is running VLM like planning a wedding?



  • So how are the wedding, I mean marathon preparations coming along folks?
  • RFLOL at marriage preparation course!

    Our wedding was the bestest day ever, with surprisingly little planning, 70 days from proposal to ceremony.

    Marathon training needs a bit longer

  • Errrr be careful with the new shoes?

    You want to be running in a pair of shoes you've comfortably run some mileage in - including long runs.

    Don't want to get to race day and find they're not right. I read somewhere optimal mileage is somewhere just over 100 miles.
  • Well i still can't decide how to have my hair on the big day image
  • Hmm a lot happened since I started this thread & jitters are seriously setting in!!!!!

    JC-Runner how true, how true. Training was going well until new trainers caused my injury. Now I'm only able to run every other day & my longest run in the last 6 weeks has been a whopping 7.65 miles. Whatever happens though I will walk down that aisle... I mean jog down the mall..... image

    Haven't given my outfit a thought yet-  short/ long sleeve, head band or ponytail, garmin?? 

    Haven't tried gels/ drinks out yet as not been on any long runs.

    Will be a rush job I fear. 

  • How the marathon be like getting married. I haven't been married yet but I'm hoping my wedding day doesn't involve several hours of pain.

    I definitely think that it's more like childbirth (also something I also haven't experienced!). You have months of lead-up with each month you become less and less mobile (outside of running) and then the day comes it's several painful and exhausting hours but then you have something beautiful to take home -  a shiny medal! 

    My saying at the moment isn't "eating for two" but "eating for marathon training".

    Less then 6 weeks away, scary!

  • Camlo

    i wish you luck, much luck

    but becareful - time is running out, if you need new trainers dont leave it too late

    and as for trying out new gels or stuff, dont leave that tool late either

    dont mess ure day up through it

    the last month especially for anyone inexpereinced should be sticking to only what you know

  • Camlo: if you decide to use your Garmin, use another watch as well.  May sound like overkill, but if you are going for a time the Garmin will totally f**k you up.  It auto stops when you stop eg go to the loo or whatever, but you can stop this function.  But the real problem is going under a bridge and losing signal.  So be warned!

    Try out different outfits from now, so you have a selection that you've tested for different weather's.  Then on the day you know that all work for long runs, and you just have to decide based on what the weather forecast is for the race.

    Good luck everyone

  • image K8- love the childbirth analogy, my mobility is severely restricted now-wake up ok, run, hurt for rest of day & most of the next, wake up ok, run, hurt for the rest of the day....... Wedding planning involves lots of organising & to begin with I felt that the running was actually going to be the 'easy' part. Not being a city girl I still get stressed having to use the tube!

    Mick- I returned offending trainers & went back to my original type, only done about 50 miles in them so far but wearing them for all my runs now so hope to have a couple of long'ish runs in them. Will def take a gel on my next run- even if I don't technically need it for the crappy distances I'm doing at least as you rightly point out I will get used to them.

    Paula- wanted to have my name on my top but now I'm so slow I'd be embarrassed image

  • Camlo - exactly! You can manage the run but for the other parts of your life your movement becomes restricted!

    Def get your name on your vest esp if you're "slow" (your words not mine). Everyone whose done it says people calling your name out in the crowd is a great boost.

  • name on vest

    back and front

    your MUCH more likely to be cheered

    it will prove a real winner, i try and cheer all whether i'm running or spectating, but those i see with a name on , get the biggest cheer

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Name on vest is a good idea. I run for a club and wear a club vest. It's great when you're a stranger in a strange land and someone cheers you on.
  • From my experience, if you dont have your name printed on your shirt, supporters find it amussing to shout out the first name they see which is on your running number, last few years everyone has been shouting 'FLORA'.......this year however!

    As a side note I used some t shirt transfer paper, £5 from Tesco and did it myself

  • If you're running for a charity then they should supply the letters for free! image
  • So do I put Camlo so all my buddies here will recognise me or my real name? Hmmm Camlo for sure-then hopefully I'll get a few hugs & a kick up the jacksie too.

    Running for my lad who has kidney probs- his website is if anyone wants to see!

    Funny thing,  when I got married many moons ago my Dad asked me if I was sure & said I could back out if I wanted-last night he said the same thing about VLM! 

  • I know for my charity they have a limit of 6 characters on your vest. It's up to you what you'd rather have people cheer, you're real name or nickname on here. However, I do remember someone saying on here that they had an usual name so supporters shouted all kinds of things! No saying that Camlo is difficult to pronouce but when you're zooming past people they may be expecting an everyday name.

    It looks like dads like to make you feel really confident about doing VLM. Mine told me "do you know people die doing marathons?" Thanks.

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