garmin 405 training centre

I've just got the Garmin forerunner 405cx for xmas, I've so far only done 2 runs with it, and I love it!

I just have a question about the 'training centre' program, when i've downloaded my runs, both times on lap one (basically as i'm starting off, it says my max speed was 300 mph and 408 mph!! does anyone know why this is? image

also the bit where it tells you your total speed (time and distance) in the various zones doesn't add up, eg I'd done a 7 mile run, but all the totals added up to 11. is this just a minor glich? has it happened to anyone else?



  • Make sure that you have turned your Garmin off before using your rocket powered boot else you will screw up your totals. As will jumping off cliffs during your run.

    btw - according to Garmin I am the world high jump champion.

    I find that pressing the lap reset button followed by the time function followed by locking the bezel prevents the recording of odd data like your journey home or whatever. But yes, mine has recorded odd info that is clearly wrong. Mainly when running under power lines or when satelite signal is lost.

    Try viewing your runs in Google Earth to see where this odd data is generated from. It may give a hint as to why.

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