garmin 205 problem

having a problem with my garmin 205 and not sure if its the garmin  itself or the docking cradle. every time i put it on to charge it switches itself on as soon as it comes in contact with the cradle, up til now ive just switched it back off and it charges fine. but today it didnt work ! switched it off and it came straight back on and it keeps doing it, seems to be charging ok while its switched on but it wont let me turn it off. problem is that when i switch the computer off, if i forget about the garmin it stays on and drains battery during the night !!

anyone had this problem before and any idea if its more likely to just be the cradle or the garmin itself causing it ??


  • I've not had this specific problem but most of the Garmins (including mine) suffer from a buildup of gunk on the metal contacts under the watch which can cause some odd effects.

    You can clean the contacts quite easily with a normal (pencil) eraser...

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