is running VLM like planning a wedding?

Well folks I've come to the conclusion that taking part is going to be as complicated as organising my wedding.

Accomodation- booked into hotel Fri, Sat & Sunday

Transport to London- Bus booked

Transport to start- Same bus

Outfit- not decided but definately need new trainers

Hair- will need a shorter style to cope with all the washing etc

Photos/ video- BBC & tape it

RSVP's - sent off club place form but how do I know they've got it?

Fitness- lost weight before I got wed & suspect I will again in the next 16 weeks ....bye bye boobs image

Food- have been sick when used gels before so will have to test a few combinations. 

Lastly schedules- what schedule? 

Anyone else thinking of hiring a marathon planner?? image



  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Lol, great post Camlo image
  • No.

    Train for 4 months.

    Drive down to london on the day (70miles) catch the tube to the start.

    Run the race.

    Come home.

    No big deal.

  • What Lard Arse?? - no nerves, no wondering if you've bitten off more than you can chew, no fretting about the weather..... oh gosh maybe it is just me image
  • No, it's not just you

    I've already started writing lists....Started stashing away compeed patches...looking at the course map.

    Being generally obsessive.

  • I'd settle for "generally" obsessive. 

    My mum in law was telling us all about a trip to Norway she's got planned, it sounds fabulous, a real holiday to remember.  She leaves on 26th April.  Guess what my contribution to the conversation wasimage

  • No, no nerves before a race, certainly not one 4 months away!  image

    I'm slow, so i'm not likely to win, so why worry? And it's not my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th etc marathon. The only time i've been nervous before  a mathon was when i've turned up injured, and wondered if i'd make it to the end, i always have though.

  • I can see the similarities Camlo, for a girl

    for a bloke it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave the 4 months pre VLM all to your better half apart from getting p*ssed with mates the night before (or maybe a whole week 2 weeks n advance, in Spain), then turning up on the day in clothes chosen by Mrs (inc new shoes).  Some might of course say that's not the ideal way to prepare for marriage either image 

    good luck with it all

  • Absolutely Jezza- nor to drink champagne for breakfast........

    I'm so nervous, this is a huge thing for me, never run over 17 miles before or raced over a half distance. I live in rural wales & panic that if I use the tube I'll get on at the wrong side heading the opposite direction & panic that I will get lost at the finish or lose my chip, or get stuck in a loo....... 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I must admit I did think about the traditional pre-race haircut this morning.

    I wonder how many brides-to-be have ever sat in the chair the day before, as I will, and say "Number 2 all over please. Big day tomorrow!"

  • If you sent your club place by recorded delivery you can check to see if they received it.

  • oooohhhhhhh nnnooooooooo- took your advice Tracey & checked status of my application. Post office says it's being progressed through their network......... now that's like waiting for my marriage licence!! Flippin hope they get it there soon as cut off date is the 8th.... aaarrrrrgh
  • Mmm wondering whether to get t-shirts printed up for Team Spinkletoes.

    In the style of a hen party. Chances are hubster won't want to wear pink sparkly cowboy hat though.

  • I'm definately with you on this one.  I'd also compare it quite strongly to pregnancy - particularly the bit where you can think of nothing else other than the imprending bit day and you talk about it so obsessively that you bore everyone around you to tears image so have to seek out other likeminded people to obsess about it with.
  • I never think about the impending day in pregnancy, only the impregnating day.
  • LMAO you are so right Camlo.  The worrying thing is I think most people on here plan and train better for the marathon then they do for their wedding.

    I'll never forget doing my marriage prepartion course and being asked by another course participant if I had chosen my colour scheme yet!?!  I hadn't because, I didn't give a toss about things like that, I was preparing for marriage not a wedding!!!

    Spinks - defo go for your own shirts, can I put my order in now image

  • I think running a marathon is like childbirth........  you go through months of anticipation, couple hours of pain on the day and you never think they'll be an end to it.  You cross the finish line, get all excited, can't walk properly for days after........................... then a year later you go in for another! image
  • Lol- there won't be anymore weddings or babies for me but *perhaps* another marathon if this one goes ok.

