Asics Keyano 15's

Hey all,
Does anyone wear Asics Keyano's? Can you give me any advice? I currently wear brooks trance as I need moderate support and I have heard the keyanos are good, there are a pair of Keyano 15s on amazon for £86 reduced from £115, is this a good price?
What is the expected lifetime of these shoes? I like my brooks (and have only ever worn brooks) but I'm a bit disappointed that they are done after about 300 miles, can I expect more from asics?


  • There's a new model out now the 16's so you may get them a little cheaper if you look around.
    As for being any good for you, well only a running shoe shop will be able to offer this advice with any certainty.
  • £86 is a good price for them.
  • I got some in the summer as someone with quite bad overpronation probs. I get pretty bad arch blisters every time I try to run in them, and despite following advice from other RW readers of breaking them in slowly by alternating with some old comfy trainers, I'm still pretty unhappy with them. From what I have read, a lot of people have blister problems with asics But then of course others swear by them. Maybe you can try them on at your local running shop.
  • Sweatshop have got 15% off them at the moment....I ordered a pair yesterday
  • Totally agree about the blisters thing. Asics are bad for that so they really arent suitable for everyone. I have a pair and i tend not to run long in in them and i also need to be very careful about my sock choice. That being said they get better after a couple of hudnred miles but i will be replacing them with a pair of Brooks when they are done.
  • yep, the sock choice helped me a little bit too. Having said that, I still need to wear really thick running socks plus smear a lot of vaseline all over my feet to have any hope of having blister free feet.
  • Have you tried going the other way DrS2? Using thinner socks? I was using fancy, thick running socks for a while, I had blisters on the arches on my feet after every run. I switched to the cheapy 10 for £4 trainer linker styler and haven't had any problems with blisters since. Might be worth a go?
  • Thanks for this folks,

    after shopping around it does look like a decent price but I dont fancy that blister situation, I might just stick with brooks for now, trance 9s are £75 on amazon and the 8s are £60.
    Are Nike lunarglide good for someone who needs moderate support? I'm in Belfast, we only have a couple of decent running shops (who don't stock them) so i cant try them on a treadmill, JJB have them or I could buy online but I would like a quick run in them first, if anyone uses moderate stability shoes and has tried them, let me know.


  • @Sleighbells - yep ,also tried thinner socks, but it was even worse image
  • Ah....just ignore me then image
  • My local JJB and JJB online have Kayano 15s for £57, which is an amazing price IMO.
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