Newton shoes

Has anybody given these newton trainers a go then? What did you think?


  • There's an article in about Newton shoes - someone tested it and wrote a review.
  • I have 2 pairs of Newtons.

    They are great for track work and fast runs on firm surfaces.
    They slip on wet tarmac.
    I wear them off road when the going is firm with no problems.
    The AW (all weather) are good at keeping your fet dry unless you run through a deep puddle.

    They are comfortable to wear, the ladies fit is gender specific.

    Some runners  find that their calves are sore to begin with though I didn't really notice this. I got used to them very quickly.

  • Cheers Runnaholic, i'll have a spy of that review.

    Bikermouse what was your running like previously? I mean were you naturally a forefoot runner anyway? My shoes get a hammering around the forefoot and see little wear on the heel, maybe just getting a couple of scuffs during warm up/warm down. I dont like the sound of slipping on wet tarmac as its not exactly sunny up north.... i have experianced this with some of the nike range aswell, fortunatly it wasnt my running shoes but those nike shox thingsimage, really poor forefoot grip on those.

  • I wore them in the summer - they did seem to give me a faster race than I would have expected. As they say - not good in the wet and you did need to break them in with shorter runs. I will use them again after winter.
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