for all new runners ..... (part 2)

The current thread started by Albion which is here is 4 years old now and with 10,000+ posts, it's become a bit of a beast. So I'm making a fresh start! What better way to start 2010 than with a shiny new thread? I hope nobody minds...

Welcome to our new thread guys!!! image

Albion started this thread because she wanted to in with some threads but they seemed so established that she thought she'd start off her own for any lurkers. The thread then turned into a firmly established group of people who just wanted to chat about stuff with a little bit of running & weight loss thrown in. Albs is still around and training for VLM 2010. I'm sure she'll pop in at some point to say 'ello image

Might as well introduce myself for any newbies who want to join us. My name's Kate. I've been running since Feb 09, when I signed up for a Race for Life 10k. My original goal was just to run the whole way around without stopping. However, to my shock, I discovered that running (that sport I used to HATE at school) was enjoyable and I became hooked. By the end of 2009, I have ran a few 10k's, several league races, 2 HM's and a gruelling muddy 16 miler cross country. I go into 2010 with one major goal in sight, the Virgin London Marathon 2010. I was lucky enough to win a place with my club and I'm going to do my damned best to make them proud of me. image 

So go on folks, introduce yourself and carry on rambling image



  • Just carrying on from the old thread... started my VLM training today officially with a 6.6 mile tempo run. I was trying to slow myself down to "2-3 min miles less than marathon pace", but it didn't work and I ended up having to call it a tempo. I have 13 miles scheduled for Sunday, but I might cut that down to 10 and concentrate on getting my pace sorted. I'll be dead by April if I'm doing my LSR's at 8:30 miles!!!!

    Off to B&Q, Wickes and other such delights this morning because OH wants to build new garage doors. I've been given the glamorous job of clearing our patch of land by the garage and taking it all down the tip. JOY!! Just hope I don't do my back in and end up cancelling my run tomorrow.

    Only 2 more days until we're back at work... booooo!!!!! image

  • Morning LK yeh I agree new Thread New start, good luck with your VLM training,Im going to enter the ballot this year,just had a mail from GNR but going to give it a miss this year as doing the Kilomathom and will just do the EDF again. Funny you should say about the pain of bike riding,I couldnt sit down yesterdayimage.I never remember being in pain when I was a kid,I was always out  bumping up the Kerbs on my Raleigh

    Been snowing a bit here so going to do some yoga on the wii fit,still 100% back on track with SW and looking forward to runnung club again on tues,said I would start endurance too,I think that will be better on my legs cos its track and the nearby hills.

    Hi everyone else hope everyone is ok. Im with you on the 2 days back at work,BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm with you LK!image

    As an introduction - my name is Debra.  I've been running officially for just over 3 years and have completed 2 FLM's and the Edinburgh Mara last year.  Didn't get a place for VLM but have got a place for Brighton Mara which is a week earlier than London.  Started the training this week.  Am using Hal Higdon Novice training programme and did 3.5 miles Tuesday, cross trained on Wednesday, 3.5 on Thursday and have a 5 miler planned for tomorrow.  Will hit cross trainer today because swimming pool is closed until Monday when I too am back at work.

    Oh and I took to the scales for the first time today since November +1lb so am not too unhappy about that but have just over 1 1/2 stone to lose image

    Happy New Year!image

  • Did you see the price for the GNR Ecky? £44!!!! I thought "sod that".
  • I didnt look at the price but I know I paid £42 last year,also I would have had to pay Hotels because it was just so much hastle travelling up on the morning of the race,we had set off at 5.30 from my Mums in Yorkshire and I didnt get to the start line till just after 10.30 which was the set off time so I was in a rite old panik. I realy only did it because it was televised and like my Hubby said,I  did what I set out to achieve. I do think its a rip off tho spesh when they give you all the stuff after,I would rather have it cheaper and not t shirt,I do like my medal
  • £44!! Bloody hell, no waaaaay.....
  • It is a hefty price I think its just cos of the profile of it,I would def do it again but would have to save up,its not just the race cost its everything else.
  • I must admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for the big events so have already booked accommodation in Newcastle and will buy the Mirror today to get into the ballot.  If I don't get in I paid £1 insurance at the Travelodge which means I can cancel up until midday the previous day.  My family and I have not been to Newcastle before so would look to do some sight seeing too.  It will be an expense though!
  • I wish I had done that Trigger and said If I ever do it again (which I will cos it was amazing) then I will book rooms before ballot. You can apply online too if you go to the Mirror,I got the mail today that its open. online
  • Afternoon all,

    New year, new thread so I thought I'd join in.

    I'm Tony and I've been running again for about 6 months. Only started again as I was sort-of press-ganged into running one of the Run10k's last year. Did have to take best part of a couple of months off due to an ankle problems but that looks to be all sorted now. Due to run an 8 mile LSR tomorrow down on the prom and it's likely to be pretty chilly image

  • Hi FFP good luck for your run tomoz,I have been struggling with a dogy ankle too but its getting better now since new shoos. Have you any runs planned for this year.

