Friday woods boxing day run

Hi,does anyone know how to find out about the riders versus runners xc race being held on boxing day in Colchester Friday woods? I have just read about it in the local paper,but cannot seem to find it anywhere on the net!! Cathy x


  • Hi,tried google,only brought up Harwich harriers site which the link doesnt work on!!
  • I tried google and came up with a page of links..

    And how about giving Harwich Harries a phone call ?

  • I do believe you have to be a member of either Colchester Rovers (Cyclists), Colchester Harriers or Colchester & Tendring (CATS) to run although you may be able to run as a guest. Best contact Chairman at Colchester Harriers via their website.

    Failing that Witham Running Club have a fantastic 5 mile road race starting at 11am. Full details on their website.

     Hope that helps, merry Christmas.

  • I believe you can be a member of any running club to run, hope so as I intend to do so!

  • Hi Cathy. The race is held at Friday Woods. In the past the event has started at 11:00, although there is no time mentioned this year, I think it is unlikely to have changed since last year.

    The event is organised by Colchester Rovers Cycle Club and Colchester Harriers Running Club. The format is as follows. The cyclists complete 3 laps of the course. Men also do 3 laps, women do 2 and juniors do a single lap. Most years the cyclist have the upper hand. If the course is very wet then the runners will have more of a chance.

    In the past there has been no charge for racing, although a donation is appreciated by the organisers. I may be there if not racing at Witham.

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