I'm struggling to find places to run at the moment due to lots of icy pavements. Just wondered if there's anyone else around who can recommend some routes in or around Aberdeen that are do-able at the moment? Did contemplate Kirkhill but wasn't sure that I'd be able to get in or out of the carpark. Aside from running up and down Union St, I'm not quite sure where is ice free.

 I've managed a couple of shorter runs but found tonight that with fresh snow over the ice even with Yaktrax on it was a bit slippery underfoot. Have to fit in 16 miles over the weekend, and having slogged it out on the treadmill for 14 last weekend think I might struggle if forced to do more!

Apologies for yet another ice/snow thread but any tips/routes would be really appreciated.


  • Have you tried the Deeside (starts at Duthie Pk) or Buchan/Formartine (starts at Dyce) railway lines?  Not sure how they'll be but the lesser used parts are usually not too icy. 

    Back road to Kirkhill is not too bad, park in the flatish car park before the one for the Christmas trees and you should be OK.

    The Kingswells/Cults back road is fine so you could try Countesswells Forrest - opposite Oldfold.  No idea how the conditions underfoot there are though as it is popular with dog walkers.

    What about the Prom?  2.5 miles from Fittie to the Don Brige then round Seaton Park and back ... a couple of time.  Not my idea of fun but .....

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Thanks for that Tickled Pink. Looks like we might finally be getting a bit of respite after the rain last night!

  • Come out to Alford, it ain't so bad here image
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