Christmas Dinner/Lunch

Ok -as always I am going for tradition roast turkey dinner and Christmas pud.

are you going for the same or something different?


  • Same image I'm feeding half the family as usual!

    I cannot believe how much money I've just spent on food but I love cooking for everyone! 

    The kids and I always name the Turkey. This year he's Oscar! image 

  • Christmas menu is always planned quite tightly and is as follows

    24th - roast Gammon, mash and vege
    25th - roast turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, mashed swede, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, peas, green beans & gravy. Christmas pud (home made and flamming) with custard for afters (probably several hours later!)
    26th - cold cuts and baked potatoes
    27th - turkey/bacon risotto
    28th - see what's left over and make something with it...

  • I would get upset if i named the turkey, Hopeimage

    sounds good Holly.

    I like to cook the dinner and for a few too. Push boat out for the day as like to keep things simple around surrounding daysimage -

  • Non-meat for us so I'll do a chestnut and stilton bake with all the trimmings - roasties, parsnips, carrots, gravy and of course, sprouts!


    Sticky toffee christmas pudding with brandy cream

    Cheeses and port

    Then zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Holly can I come round? Sounds lovely image image

    Traditional for us image Cannae wait! nomnomnomnomnomnom
  • Pretty much the same as Holly, But we started a family tradition (can you do that ?) a couple of years back We have paella for supper on Christmas Eve
  • Busiest day of the year for me, but looks like I'll be quickly swinging past home at dinnertime, so may grab something... I'm actually liking the look of one of Tesco's party snacks platters (with various indian bits).  Will defintely have a christmas pudding at some point, preferably with brandy cream.
  • The more the merrier! Although if I'd known I was entertaining the forum, I'd have ordered a larger turkey...

    Annual competition to see how many vegetables I can get onto a plate - I forgot the purple sprouting, btw!

  • think an Ostrich would be better Holly. image How big is your oven?
  • Xmas Dinner is at a local hotel as usual - so traditional with all the trimmings
  • Meatballs and reindeer shaped pasta for my little darlings, with a gammon as a side dish.
  • Chicken soup for starters.

    Pork shoulder main

    Pannetone and ice cream to finish.image

  • I do the standard: turkey, stuffing, bread sauce, sprouts, roasties, bacon rolls....
  • Turkey for me any day, more or less the same as Holly but cream leeks instead of the cauliflower and Green beans. I do the jamie oliver gravy where I put some carrotts, red onions and celery under the turkey to cook, I get some lovely caramalised juices to do my gravy with. yummy.



  • Roast chicken(corn fed free range) cooked to jamie Olivers best ever roast chicken recipe. Roast spuds and parsnips, cauli, sprouts and carrots. Gravy made with meat juices per recipe.

    Christmas pud with brandy cream or custard.

    Bottle of Mosel Reisling. 

  • Christmas eve (at ours)

    • dips and chips
    • deep fried brie and cranberry sauce
    • garlic chilli prawns
    • ciabatta with balsamic and oil
    • various indian starters
    • olives and nuts....etc
    • a maahhooosive blackforest gateau

    Christmas day (at my mum and dads)

    •  turkey
    • ham
    • stuffing (bread and sausage meat)
    • 4 types of potatoes (mash, roast, dauphinoise, and fondant)
    • Brussels, carrots, cauli,
    • mushroom vol au vonts (we've always done them - it's tradition)
    • chipolatas wrapped in bacon
    • gravy (made from the juices)
    • blackberry and apple crumble
    • christmas pudding (home made)
    • bakewell tart
    • custard (fresh and packet!)

    I think thats all!!  I do the cooking for the Christmas eve party, my parents do the most of cooking for Christmas day - but I do the veg and the plethora of spud dishes!!

    Then a diet in Jan!

  • Jinglefurbells,

    I'd be on a diet after all that as well. Pretty impressive though. Remember the invite next year!!!!



  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Traditional-ish, but having a boned, stuffed leg of lamb rather than a turkey image

    All the other stuff (OK, maybe not the sausages wrapped in bacon!) will be the traditional.  I made Christmas puddings back in October image

  • Definitely non-traditional. Mrs Borders is 40 on Christmas day this year.

    Christmas Eve out for a curry.

    Christmas Day loads of party style food - the Mrs doesn't like turkey (she had years of her mum ruining traditional Christmas dinners by putting a turkey that was 2oz bigger than a chicken in the oven for an extra five hours because it was called a turkey, sprouts needed to be boiled for 60mins until you could mash them other etc).

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    Oh, and I made a rich fruit Christmas cake, with marzipan, which I'll be icing tonight! image
  • Eww Borders - that turkey dinner sounds yuck!!  

    We're having Mexican on Christmas eve, followed by traditional turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas Day (except instead for pud I'm making a cheesecake), then Boxing day it's salmon en croute (a pathetic attempt at being healthy!!).  Followed by a shedload of grog!!!

    Definitely a diet in January!

  • Hark the Herald Wilkie wrote (see)
    Oh, and I made a rich fruit Christmas cake, with marzipan, which I'll be icing tonight! image

    did you make it a while ago Wilkie? We did our September I thinkimage

    you will have to do more plods  Paveyimage

  • I don't like turkey for similar reasons to Mrs Borders, by the sounds of things. But I adore cold turkey sandwiches, so I will be cooking turkey on Christmas day - I just probably wont eat any of it then.

    H did suggest we have something else, but we couldn't decide what!

  • Hoose - you're so right!!

    Holly - we had fish one year, but Christmas day just wasn't the same without roasties!!

  • I'd dearly love to do something different one year but my family would never talk to me again  so it's:

    Turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage, roast carrots, pigs in blankets, pancetta wrapped Armagnac prunes (I think they are WAY too rich but my OH insists) with onion gravy. Christmas pud with cream to follow.

    I may not partake in the pud this year. I don't really like it that much TBH, especially with my tummy full of all the other stuff. image

    Holly Liz - how about a pork joint with some lovely crackling?

  • Beef Wellington for us this year.

    Can't be arsed to cook full spread for two of us. We do have Christmas Pud though.
  • I am serving my 7 guests a full on curry...onion bhajis,saag aloo,bombay spuds.mushroom rice,naan breads even doing an Indian style Cranackan thingy for desert.
  • mmm, pork, mmmmm to crackling too... But somehow it doesn't feel like christmas dinner. I know exactly what pavey means. Part of the fun is the cold cuts on boxing day and cold turkey is just yummy. It isn't like I'll go hungry, and I like all the turkey trimmings, just not keen on the turkey itself.  

  • Very trad at ours:

    Christmas Eve: Baked wild salmon with herb crust, minted peas, mixed salad, rose wine. Mince pies.

    Christmas Day lunch: roast turkey, roast spuds, glazed carrots, roast parsnips, sprouts with chestnuts, lemon-herb stuffing, gravy, Champagne.  Christmas pudding flamed with brandy,  custard (OH insists on custard).  Evening: cold turkey sandwiches (yum!).

    Boxing Day: Roasted glazed gammon, sweet potatoes with orange/lemon relish, broccoli. Rose wine.

    At other assorted times - Christmas cake with slices of cheese, more mince pies, red wine, coffee, port, brandy.

    Collapse in an overstuffed heap.

    (rich fruit cake was made in October, wrapped in foil and stored in a cupboard, fed at intervals with more brandy, covered in marzipan on Saturday, iced yesterday and will be decorated tomorrow).

  • Blimey I am ready to eat having read this.

    going to do the giblets for tomorrow's gravyimage Once they are boiling with some celery and chopped onions and carrots, it starts to smell like Christmas is here. Home made read sauce tooimage

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