Hydration belt/rucksack for laadies

Hi All,

Since I'm tackling my first marathon this year, I thought it was about time to get serious with hydration. I tend to get a bit thirsty after 10 miles, so it'd be a good idea to carry something with me on my long runs, especially now I'll be increasing my distances.

I really don't like running with a bottle in my hand (even the ones which have a hole for your hand) as it gives me cramp in my arm, so I'm thinking of either a belt or a rucksack with a bladder in it. 

The trouble is that I get backache quite easily. Admittedly, I've not had it from running since I was a beginner, but I'm worried that if I have a belt with bottles on, it'll change my running stance and I'll end up with an aching back and a waste of money which I can't use.

It'd be really useful to try a belt/rucksack out before buying, but since I can't do that, I'm looking to you lot for advice. What do people (preferably ladies) recommend and what do people advise that I steer clear from?

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  • I wear a belt when I do my long runs - it hasn't changed my running stance and I wouldn't do my long runs without it now as I too don't like using a hand held bottle.  The bottle bit fits nicely into the groove of your back and I don't really notice that I'm wearing it.  I've had a Nathan belt and I'm now using a Hilly one - I'm sure that if you went to a running shop they would let you try them out in the shop - maybe not full though image but you could see which were the comfiest fit.  I too also succumb to backache but the belts don't give me an achy back and the advantage in summer is that your drink stays cold unlike the handheld ones where they get really hot - yuk image

  • Thanks very much Green Eyes image Can you remember which one it is?

    I've seen a couple of hilly ones for £12-£15 and don't mind forking out for that. I just didn't want to spend £30+ on something I didn't like. Might pop along to my local running shop and try some for fit image

  • Not sure what the Hilly one is called Lostkat - it's a black one with a couple of zip pockets which are very handy and it probably cost me £15 if that - wouldn't pay £30 for one.  I've seen the Nathan ones on Start and they do them in lots of colours but the zips on the pockets broke quite early one on that one - the belt was comfier though - hope you find one that fits image
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