T Shirt Medal or cheaper Race!


Do runners want T shirt or Medal or do you want  see

for Example

Attached  £8.00

Attached Without Medal/ T Shirt £7.00

Unattached  £10.00

Unattached Without Medal/T Shirt  £9.00

Keswick Half does this and gets big field

Please let me want you think


  • Well as you know Lord Shoestring I LOVE my t-shirts & medals, but giving people the option of paying less & not having them sounds sensible.

    Trafford 10k did that. You paid a quid less if you didn't want a medal. I couldn't believe people didn't want their medal! I treasure mine! But then I'm still new to running. Can't see me getting bored with them though!

  • Got to admit I like the T-Shirt and medal they just make nice keep sakes

     If the reduction was bigger, then yes I would not mind the lack of a T-Shirt or medal

    But for the sake of a pound

  • Ferocitas

    Whats this Lord?

    Have I missed something in the New Years List? LOL

  • I'm not overly fussed by a medal or t-shirt but if it's only an extra quid I'd get it.  If it was going to save me a fiver or more then I'd go without.
  • coventry half does give medals but not a t-shirt,in 2009 you could buy good quality technical or cotton ones,jackets,shorts,tights etc from Craft. Seemed a good idea to me. For a quid difference i wouldn't bother though.
  • how'd to they track that you haven't said no to the medal and then taken one?

  • I'd pay the extra £1 for a medal.
  • Interesting question. I'd pay up to a fiver more for a good quality race souvenir. My preference would be a medal. I'm not too fussed for t-shirts anymore. Other memorabilia is also an idea - got a nice mug from the Snake Lane 09. Got to be good quality though.
  • Stevie G www.miles4miles.co.uk wrote (see)

    how'd to they track that you haven't said no to the medal and then taken one?

    Hi Steve

    Use a Block of numbers  say 900- 999

    Lost of races are 1-600 so 900 numbers would be easy to spot

    people giving medals out  are told to give to everyone but 900s

  • I am happy to pay extra for a medal, and would extra again for a medal AND decent teeshirt.

    If I was a student or on a low wage, I would appreciate the choice though.

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