Will you marry me?



  • Great stories guys and I'm a bit gutted to have missed that sensational thread of Bendy Wendy. To be honest when you said Bendy Wendy I thought that this thread was going on to a whole different subject.

    Love the cake LB but as I always say "any cake is good cake" and yes I did have the ring in my shoe. I was paranoid about losing it so I had it fastened to my lace with an elastic band and then taped to the inside of the tongue. It wasn't uncomfortable but I felt a little stupid when I got ready for the run and then put on a jacket with zipping pockets. DOH!

  • Ah, very romantic!

    I didn't really get a proposal either. We'd been together 15 years, and he phoned me from a party with his family (I was ill at home) saying "they're all hassling me - shall we just do it then?". I even chose the ring by myself!
  • My proposal was after a slap up meal on my birthday.

    I'd just unbuttoned my jeans to let my belly hang out when Mr S asked if I'd marry him image

    My reply was a swear word, thinking he was joking image and then image when I realised he wasn't...

  • Bendy Wendy thread. One to read if you're snowed in ... may take a while


  • Love the Bendy Wendy thread btw especially the smutty stuff - very very funny.

    Managed to get a third of the way through it and thought I ought to save some until tomorrow

  • Congratulations R Dave,

    Beautiful way to propose to your lady !!! Very unique, it wont ever be forgotten.

     My Husband ( as of September 09) and i were living in Jersey at the time, had gone for an evening walk, work was quite stressful and money tight, we were discussing coming back to the UK. 

    Walked along Victoria Pier ( large 1/2 mile concrete pier), got to the end and i went up a few steps to the look out, i asked my fella does it make him dizzy up here, ( i am scared of heights), he said not really but this does, i turned around to see him on one knee, with a ring in his fingers and him saying " will you do me the greatest honour and be my wife?",  i was totally stunned and felt like my knees were going to give way.  All i could splutter out was "Are you for real?" ( i know not what he was looking for, but i was totally stunned). I just grabbed him and kissed him saying yes, yes, yes.  It was only then that we noticed some people fishing off the end of the pier below us, all clapping and cheering, wishing is congratulations.  I was shaking so much i could not drive my car back to our flat ! imageimageimage

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