Tough Guy in a wetsuit?

I am taking part in the Tough Guy at the end of January, which involves lots of jumping in and out of freezing cold muddy water. As it is a tad cold out there at the moment, I am wondering if running in a wetsuit would (a) be a great way to stay warm(er than freezing) or (b) be a rubbish idea that merely serves to give a woman chafing in places where nobody wants that. I am talking about a waterskiing wetsuit, not a tri-suit. Anyone tried it?


  • Yes. Well, neoprene leggings & canoeing cag. Very good idea if you aren't bothered about your time. Bad idea if you want to go fast. Invest in a neoprene hat.

    Be advised....if you are female & slow you will be abused, & probably banned for life by the organiser, Billy Wilson, who is severely mentally ill & one of the most horrendous & sexist person I have ever encountered in my entire life.

    I'd stay well away if I were you. You have been warned!!

  • nothing like the odd sweeping statement !
  • That's rich, coming from this forum's greatest troll...........
  • Ha!  I've heard her called many things but not that love.
  • Lol !!!!!

    Have all the crackpots made resolutions to join RW this year?
  • Meldy?  Troll?? PMSL image
  • It's what everyone is thinking though Nam. 25 million posts & most nothing but utter bollocks.

    And don't "love" me.

    New Year resolution. No more putting up with trolls.

  • To answer the original question I would not have thought TG in a wetsuit was a particularly good idea

    Depending on how quick you are will depend on the level of clothing ....  do a quick search on the forums and you will find several historic threads on clothing and associated merriness !!
  • M...eldy wrote (see
    Lol !!!!!

    Have all the crackpots made resolutions to join RW this year?
    Nope....... I joined a while ago    image
  • Sweety I'll love you all I like...
  • Ferocitas wrote (see)

    It's what everyone is thinking though Nam. 25 million posts & most nothing but utter bollocks.

    And don't "love" me.New Year resolution. No more putting up with trolls.
    I think you need to get over yourself, who ever you are

    I am not to sure what you are basing your judgement on but when you have something to say worth listening to feel free to give me a yell.
  • M Eldy, have you done TG in a wetsuit? No. So why are you replying to this thread? You are always butting into threads writing bollocks & I'm sick of your 100 posts a day annoying people.

    Peargirl, I suggest you rename this thread "The thread for trolls talking pish" & leave them to it. If you want to know anything more re the question you asked, PM me.

  • Lol!!!!!

    What a feckin muppet
  • For your information Mr 'Up your own Backside'

    I actually stick to a couple of threads,   sometimes I venture into someone asking a question where I feel I can offer an answer or an opinion,  last time I looked it was a free world.

    I presume you have read all my 10**** posts to know that each and every one of them was utter bollocks?

  • *stiffles a giggle*

  • If i recall Meldy has done TG... not in a wet suit cos that's fucking stupid.

    If only people who had TG in a wetsuit would reply I think this would be a lonely thread as I believe no one thus far has been daft enough.

    PS... WTF???

  • Nam, to be fair I havent,  I have spectated several times which obviously means I dont have an opinion !
  • LOL Calfie thought you had...  Ironman... Tough Guy... tis all the same innit... image
  • you only wear a wetsuit for one of them!    ~

    Do tell me if I am annoying you  image
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    you only wear a wetsuit for one of them!    ~

    was that when you did Strong Man? image

  • no that was the annual wife carrying contest
  • Just out of interest, before I leave you morons to play amongst yourselves.....How many hours a day do you spend on here to have written over 102, 000 posts....??

    As you haven't even done the race then no, no-one is interested in your opinion. Stick to advising on races you've actually done.

  • imageimageimageimageimage

    You make me laugh

    Go and stick your head in a bucket
  • Not going to answer the question then?
  • Did winter Tough Guy give you brain freeze or were you this disturbed before?  Perhaps there were good reasons why the race organiser wasn't very fond of you?
  • <pulls up sofa to watch the entertainment>  wish I wasn't on the waggon, would love a beer with this. image
  • Ahaa ... it would appear from the profile that our new best friend is female

    and I would guess probably short and blonde

    and actually its no business of yours how long I spend on here each day and I am not anal enough to start counting either

  • Soupy I am not sure you should be socialising with the worlds biggest troll ....

    Have you ever done TG?   Because if you havent then you are not allowed on here apparently
  • And have YOU done TG either? Have any advice to offer Pearlgirl on a race you haven't done or done in a wetsuit?
  • Is it the wrong time of the month or are you usually this welcoming?
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