    I just been out for a little plod,did just over 3k ,not fantastic time but half of it was up a massive hill,just glad my ankle is lots better and I can run again,I am taking it realy steady tho,well motivated with my SW got fat free curry tonight, I will lose this weight if it kills

  • Hi Ecky,

    I'm planning on doing the Farndon 10k in March and the Chester HM in May after that who knows image

  • I found I became addicted after my first 10k, I did 2 half marathons last year and an 8.5 mile race,Im signed up for the Kilomathon and the 8.5 again with another HM in Oct,cant wait,realy want to do the London one day.

  • Well that's it in the lap of the Gods now, I have entered the ballot for GNR. image
  • I have it all crossed that you get in,have you done it before?
  • hi everyone,

    hope you dont mind a complete novice joining way of intro my name is Bob, I just joined and did my first run yesterday. I've been a cyclist most my life (am 49) and completed john o'groats to lands end a few years back and looking for a new challenge. Having looked at what you are all achieving, my "first run" could be quite an exaggeration image I walked/ran and limped my way through 5k ( at least thats what it said on my runkeeper application on iphone...) but I guess we all start somewhere eh

    any tips you can give for a complete novice would be very much appreciated, having been gaited for correct shoes it feels am on my own now and heading into the aim is to beat a long standing illness and build up to 30mins running....beyond that who knows what will be achievable

    thanks for reading....

  • Hi Bob well done on taking your first steps,I have been running for over a year now and I still walk /run. Well done for riding a bike too I had a go the other day,managed half an hour then had to admit defeat,runnign is def my preffered thing. They have a lot of programmes on here for verying abilities and I would strongly reccomend one of those,also start staedy and dont do too much too soon, its all dif muscles isnt it than cycling
  • Hi Ecky (may I call you that?)

    thanks for the encouragement and advice, am finding my way around the site and looking at all the resources on here to make sure this change in activity proves to be a positive one...for sure am using different muscles than when am cycling, aching in places I didnt know existed image

  • Yeh Im fine with Ecky, I only found out the muscle thing with me recent bike I just think if you are determined enough you can do anything,Im not that fab at running,I only do it for charity so no amazing times for me but as long as I get round a race Im fine,I did recently join a jogging club at my local athletics club whic has helped me in confidence,also these guys on here have given me advice encouragment and support so you will be fine.
  • Boo! found you!!

    My god was the original thread that old. that means I've been trying and failing at running for 4 years image

    New year new start!! Just need to clear this cold from my chest and in the words of Arnie "I'll be back" image Hopefully just a few more days, maybe a week to be sure

    Hello to musobob and Flipflop man image
  • Hope your cold goes soon.come on Kwala you can get ur Mojo back.x
  • Cheers Ecky - I have mojo, just not full lung capacity at the moment!!
  • Hi Kwala,

    thanks for the welcome, hope you're feeling better soon image

    Ecky.....if you're running an event and there is online sponsorship do let me know, always like to support people like yourself raising money for charity through their own endeavours

  • Glad to see you have Mojo, I do think thats one of the hardest things to get back,lots of rest for you then til you better.

    Im doing the Kilomathon in March,I run for Camerons Smile in memory of my son,we raise for the Histio Research Trust,I have online sponsor links on our website . You are welcome to take a look but it is an emotional site,thank you for the offer of sponsorship it is much needed.

  • Ecky......truly inspiring, couldnt see a link for your next event but will check out the HRTrust site
  • Sorry Bob I meant to sat its an ongoing just giving,I will update it with my kilomathon just not had time yet,I also support parents and raise awarness so its not just about one event,I have lots of other stuff going on too,It keeps me busy and out of mischief.
  • Welcome musobob - I'm a relative newcomer to this thread too.  Did read somewhere that it's easier for a cyclist to become a runner rather than vice-versa so good luck!
  • Hello all - new thread and new peeps!

    Welcome Bob and FFM!

    Hope everyone is well, hoping to get out for 3-4 miles today, but it's really icy here!

    Kwala  glad the mojo is present and hope the chest gets better soon

    Trigger - good luck with the GNR ballot 

  • Morning all!  5 miles in the bank and the end of Mara training week one yippeee!  Pavements just a bit frosty here but a beautiful day to be out there.

    Have a good day -  back to work tomorrow image

  • Hey all. Welcome to bob and FFM too image

    Failed on my first scheduled LSR today due to having caught my OH's cold image I started streaming just before I went to bed last night and woke up today feeling absolutely rubbish and coughing. I'll see how I feel later on, but at the moment my head is completely blocked. It's snowed overnight and is very slippy out there, so it's probably for the best I suppose. Still annoyed about it though. Most people's FLM training doesn't start until tomorrow, so I was already ahead, but still. I wanted to do at least 10 miles today. Hmph!!

    Went to my local running shop yesterday and bought myself a water bottle in a belt to take out on my LSR's. They had several and I tried them all one, jumped around (shh Kwala image) and eventually settled on a Nike one. It's a lot more padded around the sides than the others and didn't dig into my ample hips. Also got another headband which covers my ears, so now I have a wash and a wear and will never get earache from the cold again.

    So, another one here raring to go and being held back by a cold. Grr!! image

    Oh well, suppose I better make myself useful and take down the Christmas decorations instead. Booo. Can't believe it's all over image

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