So what running-related stuff did we get for Christmas?

I thought we could use this to discuss the various things the people in our life got us to compliment our running, and get jealous of the things everyone else got image

I got a new pair of Saucony Progrid Triumph 6's (probably my last pair before I move up to the 7's, boo hoo), a thin Nike water and wind-proof jacket for those bad weather days, a new pair of leggings for winter and a little holder for my phone and MP3 player when I'm out (also waterproof, with a belt clip).

Go nuts people. What did you get?

And Merry Christmas image


  • A new alarm clock to prevent me waking the OH when I get up for an early run and fail to switch the current one off properly!!

    And my best pressie (from a 2 year old with great taste) a set of various foot treatment products for my manky runners' feet.

    I did also get some new baking tins and it's only due to running I can eat what I bake (slightly obtuse link).

  • There's already one thread for this Duck.
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