The Beaver

Am thinking of doing this as well as Bala,

Anyone else done this one before? Or anyone else up for it?


  • just outside Nottingham Puss.......

    I have done the Little Beaver, I know a few have done the Middle

  • I've enteredimage

    I have a friend who lives close by...

  • I'm going to do the middle distance one. I also want one of the t-shirts you get that say 'i beat the beaver'!!!!!
  • Mr + Mrs Oxy did it in 2007, I did it in 08 (along with Little Miss Happy).  The swim is seriously murky (no viz at all going round the buoys) and its in a fishing lake.  Loong run across a field to get to T1, bike course has a couple of cheeky upflats, but I do note that they are changing the course for next year.  The run is all in the grounds of he castle so minimal traffic to worry about, its a sort of cloverleaf shape, the rise up to the castle will have you puffing a bit, that aside its scenic and fairly well shaded if it happens to be warm. 

    They offered the option of camping in the grounds, but the only facility is a cold water tap (and the portaloos in transition) so only really an option for the hardcore.

  • In Canada we have talking beavers:


  • Shiraz and I did both Beaver and Bala this year - the Beaver was actually harder and slower than Bala - the wind didn't help, the bike's a bit longer, and the run from swim to T1 is quite long with quite sharp straw!

    FamilyLindi invited all the pirates to stay in 2010!
  • I've just entered this image

    Any more tips on the course etc, bearing in mind I have th Vit to compare it to.

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