Talkback: Runner's World Playlist: Running Classics

classics is a good title for this playlist- are there any.. more modern playlists that have been made? image


  • classics is a good title for this playlist- are there any.. more modern playlists that have been made? image
  • It's nice that RW have made this playlist for us all, but the songs are a bit gentle for my taste.

     You should hear my running playlists. They contain all different types of music (rock, dance, hard dance, rap, and more) but all the songs are guaranteed to produce a furious impulse to run faster. As everybody's musical tastes are different there isn't much point in me posting the playlists here, but they beat the RW version hands down (I think anyway) image.

  • What a horrible playlist! 
  • best running play list so far great mix well done 
  • I love the idea of picking the right speed (bpm) of tracks for the running training you're doing and creating a playlist to suit a particular training run. Today I was doing a slow 3m and was really struggling to run slow enough to Arctic Monkeys (the Garmin kept beeping at me to slow down!), so I switched to one I love but would never normally use for running - a Texan band called the Belleville Outfit (which iTunes labels 'new acoustic') - and after that it all went like clockwork!

    I agree though I wouldn't buy the RW playlist - just too dated. For decent-paced running, my favourites are Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park and yes, Black Eyed Peas (Elephunk) album. In fact 'Pump It' is probably the only song from the RW list I'd give the thumbs up to. My absolute favourite for putting a sprint on is Maximo Park's 'Our Velocity' - great for spurring you on to that last sprint finish.

  • I did the Run to the Beat half marathon last year and they had a great mix of songs for a similar compilation.

    The best I found to run to was by a band called Swound, but I can't remember the name of the song. Something about being dangerous!

  • That is a pretty ropey playlist. Music is the most important aspect of my runs. Completely agree with Our Velocity as a finisher, that song gave me the beans for a sprint finish in the Bristol half last year! 
  • Awful playlist, i'd want to throw myself under a bus by track 3.
  • Well done for surviving that long Shiva, i jumped during the first track
  • Shocking playlist! Did those artists pay for the product placement?image Good, useful diagram above though. Of course, musical choices are so subjective. Here's mine in case my doppelganger is out there somewhere! The rest of you - seeing as I cast the first stone - prepare to attack!!!

    Where is my mind                              Pixies                                               Where The Streets Have No Name       U2                                                   Are You Gonna Be My Girl                   Jet   
    Pounding                                          Doves   
    Somebody Told Me                            The Killers                                         Police On My Back                             Lethal Bizzle                                          Last Train to Transcentral                    The KLF   
    Call On Me (Radio Edit)                      Eric Prydz
    Non-Believer                                     La Rocca                   
    Hoppípolla                                        Sigur Rós               
    Fine Day (James Holden Remix)         Kirsty Hawkshaw   
    Can't Stand Me Now                          The Libertines   
    Mr. Brightside                                   The Killers   
    Alive & Amplified         &n

  • Oop, last post went a bit awry. let's try again..

    Where is my mind - Pixies
    Where The Streets Have No Name - U2   
    Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet   
    Pounding - Doves   
    Somebody Told Me - The Killers   
    Police On My Back - Lethal Bizzle   
    Last Train to Transcentral - The KLF
    Call On Me (Radio Edit) - Eric Prydz
    Non-Believer - La Rocca                   
    Hoppípolla - Sigur Rós               
    Fine Day (James Holden Remix) - Kirsty Hawkshaw   
    Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines   
    Mr. Brightside - The Killers   
    Alive & Amplified - The Mooney Suzuki   
    Fighter - Christina Aguilera           
    Get It Together - The Go! Team   
    ELO - Mr. Blue Sky    

  • And I forgot Pacific State by 808 State between Sigur Ros and Kirsty Hawkshaw: it's the trance section for when I need to blank out the pain...;-)
  • Top playlist JC3 - I've whacked it all in to spotify and checking it out now - thanks for sharing image

  • Worst play list ever. Maybe its to keep your mind off of the running itself my getting so annoyed by the rubbish you are listening to. Its not a theme pub you are running in is it RW? image
  • agreed JC3 that is a good playlist. Needs a little Oasis though image
  • M People

    God help everyone 

  • Powerade Pulse is a free programme that searches your i-tunes library and select tracks at a bpm that you suggest.

    Great. I asked it for a 2 hour playlist that started at 120bpm that built to  160 then down again to 120.

