Long Time No See

 I haven't been around for a bit too long - please forgive me (still see lots of you on Facebook though).

During absence, I have smoked, stopped and now gained weight.  So having reclaimed my lungs, I now need to reclaim my running shoes.  I'm sure I'm going to receive lots of support and encouragement on here.

Happy New Year to old friends and, hopefully, new. xxx


  • Minty , enjoy taking up running again and well done on stopping smoking

    HappyNew year back at you image

  • Thank you Beebs and kittenkat. 

     I am still only in the contemplation stages regarding running and knew I'd be able to find lots of inspiration in these forums.  Hopefully this time round I'll overcome the breathing problems that I never managed to last time.  I'm such a wuss though - I really don't fancy it in this weather.  So I AM a lightweight in some respects LOL!

  • Welcome back Minty, hugs and kicks up the backside dispensed around here in equal measureimage
  • Welcome back Minty (although youve never been away AFAIC). image
  • Mahoosive hugs back at you all! 

    Bought a running magazine today - a sexist one 'Women's Running'!  That's one step closer to going out.  Waaaaaay too icy at the mo - nearly spun my car on ice earlier image

     Hash, have you hurt your toe?  I'm sure it never used to throb.

  • Welcome back Minty and Happy New Year! It'll be tough at first but take it slowly and you'll be fine image

    When I took up running for the first time ever, I bought Zest magazine with a supplement on running for women. It did actually help!

  • Thank you MadameO.  I remember that magazine supplement - that was quite close to the time I first took up running.  So you've kept at it?  How long can you now run for?  I'm hoping your answer will motivate me not to give up running next time round.

    I still haven't managed to get out - waaaay to icy - I'm too old and inflexible to cope with falling in ice before I've even got started. image

    As soon as the weather warms a little - and at least melts the snow - I swear I will get out there.  My magazine has an easy peasy beginner's programme - it starts with 5 mins walk 30 secs run!

    I'm also worried about runner's trots - which was bothersome last time around image.

  • Nice to see you again!
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