Celebrity Big Brother

Anyone watching? 

Quite a mix in there, wtf is that Heidi woman on!!  And wtf is Stephanie B doing in there?  And wtf is that Katia girl doing in there, lol.



  • Frankly I am appalled.image
  • It's absolute rubbish, I must keep watching! image
  • They've plumbed new depths with this bunch!
  • They might have well have removed the word Celebrity from the title and just called it Big Brother.
  • I'm not going to watch it...... No siree, shan't be watching it at all.... Well. maybe just a little.

    Just as long a bloomin' Jordan doesn't make an appearance.

  • Several of the blokes in there appear to have shagged her.

    Which just goes to show that not only is she the Black Hole of trashy sleb culture but numerous satellites are making a living out of being sucked into her hell of vacuousness.

    The woman is a fricking virus.

  • Sweepstake on what Heidi will do when she finally comes down?  She must be on something.... no sober persons eyes look like that.

    That is one mad bunch of 'celebs'.

  • Car crash TV, love it image
  • Oh no, no no no no no. Never.

  • I think he doth protest too much image
  • At least it's the last one


  • You know me so well Shimmy...........

    Thought Vinny Jones looked like a scared rabbit, caught in the headlights, didn't know what to do.

    Steve Baldwin just settled straight in there.

    But I never watch it honest image

  • Of course not Gaz image

    I though Dane Bowers was going to cry, he looked terrified.

  • I thought Baldwin looked as off it as Heidi. 
  • Why didn't Channel 4 go for the Celebrity Puppet BB.
    You could have Sooty, Sweep, Basil Brush, Nev the Bear, George and Zippy, who else...
  • Perhaps he had been one of her clients in the past image
  • she did walk in and say 'Oh I've seen you before'

    Davina loved that.

  • PinguPongu wrote (see)
    I thought Baldwin looked as off it as Heidi. 
    Its no coincedence that both were heavy drug users in the past, tends to make people a bit spaced out.
  • yeah but you all love it!
  • I only had a quick look at it - who are they all?  Obviously I know Vinny Jones and the bloke that Jordan shagged, and is there a weather girl in there?  But who are the rest? image
  • So has anything interesting happened?  I didn't bother to watch it last night. 
  • A slightly suggestive paintball game last night...
  • I watched a bit of it last night and I found it quite entertaining.  I was clearly tired and had had a glass of wine but it made me chuckle a bit.  Alex Reid appears non too bright was my main observation and Vinny Jones seems to think himself slightly above it all.
  • Stephanie Beacham reading The Bible to a houseful of celebs!image

    I thought it was quite funny when they seemed mildly horrified that they might have to wash their own knickers!image

  • "If we evolved from the apes why haven't the apes died out?" Great logic there
  • I'm amused at the manikini lark.
  • Yep, was funny...

    Any ideas who's going in?  Elton John came into my head, but I doubt it!  I thought Davina hinted it might be two people, so some kind of double act maybe?

  • Glad to see there are saddos as sad as me still watching...image

  • Blimey that Ivana woman doesn't even look human.
  • hahahahaha.. hubby just said to me.. "she has had plastic surgery on her lips.. shame she hasn't had it on her ears.. they look like upside down spock ears!!!!!"  Why the **** is she in there???
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