New cabin baggage restrictions

Just found out about this by listening to the news on TV.

Last year when I did my first Mickey  in Florida  the advice I followed was to have my race stuff in my hand luggage. The theory behind it was that if your luggage got lost you still had the equipment you needed to be able to run the race.

So this time I was planning to carry on 2 pairs of runners, and clothes for 2 races. Plus gels etc like last year.

But the new restrictions say that (on Virgin Atlantic anyway)

"In order to minimise delays and congestion, we are asking all passengers to arrive at the gate early. Hand baggage allowances for all passengers flying into all US airports has been reduced to only one item of hand baggage. This item should not exceed 23 x 36 x 56cm, (approx 9 x 14 x 22 inches) and 13lb/6kg in weight, and should only contain the items you need during the flight."

So my running gear doesn't fit the part in bold unless I try and convince them that I'm going to run out and backs up and down the aisles!!!

Hmmmm has anyone else thought about this or do you think putting your gear in your hold luggage is fine?

Any thoughts folks? I'm not sure that I want to take up space in my case with 2 pairs of running shoes and last year I travelled in my walking boots.

Terrorists huh!


  • I have emailed VA but am not expecting a reply for a few days. I will add whatever they say to the thread when I do get a reply.
  • Can you not wear one  pair of your running shoes on the flight, can you put gels in your hand luggage mine were confiscated when i flew to Dublin
  • Yes I could Pammie but that means packing walking boots which are heavier than running shoes.

    My hand baggage gels weren't confiscated last year.

    I had a reply from Virgin but it only copied and pasted their new restrictions. Another amazing bit of customer service from India LOL.

    I've asked the question again - let's see what happens.

  • In the UK, airport security allows you to take any gel/liquid under 100ml so long as you put them in clear plastic bags and show them at security checkpoints. Recently I went to Singapore and I had a pair of running shoes, a pair of slippers and a pair of heeled sandals in my carry-on without any problem - I flew British Airways though...they're good like that, you can have a handbag AND a cabin bagimage
  • I would lie, say you need the shoes for DVT and gels for diabetes - but it's probably irrelevant.

    "Should" is only guidance.  They won't turn you away for having running shoes just because you won't use them.   You don't use your wallet on a VA flight usually either but you wouldn't check that.

    VA are usually one of the most flexible / relaxed airlines.

  • Just wear your running shoes - surely your luggage isn't that heavy that a different pair of shoes will put you over ?
    If you can't get the gels over there - put some in your hold luggage and maybe try another set in hand luggage - but don't be upset if they make you ditch them.
    Its pretty rare to lose a bag isn't it ?
    Can't see much point in pestering the airline about it - they don't run security and it could well change anyway.
    Have a good run.
  • No reply yet from VA.  These restrictions on flying to the USA  are very new though so maybe they are inundated with emails about it.

     Can't remember who said to take marathon stuff in carry on bag last year. May have been  a Yank taking an internal flight. I suppose the issue is that folk want to run marathons in tried and tested gear rather than in new replacements because the airline lost their luggage!

    I guess I'm in that paranoid phase of marathon training - the bit where you are so close having done almost  all of the training and you don't want  anything to go wrong at the last minute!

    Makes it worse because I'm taking 2 pairs of shoes. Goofy is Sat AND Sun racing and I want a fresh pair of shoes for the second day.

    Hmmm thanks for thoughts anyway folks.

  • As Cougs says,  the Airline doesnt run the security so they wont have the answers

    Stick it all in the hold, statistically your luggage will be fine,  wear your shoes and pick up any gels and stuff while you are out there

    I dont think its worth getting worried about
  • Working in a Meldy Wonderland wrote (see)

    Stick it all in the hold, statistically your luggage will be fine, wear your shoes and pick up any gels and stuff while you are out there

    I dont think its worth getting worried about

    I agree. If you're worried, wear the runners you need for running the marathon. If needs be, wear your running clothes as well underneath your day clothes (unless it's too uncomfortable). You can buy gels or sweets whilst out there and at least you'll have the essentials.

    I would say lying is probably a bad idea in case they find out and think you have something to hide. I would probably just be honest and tell them why you packed it in the hand luggage bag, they'll probably be quite tolerant unless you take the piss...

    I once had a major row with a security dude at Belfast airport because of an asthma inhaler of a type he hadn't seen before. He wanted me to take it in front of him (which I did) and then complained because it was automatic and he couldn't tell if I took it or not. Very annoying, but I suppose it stops another dickhead blowing a plane up.....

  • Well email today  from airline

    I wrote:  " Thank you for replying quickly but you have not answered my question.
    I would like to carry 2 pairs of running shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 vests in my hand baggage so I can still race my marathon if my main luggage is lost.
    Will I still be able to carry these? I obviously don't need them on the flight.

    They replied:

    "Dear ***,

    Thank you for your latest email.

    You can carry all these items in your hand baggage, however it should be within 6kgs.

    A list of all baggage allowances, including carry on baggage, can be found on our website

    It's left for me to wish you a pleasant trip onboard your forthcoming flight.

    Kind Regards"

    My thoughts after my knee jerk reaction yesterday  are that they merely want to have less to look through which is why they only want people to take stuff they need on board. The actual wording says people SHOULD only take what they need on board not that anything not needed is prohibited.

  • Phew! Now you can relaxed and enjoy your trip...image
  • Yes I can - thanks for that. been watching vids of last year's race on YouTube. Not long now!
  • Good luck with your racesimage
  • WDW 2009 see you out there!

    I'll certainly be carrying my race stuff in my hand baggage, but my gels will go in the hold (you may have got them through security last year but you shouldn't have!)

    As long as you take a sensible amount of hand baggage I doubt they'll make a fuss over running shoes etc.

    Now for the important bit, any hints for the race?
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