the swimming instead.image

  • Spinletoes I think we must be twins separated at birth.  I don't do off road either, I can't stand having to watch where I put my feet all the time. Also I'm allergic to mud - it brings me out in a rash of unreasonable grumpinessimage

    Hope you feel better soon.  A hot toddy and a nice black and white film sounds much more like what the coach ordered

  • "fueled by lard" Pix, you have indeed mastered the technical terms!! But scarily accurate

    I'm liking your proposed strategy re: cals during the week. When runs get longer you may have to carb up Friday night too. Just a thought....

    Our chocolate fudge didn't last 2 weeks...

  • The social side and the beer drinking Pix, not the icky cross country running stuff

    I really really really need to plod tomorrow, but apparently there's another six inches forecast.  Normally that would be my idea of a good Sunday, but not in the context of the morning run it's not good image

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