Just got an iPhone - any useful running apps?

Hi All

Just got myself an iPhone, apparently there is an app for everything so was wondering if anyone could recommend me something for running. Not looking to spend the earth here, so free or nearly free is the benchmark. I just really need some basic info, time, distance, speed, etc. Sort of thing you might get on a garmin 305 (which i have but its broken).

Is there anything out there?



  • Don't have one myself, but know someone who uses Runkeeper. Sounds like it does what you're asking about.

  • Runkeeper (but a decent Garmin will be more accurate and easier to use mid-run).
  • and iphones sem to be a bit delicate so do take care if you have signed a 2 year contract and then want to run with it! Get your garmn fixed and use the iphone for the great toy it is.
  • I have to agree, iPhones are not a rugged item.  Leave it at home OR!!!!!

    Buy one of these


    I got one last year and they are super tough.

  • Thanks for the replies, I take the point about the iphone not being too sturdy and have recently had to fix my ipod when sweat got into it. Fortunately no long contract but I heed the warning


  • R - it's not a specific answer to your question but I've had an app on my iPhone called Tricalc for ages. I only use the running part of it when I want to do time/distance/pace calculations but I can vouch for its usefulness all the same.

    This is it: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tricalc/id286234919?mt=8

    If you scroll down the page you'll see other apps in this genre which you might find useful.

    All the best.
  • I use runtracker pro and find it to be quite handy. Yes the iphone is kind of bulky and you need a case. But if you don't want to splash out on a garmin it does the job
  • I use RunKeeper Pro after I ditched Nike+  RunKeeper

     They have a pretty decent support forum (Forum) and there is a free version to try if you want to see what it can do.  The pro version has voice cues, training packages, playlist selection and you can upload to a website which shows all your stats and can plot on a map.


  • I sometimes use this one  if I forget my garmin, works fairly well for a freebie Map my run
  • Take your i-phone with you on longer training runs.  I've got lost at least twice, and the map app that comes already loaded onto it got me out of trouble brillantly - it even showed me the route home if I told it where I wanted to end up!

    No useful running apps, though, sorry.

  • Two thumbs up for Runkeeper! It's excellent, when you get home you can look online and see your route on a map, distance, pace etc. The pro version isn't very expensive (just a couple of quid) and has some brilliant features. They have a great support forum and when you make suggestions they actually listen and let you know if they're likely to incorporate them. By far one of my favourite iPhone apps!
  • Despite Runkeeper being brilliant, it is not problem free and you'll loose the gps signal or a run will have an error sometimes.

    Also the tracking accuracy is nowhere near as good as a Garmin and you'll often find that you have been running through rivers, hedges or walls instead of the track next to them when you see it on the map afterwards.

    it is brilliant at displaying and sorting the information after the run, I just think the flaw is getting the information reliably in the first place. It's probably more the hardware than the app. at fault.

  • Agree with all above,  RunKeeper Pro is great, but you need to find a good armband.  My Iphone is about 18 mths old and the problem I have is on long runs you loss a lot of battery.  Hope to pick up a Garmin this month.

  • They've updated the software recently to improve GPS accuracy and it seems to have done the trick - no random zig zags on my routes anymore!

    You can pick up a lovely belkin armband for about £15, I just got a new one.

    I don't use my iPhone as my phone anymore (moved over to an HTC android model) but have kept the phone itself as I love Runkeeper so much. As my phone has a cracked screen I'm not too bothered about dropping it or being mugged for it (well, obviously that would bother me, but its not a major concern). They have just released a version for Android but its only for v2.0 and above phones and only has the 'free' version features, but its promised they'll be improving it quickly.
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