Last 20 miler question of 2009 I promise!


Should've done 20 miler last weekend but due to snow it became an 11 miler instead.

The snow is mostly gone here so is it worth swapping the 12  I should be doing for a very steady 20 to make up for last weekend's missed one?

Is it too close to marathon day?  I'd still have  a 2 week taper.

Goofy is in 2 weeks.

Half marathon on the Saturday  followed by full marathon on the Sunday in case you don't know it.

PS I'm a middle aged female fun runner who just likes medals and running at Disney World so finish time is definitely not important but psychological preparedness is important.

Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas!



  • How about splitting the difference, do a nice steady 16 and trust in true grit and overall fitness to get you through. A 20 so close could really tire you out and not give you enough time to recover.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • Thanks for replying GTC.

    I'll aim for 12 I think and see how I feel at the end of it. If I'm still in good shape I'll carry on and do 16 like you suggest but if I'm not then I'll just stop.

    Thanks again for replying. I appreciate it.

  • gtc's suggestion sounds good.

    I was in a similar position in the summer where a bout of some horrid lurgie knocked out a couple of weeks' training coming up to the Helsinki marathon, which I was going to do as a fun run as well. IIRC I did 17-18 miles walk/amble the weekend before & then very little in the final week (bar toddle round admiring Finland). It wasn't my first mara mind. But it was a jolly experience (did help that I just toddled round in slower than training pace mind image).

  • Thanks Fido,

    This isn't my first marathon either but it is the first (and most likely last Goofy).

  • I suppose it depends on if you have any 20's under your belt. Often so late in the game less is best. I'm on marathon no 6 next and mentally its good to have that long run under your belt bit close. Personally I would stick to your plans and see how you feel, good luck.


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