paris to brighton

After running london the past 5 years ( 4 times on gold bond places ) i got rejected again this year and entered the brighton marathon instead but i just could not get motivated for it so i decided to go for something different , having never raced abroad i entered paris..... paris is on the 11th april and brighton is on the 18th so i now have the mad idea of doing both ......

 Any advice from any other nutters.. sorry i mean runners that have done the same would be nice ! 

do i need to increase my mileage from normal marathon training ? do i eat any different ?

Mark >:)


  • mark - I'm doing both Brighton & London having entered Brighton and unexpectedly getting a London am in a similar position to you

    as for training I am aiming to race Brighton for a time and bimble around London so my training won't be any different to normal marathon training. I reckon a week between the 2 will be enough recovery time to allow a wander around the streets of London taking in the sights...... image
  • Thanks for the reply ! well done on getting into london .

    My game plan is like yours im planning on training for a sub 4 in paris and then just hope to do brighton and finsh it !

     Everyone i speak to seems to give me different advice , some say i should stick to my mormal planner and rest well after paris , some say i should be increasing my weekly mileage in order to be ready to do two marathons so close ....

    Oh well . . good luck with your training .. mark image

    Mark >:)
  • mark - I think if you have many miles in your legs - and it sounds as if you have with 5 consecutive Londons - then your marathon recovery will be better than relative newbies so knocking off back to back marathons should be possible without upping the normal marathon mileage.

    my plan after Brighton is to do feck all running until London to save any more impact muscle damage. I might have a swim or a gentle bike ride (I'm Ironman training as well) to ease the lactate out of the muscles before running again.......that should see me through London OK I reckon

    I'm targetting sub-4 at Brighton - my marathon PB is 8 secs under so I hope to beat that and perhaps get closer to 3:45.......I have no plan for a London time bar get around and enjoy it
  • Phew, when I saw the title of this thread I thought you were actually considering running from Paris TO Brighton image
  • hehe shiny . . i might be mad enough to try 2 marathons in 7 days but running from paris to brighton !

    but never say never hehe ! image

    Mark >:)
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