Over-Pronation - blister worries

I did a lot of research into why my right foot would consistantly blister on the arch whenever I ran anywhere beyond 4 miles. 3 miles onward the area starts to get sore.

I came to the conclusion that my right foot over-pronates, and my left doesn't. (I only have the problem on my right foot.) And its actually quite clear when I look at how I run that my right foot is coming in wrong.

I bought some quite expensive asics shoes to counter act the over-pronation. They worked for a while and I didn't get any blistering at all. However, now they've been worn in a fair bit the problem has soon came back. 

I was just wondering if you guys have any advice? I doubt there really is a simple solution, as I've been looking for ages now. I just feel like its preventing me from running to my potential and its keeping me at shorter distances. I want to run longer distances but the blistering stops this.

 Any help appreciated, thanks.


  • You say that you have researched and come up with the over pronation but have you ever had a gait analysis in a proper running shop?

    You may find once you know what shoe type you are that another brand will give you less issues

    I have heard of Asics rubbing some people whereas others get along fine

    Get thee to a shop and see what they say
  • Agreed go to a good running shop.

     If you are still in pain ask on here for a recommendation to a good podiatrist in your area. 

  • This is the exact issue my girlfriend has. Even the same foot. She's tried all the above measures, such as gate analysis at the sweat shop, new trainers based on this (over pronate) you can see her right foot visibly kicks out to the right, yet lands on her instep. At the moment she has to run with compede on her instep as she gets severe blistering even when this is used as a preventative measure, i.e. no blister when she applies the compede. She uses sports socks and has even tried using surgical spirits to harden the skin to no avail.

    Moisture doesnt seam to be an issue as she's only able to run short distances which wouldnt give much time for her foot to sweat - plus, moisture wicking socks are used.

    As she understands it is friction that is causing the blistering and that it's her arch that suffers most, so with all the above failing, she's tried removing the supporting innersole of the shoe, to remove the point of contact. This has helped however she cant help feel this is not the ideal solution and that this is just a quick fix as blisters do still form, just not as rapidly.

    I'm wondering if there's any advice that could help her?

    I'm worried that the unusual bio-mechanics of her right foot strike is the root cause and without looking at this we may not find a solution.

    Any advice or help greatly appreciated.
  • There are lots of things you could try, although it seems that IanMC had tried a lot of them.

    Not all shoes are the same so try different brands.  Likewise the shoe/sock combination can make a difference.  Some people prefer thicker socks, some prefer thinner ones.  Some like twin layers, but I personally find that they just rub even more.

    If you think that gait is a problem then I would recommend seeing an chiropractor.  Often gait problems are associated with skeletal misalignments which are easy to fix.  A podiatrist is another option, although they tend to treat the symptoms using orthotics rather than rectifying the problem.


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