Monaco Marathon 2010

Happy New Year to you all!

I am planning a few marathons this year and discovered this little beauty whilst surfing around the net - I thought WOW, that looks to good to miss! So inevitatbly with my sense of adventure and love of travelling I'm in the early stages of planning a 3 night trip to Monaco to take part in this marathon.

Are there any other Brits or indeed non Brits who have entered or will enter this event? It would be nice to discuss views / opinions etc beforehand before hotel bookings / flights etc are confirmed. I will be travelling solo so my interaction with other runners is flexible if a roomshare is required for one of the hospitality packages. Alternitavley I can sort out my own travel & accomodation and meet up with you before  / after the race for a drink. image

With the small bit of research I've done I have these links to the marathon and accomodation info:

This is a very informative, interactive site, the home page of the marathon:

Other info + 2 accomodation packages



Race entry is currently 45euros - just under £40 so not bad for the price considering it's iconic start - the same start line as the Monaco Grand Prix and running in 3 countries, Monaco, Italy and France!

I hope your as inspired as I am and sign up! Hope to run in the sun and have fun with some new running buddies! image

Chat soon, Andy. image


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