    Went for my run and realised halfway through it was set to shuffle!!!!!!!!!!


  •  It's all very well saying 'dig out your MP3 player'. ITunes is no good if you don't have an ipod. I love my Creative Zen and many other folks have MP3 players of another brand. Make the playlist available to all (even if the music is crap) or just say 'dig out your Ipod' instead and sod the rest of you
  • this play list is also a bit too gentle. I tried out AudioFuel music for runners the other week, its way better, modern and so not classics from the past! i did a PB to Excelerator at 42mintues, so happy times for me and AudioFuel. . ANother good resource for those running in London Marathon is the Music for Motivation website,

  • Absolutely dire.

    No songs at all from the Rocky Soundtrack? Insanity.

  • awful playlist. I downloaded 101 songs for running from i tunes, a few cheesy tracks but at £11.99  a complete bargain.
  • I also tried the Audiofuel tracks.

    There was a little survey a couple of months back on RW that allowed you to download the whole backcatalogue of Audiofuel tracks, and feedback how useful they were.

     I must say I find it impossible to keep to the beat, even on the fastest tracks the voiceover guy says 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 and it is far too slow for me. It seems it does not matter how fast I am running, my feet are always hitting the floor with the same frequency. All that changes is the stride length.

    Have to say I am not an electronic music fan. Went straight back to by Greenday playlist and instantly back to the beat. Go figure

    Finding a compromise at the mo. Prodigy albums taking me back to the early 90's and in most cases fast enough for my feet.

  • 0ther than Yell0 and are u ready 4 this, far t00 sl0w.... like the 101 running s0ngs, way better!!!!image))
  • I feel really disappointed. When I saw the title, I thought this was going to be classical music and I was so happy thinking I might have some good suggestions for running music. I have enough pop music when I have to go shopping, I don't want to have running time polluted by it as well!
  • I've been running now for a couple of years and often do enjoy the sound of my footsteps but when it comes to picking up the pace and keeping I have found one artist that keeps my legs churning.

    For anyone that hasn't heard of "Skrillex" he is an electric house producer from California. Random beats normally ranging from 120 to 140 Bpm. There is a nice agression in some of the songs that help me find that fighting spirit when I need it ^^

     This "music" might not be for everyone as I have found out when playing it in a car full of like minded friendsimage But it gets the blood flowing!

    Try it out  

  • Dubstep (I don't know if you can call skrillex that, he tries, but often fails) is pretty horrible for running!

  • The audio fuel long run mixes are good, they also have 10 minute markers so you can keep an eye on your distance and pace.
  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭
    Eric Adams wrote (see)
    The audio fuel long run mixes are good, they also have 10 minute markers so you can keep an eye on your distance and pace.
    disappointing, I had you down as a Manowar fan...
  • I made a couple of my own - one for an hour, one for two hours. Usually I'll pick a fairly gentle opening song or two, but after that anything can happen. These are for my long, slower runs so you might find this a little on the docile side. Song title on the left, artiste on the right, and this is the 1hr list.

    1. Eternal Dream - Deep Forest (I don't understand Japanese, but love the music)

    2. To France - Mike Oldfield

    3. I Hear You Calling - Gob

    4. Bochum - Herbert Grönemeyer (I speak German, so this isn't a problem)

    5. Train Of Thought - a-ha

    6. Other Side Of The World - KT Tunstall

    7. A Boy Named Sue (uncensored version) - Johnny Cash

    8. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool

    9. 99 Luftballons - Nena (another German one)

    10. Down In The Past - Mando Diao

    11. Wizards In Winter - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    12. Basket Case - Green Day

    13. Ironic - Alanis Morrisette

    14. Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel

    15. My Favourite Game - Cardigans

    16. I Would Walk 500 Miles - Proclaimers

  • Here's my playlist:

    1. The Prodigy - Warriors Dance

    2. Saw doctors - To win just once

    3. Snoop Dogg - Sweat

    4. Kanye West - Stronger

    5. Kanye West - Heartless

    6.Example - Changed the way you kiss me

    7. Roy Jone Jr - Go hard or go home

    8. Roy Jone Jr - Cant be touched

    9. Eminem - Till I collapse

    10. 50 cent - Ready for war

    11. Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of huge

    12. Calvin Harris - Bounce

    13. Rhianna - Run this town

    14. Pendulum - Islands

    15. The XX - Crystallise

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