    Just spent the night in hospital with my youngest who has bad chicken pox- good job it was ok, all I could think about was that I was supposed to be startting my schedule this week..... what happens if the kids are ill on VLM weekend- would I be able to leave them & still concentrate???

  • Camlo - don't worry about the kids being ill on the day........ Think of it as a positive..... it'll make you run faster so you can get home quicker image
  • can definitely identify with the childbirth analogy.

    ran it in 2001 as was 30 - felt i needed to run a marathon at some point. was a one-off. was a real struggle but i did it. was an amazing experience crossing the finish line - v proud of self. then couldn't walk for a week. was in agony. never again.

    entered the 2002 ballot as soon as it opened!

    agree with LWJ - let other people deal with any problems on the day - i always get my Mum to come up as well so that Mr G has back up. then i don;t think about them until i join the mobile phone frenzy at the end and try and speak to them.

  • So for eternity women moan about childbirth, now you say it's as easy as running a marathon? I would've thought childbirth was like 100x more painful? Running a marathon isn't painful at all.
  • You've definitely struck a chord with me Camlo, but I think it may just be a girl thing!

    I've already booked my hotel and checked out the course route to plan the best spots for my OH to watch from. I also had to stop myself from writing my VLM packing list for the trip to London!

    Worst of all (I can't believe I'm admitting this), I'm toying with getting out the fake tan a few days before the race so I don't look quite so red and sweaty in the photos. image

  • I hope you are right lard arse & I'll find the marathon easier than the long labours I've endured before. Not sure running is going to be painfree though? I struggle with my current long runs let alone double the distance.....

    oh no- just had a call from my Mum saying cousin has called her wedding off for the week after VLM.... just goes to show all the best plans can fall apart if things aren't 100% 

  • RZC- cross posts!!

    Thats so funny- I've also thought about how to make myself look presentable to the crowds & in photos.. 

    now where's my suitcase & will I need make-up? (only joking!!) 

  • Camlo - waterproof mascara? image

    I got sunburned during Silverstone HM in March, so had no need for fake tan before the marathon.  Though I am vain and did consider it.

    And I did wear the mascara.

  • It'll only be painful if you don't put the training in, the training is far harder than the actual race. Trust me.

    So don't worry about the day, it'll be fine image

  • Thanks lard arse- I am slightly terrified!!

    Checked the post office site again &VLM entry is listed as 'being processed' still, rang them & was politely told it could be anytime but they couldn't say when.

    Blind panic about my form not getting there so called the VLM info line to ask what to do- she checked & said form was there......... panic over. I'M IN. 

    All the other posts on here seem to be about pace & predicted time so noce to know I'm not the only one concerned about the whole thing!! 

  • Paula can run wrote (see)
    I'll never forget doing my marriage prepartion course and being asked by another course participant if I had chosen my colour scheme yet!?!  I hadn't because, I didn't give a toss about things like that, I was preparing for marriage not a wedding!!!

    What on earth do they teach on a marriage preparation course?? image

  • On the subject of marathons, I'd concur with LA - although I've done only three.

    Do the training, turn up, run.  image

  • Hmm I know it sounds pathetic but

    a) do the training - the kids are off nursery with chicken pox, dark when hubby gets home so already feel I'm getting behind. Also not sure what training prog to follow as they are so different but all sound reasonable..

    b) turn up - eek have booked a bus trip but still worry about getting to the expo before, how do I know where to go, where are the loo's, what time should I go to bed the night before, when shall I eat breakfast??

    c) run- hopefully the easiest part but what if I hit the wall, what if I collapse -will be relying on mudchute supporters !!!!! 

    image I know - stop fretting !!

  • I know what you mean! I find myself thinking about it before I go sleep most nights, visualising walking around the expo, being at the start, things like that.

    I've even got it down to deciding what I'm having for breakfast the morning after the run at the hotel.. full english please!! Thats if I can make it as far as the dining area from my hotel room.

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