Who is training on Xmas Day?



  • and you max! I did an hour too and very pleasant it was too image
  • 1h 45 turbo for me
  • Does going for a walk count, it's too icy to run here!
  • hmmm despite the best laid plans,  no training, just alcohol, food, alcohol and more food.

    yum yum, yum.

    run / MTB tomorrow though

  • a 60mins run for me today - oh my life it was cold! i just dont know how i used to train in the uk in winter, i love the warmth now. looking forward to flying home on the 4th jan to get on with some real training ready for IMChina. image
  • Managed a 75km bike ride in Vietnam with a nice mountain pass and 30 degree heat. Nice.
  • the thaw has startedimage 2 hours Mountain biking with only one serious slideimage lovely crisp day planning an afternoon of cleaning/regresing an adjusting my rear hub after I have cooked boxing day lunch!
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