Hi  How do you get insurance for overseas events I have asked a few companies but they say they will not do competive events  I am 65  and would love to do some events abroad, any leads or ideas or do you not bother.    Bill


  • Hi Bill,

    I did the NY marathon this year with 2:09 events. They arranged the insurance which also covered you if you were injured in the run up to the event which I couldn't get cover for elsewhere.


  • Boots travel insurance covers (or did when I took mine out) organised marathons
  • The travel insurance i have 'free' with my Lloyd's platinum account covers overseas marathon running and I have a letter off them confirming it. They cover (as they call it) 'fun running' but not 'competitive' running (i.e. as an elite). I had a full conversation with them about their understanding of what I would be doing when I ran NYC and they sent me a letter to confirm I was covered.

  • Have a look at Dogtag.  They provided cover for an Ironman so a marathon shouldn't be a problem
  • Bill - In my opinion, you really need insurance if you are going to run in the US. Medical care is not cheap over there!

     I have used  InsureandGo who include marathon running in their standard cover without any problems.


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